The 21 command line interface and two1 bitcoin library. Send and receive BTC over HTTP.

21: Build the Machine-Payable Web 21 is an open source Python library and command line interface for quickly building machine-payable web services. It allows you to accomplish three major tasks: Get bitcoin on any device

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Kixunil Websocket - Unix framed bridge A simple proxy that forwards Websocket messages to Unix sockets and vice versa. About This is a very simple proxy between Websockets and Unix domain sockets. It acts as a Websocket serve

no0be DNSlivery Easy files and payloads delivery over DNS. DNSlivery Acknowledgments Description TL;DR What problem are you trying to solve? How does it work? Requirements Setup DNS Zone

sharat87 roast.vimβ An http client as a ViM editor plugin. Utilizes the +python3 feature. Not tested on Neovim. Known to work on ViM 8.1. A 2½ minutes video demo (no audio): Full docs in ViM format: doc/r

encode This work has been overtaken by the httpx project: We now recommend using httpx.AsyncClient() for async/await support with a requests-compatible API. Note: Use ipython to try this from the console, since it

jankais3r DNoiSe DNS noise generator that looks at your network activity and blends in. Requires pi-hole to run. The blue graph line marks queries generated by DNoiSe, blending in with peaks and valleys of organic traffic. Why

kennethreitz-archive Requests III: HTTP for Humans and Machines, alike. If you're interested in financially supporting Requests 3 development, please make a donation. Requests III is an HTTP library for Python, built for Humans and Machi

postmanlabs httpbin(1): HTTP Request & Response Service A Kenneth Reitz Project. Run locally: docker pull kennethreitz/httpbin docker run -p 80:80 kennethreitz/httpbin See for more information.

idaholab Malcolm Malcolm is a powerful network traffic analysis tool suite designed with the following goals in mind: Easy to use – Malcolm accepts network traffic data in the form of full packet capture (PCAP) files and Zeek (forme