Write efficient network daemons (HTTP, SSH...) with ease.

API Hour API-Hour is a lightweight daemon framework, that lets you write powerful applications. It was created to answer the need for a simple, robust, and super-fast server-side environment to build very efficient Daemons with

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napalm-automation NAPALM NAPALM (Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor support) is a Python library that implements a set of functions to interact with different router vendor devices using a unified API. NAP

euske PyRexecd PyRexecd is a standalone SSH server for Windows. Features: Standalone Win32 app (not a service) that resides in SysTray. Supports a single user / pubkey auth only. Notifies incoming connections via p

prkumar Uplink Builds Reusable Objects for Consuming Web APIs. Works with Requests, asyncio, and Twisted. Inspired by Retrofit. A Quick Walkthrough, with GitHub API v3 Turn a Python class into a self-desc

Mr-Un1k0d3r SearchIPOwner Search public IP owner through ARIN Usage Usage: search.py path [option] Path Path to a file that contains bunch of IPs -csv Save to a file in CSV format $ python search.py ips.t

fanout FaaS GRIP Author: Justin Karneges [email protected] Function-as-a-service backends are not well-suited for handling long-lived connections, such as HTTP streams or WebSockets, because the function invocations are meant to be shor

Arno0x WSC2 LAST/CURRENT VERSION: 0.1 Author: Arno0x0x - @Arno0x0x WSC2 is a PoC of using the WebSockets and a browser process to serve as a C2 communication channel between an agent, running on the target system, and a controller act

geocar inet_ssh_dist inet_ssh_dist is an Erlang distribution (network protocol) that runs over ssh. Configuration could be as simple as, -proto_dist inet_ssh and then everything goes over ssh. Even epmd. No you don't need a spec

giampaolo Quick links Home Documentation Download Blog Mailing list What's new About Python FTP server library provides a high-level portable interface to easily write