Uncategorized useful libraries or tools.

Newest releases

yubinCloud A library that uses Python to connect and manipulate Jena Fuseki, which provides sync and async methods.

bloodyowl An opinionated starter kit for ReScript React

tjdevries You now feel at home traveling to the moon

iamthefrogy Bucketbunny - Automation for open s3 bucket pocs for pentest/bugbounty/red-teamings

tanyafish Educational activities to do with the code hidden on the parachute of the JPL/NASA Perseverance Rover mission

memo A basic guide to ecofriendly CryptoArt (NFTs)

yizhen20133868 Tracking the progress in SLU (resources, code, and new frontiers etc.)

ilius A tool for converting dictionary files aka glossaries. The primary purpose is to be able to use our offline glossaries in any Open Source dictionary we like on any OS/device.

tonsky Monospaced font for long-form writing

hku-mars R2LIVE is a robust, real-time tightly-coupled multi-sensor fusion framework, which fuses the measurement from the LiDAR, inertial sensor, visual camera to achieve robust, accurate state estimation.

suprojects Open-Source bot to play songs in your Telegram's Group Voice Chat. Powered by PyTgCalls.

DevsHelpDevs Let's develop a community run charity platform that helps to provide developers with the needed tools to work

jankapunkt A collection of cv and resume templates written in LaTeX. Leave an issue if your language is not supported!

anticomputer A thin ui veneer on top of Magit/Forge porcelain for juggling large amounts of GitHub notifications at speed.

MarshalX The earliest beta version of pytgcalls on Linux x86_64 and ARM64! Use in production at your own risk!

d3k4z ffuf is gaining a lot of traction within the infosec community as a fast portable web fuzzer. It has been compared and aligned (kinda) to Burp's Intruder functionality. Thus, Copy As FFUF is trying to build that interoperatability

rayanht Paprika is a python library that reduces boilerplate. Heavily inspired by Project Lombok.

notiondog The easiest way to build simple, powerful websites with nothing but Notion.

bootlin pdf-link-checker is a simple tool that parses a PDF document and checks for broken hyperlinks. This done by sending a simple HTTP request to each link found in a given document.

ai-eks This is a simple worker for OpenClubhouse to sync CH channel data.

davidmckayv The idea is that some functions should randomly execute. This is implemented as a standard python decorator but using random.randint as a coin flip to decide whether or not the decorated function executes.

sourabh-joshi This repository is an archive of emails that are sent by the awesome Quincy Larson every week.

lxgw An open-source Chinese font derived from Fontworks' Klee One. 一款基于 FONTWORKS 的 Klee One 的开源中文字体。

benawad DogeHouse is open to contributions, but I recommend creating an issue or replying in a comment to let me know what you are working on first that way we don't overwrite each other.

r00ster91 A privacy-focused list of alternatives to mainstream services to help the competition

1N3 Discover the attack surface and prioritize risks with our continuous Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform - Sn1per Professional

N1ght-W0lf Uchihash is a small utility that can save malware analysts the time of dealing with embedded hash values used for various things

batiscuff I did this project in order to boost views with the teleboost ✈️ in my Telegram channel. You can use it not only for boosting views but also for your own purposes. The maximum number of proxies you can get is 11.000

rougier This Python script reads an org agenda file (i.e. a regular org file with some active dates) and displays an interactive and colored year calendar with detailed information for each day when the mouse hovers a specific date. Else,

aframires TIVlib is an open-source library for the content-based tonal description of musical audio signals.

shpuld Simple CSQC mod for Quake to enable fun isometric top down shooting gameplay

SciNim Unchained is a fully type safe, compile time only units library. There is absolutely no performance loss over pure float based code (aside from insertion of possible conversion factors, but those would have to be written by hand o

TheWallStreetAnalytics After our conversation with a WSB moderator and seeing his response on reddit, we believe there may have been some miscommunication. We ARE NOT planning on selling out to some "angel investor" or anything