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ggallohernandez pymatriz is a python library that allows interactions with Primary DMA (Matriz) Rest and Websocket APIs.

blandinw This project shows how to implement a gRPC server and a gRPC client using OCaml and Envoy, a very useful proxy open-sourced by Lyft and now part of the CNCF.

ducdetronquito HTTP core types for Zig inspired by Rust http.

thenewboston-developers Payment processing scripts for thenewboston digital currency network.

BishopFox h2cSmuggler smuggles HTTP traffic past insecure edge-server proxy_pass configurations by establishing HTTP/2 cleartext (h2c) communications with h2c-compatible back-end servers, allowing a bypass of proxy rules and access controls

CERT-Polska Tool for fingerprinting HTTP requests of malware. Based on Tshark and written in Python3. Working prototype stage :-)

captn3m0 A proxy for security researchers outside India to access Indian government websites without resorting to shady VPNs.

vimusov torxy - прозрачный HTTP/HTTPS-прокси, позволяющий перенаправлять трафик на выбранные домены через TOR-сервер.

ethereum Py-EVM is a new implementation of the Ethereum protocol in Python. It contains the low level primitives for the existing Ethereum 1.0 chain as well as emerging support for the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 / Serenity spec.

eckarthik HideMe is a python package for gathering usable proxies from free proxy webites can be installed via pip as follows.

pyIDM python open source alternative to IDM (Internet Download Manager) with multi-connections, high speed engine, based on python, pycurl, youtube_dl, and pysimplegui

grijjy In this article we are going to discuss how to use the latest version of OpenSsl 1.1.1 with Delphi directly to create X.509 certificates, decode, verify, encode and sign JSON Web Tokens and generate random data.

jamiebegin metrics2mqtt is a lightweight wrapper around psutil that publishes CPU utilization, free memory, and other system-level stats to a MQTT broker.

kalasutra This is a clash premium module for Magisk, and includes binaries for arm64.

JettChenT Automatically scan for publically accessible webcams around the internet

athul Jiofi-CLI is a Command Line Interface to check your Jiofi Network from your terminal than using the web interface. It only shows very specific details like battery details, data usage and devices connected.

dulaku alsanna is a CLI-based intercepting proxy for TCP connections written in Python without third-party dependencies. This was a quick project, thrown together to meet slightly different needs than some existing solutions like tcpprox

abhinavsingh ⚡⚡⚡Fast, Lightweight, Pluggable, TLS interception capable proxy server focused on Network monitoring, controls & Application development, testing, debugging

kunthar ZOPS CPaaS Platform* is an integrated messaging platform to carry on different types of messages for web and mobile applications. Messaging is quite necessary in modern applications, SMS message, PUSH message, real-time online mes

Rvn0xsy Find the host network card address through OXID Resolver

florimondmanca Proof of concept for a lightweight HTTP/1.1 proxy service built with ASGI and HTTPCore. No maintenance intended.

flano-yuki My HTTP/3 Note

wintrmvte Netenum passively monitors the ARP traffic on the network. It extracts basic data about each active host, such as IP address, MAC address and manufacturer. The main objective of this tool is to find active machines without generat

slashmo 📖 A collaborative list of all things Swift NIO

ycd Linkedin invite automation for expanding your network

blackarrowsec Pivot into the internal network by deploying HTTP agents. Pivotnacci allows you to create a socks server which communicates with HTTP agents. The architecture looks like the following:

KuroLabs Airshare is a Python-based CLI tool and module that lets you transfer data between two machines in a local network, P2P, using Multicast-DNS. It also opens an HTTP gateway for other non-CLI external interfaces. It works completely

CoffeeJunkiee Subvenkon is a subdomain enumerator which gathers information from Venkon. Venkon mostly is a web interface where the user has to provide the domain and venkon will give the user the results of the subdomains available through its

x11-repo SMS, Call, Mail, Telegram бомбер с открытым исходным кодом

mlgualtieri is a Python3 script designed to parse network packet capture files and extract NTLMv2 hashes in a crackable format. The following binary network packet capture formats are supported: *.pcap *.pcapng *.cap *.etl

KathanP19 Its a script which has all the best available options to find open ports and there services.

ms-jpq Cross platform clipboard | networkless! remote copy

rednafi This repository contains links to some awesome blog posts, books, talks and docs to get you up and running with Python's asynchronous paradigm. It tries to avoid resources that are outdated or contain deprecated APIs that make the