Simple Keras model that tackles the Stanford Natural Language Inference (SNLI) corpus using summation and/or recurrent neural networks

Keras SNLI baseline example This repository contains a simple Keras baseline to train a variety of neural networks to tackle the Stanford Natural Language Inference (SNLI) corpus. The aim is to determine whether a premise senten

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xiaoqian19940510 文本分类资源汇总,包括深度学习文本分类模型,如SpanBERT、ALBERT、RoBerta、Xlnet、MT-DNN、BERT、TextGCN、MGAN、TextCapsule、SGNN、SGM、LEAM、ULMFiT、DGCNN、ELMo、RAM、DeepMoji

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gmftbyGMFTBY An Open-Source Package for Chinese Open-domain Conversational Chatbot (中文闲聊对话系统,一键部署微信闲聊机器人)。OpenDialog建立在基于PyTorch的transformers之上。

HLTSingapore This is the GitHub page for publicly available emotional speech data.

MaartenGr KeyBERT is a minimal and easy-to-use keyword extraction technique that leverages BERT embeddings to create keywords and keyphrases that are most similar to a document.

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EleutherAI An implementation of model parallel [GPT2]& [GPT3]-like models, with the ability to scale up to full GPT3 sizes (and possibly more!), using the [mesh-tensorflow]( library.

thu-coai Open-eNded Language Generation (ONLG) refers to those generation tasks where only very limited information is given in the input and there are many plausible output for the same input (also known as one-to-many). ONLG roughly includes chit-chat dialog/story/review/essay generation, etc.