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thesunRider Share your internet with your friend without Internet? , Introducing CallPACK a dial-up implementation where both parties can send an receive data through GSM voice calls.A basic FSK and PSK implementation achieved here.

nickrusso42518 Network Tools Collection of miscellaneous and lightweight network tools to simplify daily operations, administration, and troubleshooting of networks.

SuperFola [WIP] DoNotSend - hijacking the DNS protocol The DNS protocol is convetionally used to ask for the IP address of a given website. Here it's used to se

icovada Netwalk Netwalk is a Python library born out of a large remadiation project aimed at making network device discovery and management as fast and painle

Amaindex A SOCKS proxy server implemented with the powerful python cooperative concurrency framework asyncio.

mechmabot RaifHack Публичное решение команды RaifKaif. В решении реализована базовая предобработка данных,интерпретация колонки с этажами, заполнение пропусков,

bhavsarpratik Vaccine Availability With Python Get vaccine availability in India Streamlit app CRON job for mail Script runs every 6 hours. You can change this here

mgeeky RedWarden - Flexible CobaltStrike Malleable Redirector (previously known as proxy2's malleable_redirector plugin) Let's raise the bar in C2 redirector

dranov Errors found in distributed protocols This page collects bugs (errors) discovered in the description of distributed protocols. We are only interested

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AlphaJia pytorch based implementation faster rcnn

CalfCrusher Meterpreter Reverse shell over TOR network using hidden services

ShutdownRepo pyWhisker is a Python equivalent of the original Whisker made by Elad Shamir and written in C#.

bundesAPI A python package that gives you easy access to the most valuable datasets of Germany.

dinosaure contruno is a TLS termination proxy is a proxy server that acts as an intermediary point between client and server applications, and is used to establish TLS tunnels with let's encrypt certificates.

Ge0rg3 A Python library to utilize AWS API Gateway's large IP pool as a proxy to generate pseudo-infinite IPs for web scraping and brute forcing.

P0ssuidao 🛡️ 🔒 This project's goal is to be simple to create and destroy your own VPN service using WireGuard.

bitclout BitClout is a decentralized social network. All of the code and data are totally open and anyone can build on the network or contribute code to improve it.

amalmurali47 onaws is a simple tool to check if an IP/hostname belongs to the AWS IP space or not. It uses the AWS IP address ranges data published by AWS to perform the search.

drecom Terraform is an IaC(infrastructure as code) software tool, which created by HashiCorp.

ZeroSimple A simple Python scrip for you to select the fastest IP for Microsoft services.

indianajson "Can I take over DNS?" — a list of DNS providers and how to claim (sub)domains via missing hosted zones

adulau A compilation of network scanning strategies to find vulnerable devices

prusnak Tool for pretty printing and optimizing Lightning Network channels.

Priler Simple, yet effective moderator bot for telegram. With reports, logs, profanity filter and more :3

mhaskar DNSStager is an open-source project based on Python used to hide and transfer your payload using DNS.

souravbaghz RDPloit - A Simple Security Vulnerabilities Checker For Remote Desktop Protocol

Lapis0875 Python port of proxy-www ( Implemented additional functionalities!

shimmeris A little proxy tool based on Tencent Cloud Service.

loniceraLeo TlsProxys 基于TLS协议的http流量代理 安装 ※ 需要python3.7+ linux: sudo python3 -m pip install TlsProxys windows: pip install TlsProxys 基本用法 服务器端: $ tpserver [comman

Gowixx About okuru nuker is a nuker for discord written in python, It uses methods such as threading and requests to ban faster and perform at higher speeds.

samyk NAT Slipstreaming allows an attacker to remotely access any TCP/UDP services bound to a victim machine, bypassing the victim’s NAT/firewall, just by the victim visiting a website