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Libraries for working with human languages.

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gmftbyGMFTBY Easy-to-use toolkit for retrieval-based Chatbot Recent Activity Our released RRS corpus can be found here. Our released BERT-FP post-training checkpoi

robinhad Ukrainian TTS 📢 🤖 Ukrainian TTS (text-to-speech) using Coqui TTS. Trained on M-AILABS Ukrainian dataset using sumska voice. How to use : pip install

sipeed Maix-Speech 中文 | English Brief Now only support Chinese, See 中文 Build Clone code by: git clone Compile x86x64 c

aws-samples Machine Learning University: Accelerated Natural Language Processing Class This repository contains slides, notebooks and datasets for the Machine Lea

alar-dict Alar: Kannada - English dictionary The Alar dictionary corpus is a free and open source Kannada - English dictionary created by V. Krishna. It has ove

TechsocMSIT2020 DS-ALGO-REPO-HACKTOBER Aim of this repository is to make a directory for common ds algo implementations in different languages. Built with ❤︎ by TechS

megagonlabs Japanese Realistic Textual Entailment Corpus Overview This corpus contains examples labeled whether the premise entails the hypothesis or not as follo

JasonFengGit ZH-EN NMT Chinese to English Neural Machine Translation This project is inspired by Stanford's CS224N NMT Project Dataset used in this project: News C

glepnir 在neovim中使用Lua nvim-lua-guide 中文版简易教程 目录 在neovim中使用Lua 目录 简介 学习Lua 现有的一些在neovim中使用Lua的教程 相关插件 Lua 文件位置 警告 提示 包说明 在Vimscript中使用Lua :lua 警告 :luado :luafi

helboukkouri CharacterBERT This is the repository of the paper "CharacterBERT: Reconciling ELMo and BERT for Word-LevelOpen-Vocabulary Representations From Charact

protontypes Awesome Sustainable Technology Open source projects sustaining stable climate, energy supply and vital natural resources For technology to be truly su

keyiflerolsun ✂️ KekikSpatula Siz uğraşmayın diye biz uğraştık.. ~ dızz 🐍 🚀 Kurulum - Kullanım # Yüklemek pip install KekikSpatula # Güncellemek pip install -U K

HashLips Welcome to HashLips 👄 All the code in these repos was created and explained by HashLips on the main YouTube channel. To find out more please visit: ?

khalidsaifullaah BERTify This is an easy-to-use python module that helps you to extract the BERT embeddings for a large text dataset efficiently. It is intended to be

alger-ia DziriBERT DziriBERT is the first Transformer-based Language Model that has been pre-trained specifically for the Algerian Dialect. It handles Algerian

notAI-tech Anuvaad State of the art translation models for Indic languages. Installation # CPU pytorch will be installed if torch is not installed pip install --

gmarino2048 MiniOS Created by Guy Marino, Noah Houpt, and Steven Nyeo How to Use This Tutorial Hi everyone, this tutorial is meant to be an updated expansion on e

mrunankpawar 30DaysofGoogleCloud Follow the below steps to track your progress!! 📍 Step 1: Fork and star this repository. (You can see the fork option in the top-

dezmou Cryptoghost is a NFT that doesn't rely on external hosting for pictures assets. Everything is on the Ethereum blockchain. As long as E

adhikary97 Girlfriend/Boyfriend Text Send text to girlfriend/boyfriend (or really anyone with a phone number) in the morning 1. Configure your settings in utils.

bitextor Bitextor is a tool to automatically harvest bitexts from multilingual websites. To run it, it is necessary to provide: The source where the parallel d

coolbutuseless fugly This package provides a single function (str_capture) for using named capture groups to extract values from strings. A key requirement for reada

dataqa Labelling platform for text using distant supervision

fable-compiler Fable.Lit Fable.Lit is a collection of tools to help you write Fable apps by embedding HTML code into your F# code with the power of Lit. Thanks to th

SCRN-VRC Language Translation with Fragment Shaders NOTE: This was built and tested with Unity 2019.4.29f1 using built-in render pipeline, there may be shader

tunib-ai TUNiB-Electra We release several new versions of the ELECTRA model, which we name TUNiB-Electra. There are two motivations. First, all the existing pr

clovaai Designing a Minimal Retrieve-and-Read System for Open-Domain Question Answering Abstract In open-domain question answering (QA), retrieve-and-read mec

PrithivirajDamodaran Parrot Parrot is a paraphrase based utterance augmentation framework purpose built to accelerate training NLU models. A paraphrase framework is more t

Adapter-Hub This reporistory contains the test-dev data of the paper "xGQA: Cross-lingual Visual Question Answering".

ebanalyse Framework for fine-tuning pretrained transformers for Named-Entity Recognition (NER) tasks

treeform Genny - Generate Nim library bindings for many languages So you made a cool Nim library but you want it to be available to other languages as well. Wi

AmirHosseinBabaeayan Python (AI - DS) این ریپوزیتوری مختص به دوره پایتون با رویکرد هوش مصنوعی و علوم داده می باشد. در این ریپوزیتوری محتوا های دوره شامل کدها، دیتاست ها و