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PrasoonPratham This a Github Repository with code for my attempts for commonly used sorting algorithims, tested on a list with 3000 randomly generated numbers.

bimbashrestha BlobBackup is a minimalistic backup utility for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. With an excellent engine, extensive storage support, and an easy to use interface, this adorable little guy is all you need to sleep better at ni

transitive-bullshit Twitter's embedding SDK is horribly slow and inefficient. For embedding tweets on your site (including SSR), this solution is 10-100x faster! πŸ”₯

ChrisTitusTech An almost desktop environment made with AwesomeWM following the Material Design guidelines with a performant opiniated mouse/keyboard workflow to increase daily productivity and comfort.

MuseScoreFonts The Leland music fonts (Leland & Leland Text), Version 0.52 are available in Type 1, OpenType-CFF format. They are distributed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL), Version 1.1.

spokestack Spokestack is a library that allows a user to easily incorporate a voice interface into a Python application.

willianjusten A simple project to learn new japanese words everyday.

aldonunez A complete disassembly of The Legend of Zelda

csc-training Python in High Performance Computing

JohnHammond A Python3 script to decode an encoded VBScript file, often seen with a .vbe file extension

Bergvca string_grouper is a library that makes finding groups of similar strings within a single or within multiple lists of strings easy. string_grouper uses tf-idf to calculate cosine similarities within a single list or between two lis

lhotse-speech Lhotse is a Python library aiming to make speech and audio data preparation flexible and accessible to a wider community. Alongside k2, it is a part of the next generation Kaldi speech processing library.

jpomykala A curated list of i18n tools, i18n libraries, localization software, localization programs and translation management systems.

geohot A simple Ethereum mining pool

xiaoxiae A pomodoro timer that grows procedurally generated trees and flowers while you're studying.

ratfactor Self-contained series of exercises for learning the Zig programming language.

logicguy1 Generate discord nitro codes and check them

leondz This page catalogues datasets annotated for hate speech, online abuse, and offensive language.

felixge My notes on the various go profiling methods that are available.

hsfzxjy Lambdex – Writing more complicated anonymous functions in Python

rschroll RMfuse provides access to your reMarkable Cloud files in the form of a FUSE filesystem. These files are exposed either in their original format, or as PDF files that contain your annotations. This lets you manage files in the reMa

noahsalvi The most compact reactive form controller (including Validation) that you'll ever see.

tecosaur System-wide popup Emacs windows for quick edits

sw-yx active angel investors in developer tools!

psf The Python pyperf module is a toolkit to write, run and analyze benchmarks.

ALANVF An experimental programming language that's made to be powerful, productive, and predictable

rotemreiss The tool gets a list of URLs, and removes "duplicate" pages in the sense of URL patterns that are probably repetitive and points to the same web template.

moodymudskipper {boom} is a one function package that lets you inspect the results of the intermediate results of a call. It β€œexplodes” the call into its parts hence the name.

ngneat 🍞 Smoking hot Notifications for Angular. Lightweight, customizable and beautiful by default.

ExOK Made in 3 days for Celeste's 3rd anniversary. A sequel to Celeste Classic.

marcoheisig This document collects various tweaks for working with Common Lisp.

jonroig Finger.Farm Modern Finger Protocol Hosting