A scripting langauge to do HTTP routines.

About HTTPLang is a scripting language that makes writing HTTP request routines simpler. Current Version 0.2.0 What could I use it for? Testing APIs Web Scraping Installation Clone

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grijjy In this article we are going to discuss how to use the latest version of OpenSsl 1.1.1 with Delphi directly to create X.509 certificates, decode, verify, encode and sign JSON Web Tokens and generate random data.

eckarthik HideMe is a python package for gathering usable proxies from free proxy webites can be installed via pip as follows.

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ethereum Py-EVM is a new implementation of the Ethereum protocol in Python. It contains the low level primitives for the existing Ethereum 1.0 chain as well as emerging support for the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 / Serenity spec.

captn3m0 A proxy for security researchers outside India to access Indian government websites without resorting to shady VPNs.

vimusov torxy - прозрачный HTTP/HTTPS-прокси, позволяющий перенаправлять трафик на выбранные домены через TOR-сервер.