Domain-Specific Languages and parsers in Python made easy

textX is a meta-language for building Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) in Python. It is inspired by Xtext. In a nutshell, textX will help you build your textual language in an easy way. You can invent your own language or build a s

Related Repos

patil-suraj Question generation is the task of automatically generating questions from a text paragraph. The most straight-forward way for this is answer aware question generation

PaddlePaddle Knover is a toolkit for knowledge grounded dialogue generation based on PaddlePaddle. Knover allows researchers and developers to carry out efficient training/inference of large-scale dialogue generation models.

Kaleidophon A lightweight but powerful library to build token indices for NLP tasks, compatible with major Deep Learning frameworks like PyTorch and Tensorflow.

crux82 Code for the paper GAN-BERT: Generative Adversarial Learning for Robust Text Classification with a Bunch of Labeled Examples accepted for publication at ACL 2020 - short papers by Danilo Croce (Tor Vergata, University of Rome), Giuseppe Castellucci (Amazon) and Roberto Basili (Tor Vergata, University of Rome).

kahne Tracking the progress in end-to-end speech translation

ajitrajasekharan Prototype unsupervised implementation NER using BERT's MLM and wrapper around Dat Quoc Nguyen's POS tagger/Dependency parser

azmiozgen Convert text into beautiful artistic images