NLPretext packages in a unique library all the text preprocessing functions you need to ease your NLP project.

All the goto functions you need to handle NLP use-cases, integrated in NLPretext

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techcentaur PyLex Python3 library for performing lexical analysis on words, one word at a time. Usage Help Usage [email protected]:~/PyLex$ python3 -h usage: [-h] [-r] [-s] [-a] [-m] [-hg] [-sa] [-n N

zqhZY semanaly semantic analysis using word2vector, doc2vector and other method. mainly for text similarity analysis. related link here useage word2vector data prepare unzip dataset/ python

salesforce The Natural Language Decathlon is a multitask challenge that spans ten tasks: question answering (SQuAD), machine translation (IWSLT), summarization (CNN/DM), natural language inference (MNLI), sentiment analysis (SST), semant

sebastianruder Repository to track the progress in Natural Language Processing (NLP), including the datasets and the current state-of-the-art for the most common NLP tasks.

indrajithi Automatic Question Generation This program takes a text file as an input and generates questions by analyzing each sentence. Note: A similar implementatin is here. Usage Virtualenv recommended pip install -r require

flairNLP A very simple framework for state-of-the-art NLP. Developed by Zalando Research. Flair is: A powerful syntactic-semantic tagger / classifier. Flair allows you to apply our state-of-the-art models for named entity recognition

YueLiu Neural Triple Translation An end-to-end tool for generating triples from natural language sentences. Given a natural language sentence, this code determine the entities and identify relationships between entities and generate a c

Maluuba GenSen Learning General Purpose Distributed Sentence Representations via Large Scale Multi-task Learning Sandeep Subramanian, Adam Trischler, Yoshua Bengio & Christopher Pal ICLR 2018 About GenSen is a technique