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Newest releases

AudiusProject The Decentralized Audius.co Client

pachyderm An ambient music generating machine learning pipeline, using Pachyderm and the Magenta Project Music Transformer.

hackingguy You Don't Have A VPS For Hunting Bug Bounties, No Issues Use This Script and Make A Proper Bug Hunting Environment Under 10 Minutes

immortalp0ny IDAPython plugin for generating whole yara rules/ patterns from x86/x86-64 code. Operation called 'parameterization' applyes to selected code/function. This operation finds alternatives for any possible operands and create pattern

jvns This is a very barebones & hacky demo of using OpenType to mix glyphs from 3 different fonts. It's basically just one file (combine.py). fontname.py is something I just copied in from here to rename the font.

RyuaNerin 검색에서 스택오버플로 짭 숨기기 (구글, 덕덕고 + adgaurd, ublock)

DaveBerkeley SoC based on SERV, Olof Kindgren's bit-serial RISC-V processor. It provides Execute in Place (XiP) from Flash. This improves the usability of the CPU core, at the cost of added complexity and slower execution speed.

mmcqd This is an interpreter for arbitrary pure type systems. Check here for a solid description.

mbrossar This repo contains a real-time approach for inertial navigation based only on an Inertial MeasurementUnit (IMU) for self-localizing wheeled robots.

backslash AngstStealer is a POC malware which is designed to highlight and utilize Discord as an attack vector. While it is fully functioning it was created for educational purpose's, please do not use misuse this tool.

jgc234 This is a rather rough script to generate a GPX file for the optimum "burbing" route. Burbing is the process of riding every road in a suburb or locality.

gitaroktato Changes retraction speed & distance from a specific layer gradually, because Cura is unable to do so.

Dump-GUY Converts exported results of Capa tool from .json format to another formats supporting by different tools.

sneakysnakeX299 An Instant Replay/ReLive-like program for Linux

oguzhan-yilmaz pyCrossfade is born out of a personal effort to create seamless and customizable transitions between music files using beat matching, gradual bpm change on bars and EQ manipulation

nicolaselkhoury The NK Microservices project serves as a pilot project and/or a reference to be used by anyone who wishes to write software using the Microservices approach.

gus33000 Source code release of the old Interop Tools app, as is, including the code I find very ugly today.

opmashin Package to fetch OHLC and other End of Day data from NSE

kingbase Anki with powerful markdown and math latex support help you remember anything you want.

keechma Keechma/pipelines library is a manager for asynchronous and concurrent ClojureScript code. It is a part of the Keechma/next stack but is not dependent on Keechma/next and can be used in any ClojureScript codebase.

edemaine tex2text is a simple converter from LaTeX to ASCII text, Unicode text, or Markdown.

repnz A collection of my IDA plugins

1hbb Auto Compiled(Every 8 Hours with latest changes) itlwm.kext, itlwmx.kext, HeliPort.app

Nexo-Dados Repositório público com os dados e gráficos dos materiais publicados pelo Nexo Políticas Públicas.

lessp An Alfred-like starting point for Revery which lets you search for files in your Desktop-directory.

xnning Efficient effect handlers based on evidence translation [1]. The interface and design is described in detail in "Effect Handlers in Haskell, Evidently", Ningning Xie and Daan Leijen, Haskell 2020.

google Generates LaTeX math description from Python functions.

praveenperera Tiny hex package to make the development experience of using gleam in elixir (and especially phoenix projects) just a bit better

athul Wakatime Weekly Metrics on your Profile Readme.

0xNanda Oralyzer, a simple python script, capable of identifying the open redirection vulnerability in a website. It does that by fuzzing the url i.e. provided as the input.

efabless OpenLANE is an automated RTL to GDSII flow based on several components including OpenRoad, Yosys, Magic, Netgen, Fault and custom methodology scripts for design exploration and optimization.

pyparsing The pyparsing module is an alternative approach to creating and executing simple grammars, vs. the traditional lex/yacc approach, or the use of regular expressions. The pyparsing module provides a library of classes that client co

Adityaojas sudoku_solver.py takes a real time webcam feed and extracts sudoku from the frames and prints the solution on the screen