The Python package installer

pip The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages. Installation Documentation Changelog Github Page Issue Tracking User mailing list Dev mailing list User IRC: #pypa on Freenode. Dev IRC: #pypa-dev

Related Repos

poacpm Description Poac is a package manager for C++ users. Poac can download project's dependencies and compile project. Please see, installation instructions and The Poac Book for more details. ⚠️ Caution! Currently

python-poetry Python dependency management and packaging made easy.

foozzi Cilantropy is a Python Package Manager interface created to provide an "easy-to-use" visual and also a command-line interface for Pythonistas. Today we have many nice distribution utilities like pip, distribute, etc, but we don't have a nice visual approach to inspect current installed packages, show projects metadata, check for PyPI updates, etc.

PyCQA isort is a Python utility / library to sort imports alphabetically, and automatically separated into sections and by type.

fastai Use this template to more easily create a project project to submit to pypi and conda.

wilsonrljr SysIdentPy is a Python module for System Identification using NARMAX models built on top of numpy and is distributed under the 3-Clause BSD license.