Libraries for network programming

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Lapis0875 Python port of proxy-www ( Implemented additional functionalities!

shimmeris A little proxy tool based on Tencent Cloud Service.

loniceraLeo TlsProxys 基于TLS协议的http流量代理 安装 ※ 需要python3.7+ linux: sudo python3 -m pip install TlsProxys windows: pip install TlsProxys 基本用法 服务器端: $ tpserver [comman

Gowixx About okuru nuker is a nuker for discord written in python, It uses methods such as threading and requests to ban faster and perform at higher speeds.

samyk NAT Slipstreaming allows an attacker to remotely access any TCP/UDP services bound to a victim machine, bypassing the victim’s NAT/firewall, just by the victim visiting a website

PrawnMan Streaming using a cheap HDMI capture card and a Raspberry Pi to an RTMP Receiver

sshuttle Transparent proxy server that works as a poor man's VPN. Forwards over ssh. Doesn't require admin. Works with Linux and MacOS. Supports DNS tunneling.

DreyAnd DeadDNS Multi-threaded DNS hijacking via dead records automation tool How it works 1) Dig provided subdomains file for dead DNS records. 2) Dig the fo

certego Pcapmonkey is a project that will provide an easy way to analyze pcap using the latest version of Suricata and Zeek. It can also save Suricata and Zeek logs in Elasticsearch using the new Elasticsearch Common Schema or the origina

thiagomayllart Harvis is a python tool to help you create multiple hauls for a specific operation during a red team engagement. It can automatically create your C2 machine, redirector machine, setup SSL, .htaccess configuration, firewall rules a

danhab99 LED Net Capture Flashes keyboard leds on incoming/outgoing network packets Usage Requires root priviledges to run usage: [-h] --keyboard

FuzzySecurity This is just a quick run-down on setting up a private WG vpn server on Azure in a semi-automated fashion.

russelltao 网络协议2天集训

nautobot Nautobot was initially developed as a fork of NetBox (v2.10.4). NetBox was originally developed by Jeremy Stretch at Digital Ocean and the NetBox Community.

EONRaider A simple pure-Python TCP Connect port scanner. This application leverages the use of Python's Standard Library asyncio framework to execute a number of TCP connections to an arbitrary number ports on target IP addresses, taking a

iamthefrogy An automation tool that scans sub-domains using multiple tools. Most importantly, it greps all the words from the first, second and N level of subdomains and creates a wordlist. Then uses to brute force every single name to

Nuand bladeRF-wiphy is an open-source IEEE 802.11 compatible software defined radio VHDL modem

pucherot WIFI / LAN intruder detector. Check the devices connected and alert you with unknown devices. It also warns of the disconnection of "always connected" devices

sdushantha Quickly fetch your WiFi password and if needed, generate a QR code of your WiFi to allow phones to easily connect.Works on macOS and Linux and Windows

ethicalhackingplayground Subdomain Takeover tool with web UI

redcode-labs Post-exploitation scripts and binaries + reverse proxy server

X-Plane An Elixir client for the core of the RakNet networking protocol, useful for games and other latency-sensitive applications that typically rely on UDP

anime-dl A simple but powerful anime downloader and streamer.

kaphacius A proxy tool that records communication (requests, websockets) between client and server. This recording can later be used for tests as a mock backend. It works in 2 modes, RECORD and PLAYBACK, capturing and reproducing the server

erpuno High-performance, idiomatic, zero-dependency, Async-based, WebSocket server with supervision and ticker in 200 LOC.

Dheerajmadhukar Tool to find the real IP behind CDNs/WAFs like cloudflare using passive recon by retrieving the favicon hash. For the same hash value, all the possible IPs, PORTs and SSL/TLS Certs are searched to validate the target in-scope.

Anteste A Python tool used to automate the execution of the following tools : Nmap , Nikto and Dirsearch but also to automate the report generation during a Web Penetration Testing

AnalogJ Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers in a standardized way.

vishnubob is a pure bash script that will wait on the availability of a host and TCP port. It is useful for synchronizing the spin-up of interdependent services, such as linked docker containers.

LukeLambert Developers commonly use apps like ngrok, localtunnel, or cloudflared to expose a local web service at a publicly-accessible URL. This is useful for developing with HTTPS or sharing a site preview with a colleague or client.

mattogodoy A Python library to simulate a Zoom H6 recorder remote control

pixelbubble ProtOSINT is a Python script that helps you investigate Protonmail accounts and ProtonVPN IP addresses