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maxonthegit PPspliT is a PowerPoint add-in that transforms each slide of a presentation into a sequence of slides, each displaying the contents of the original slide as they would appear at every intermediate animation step. As such, its most

sebdumancic pylo is a Python front-end for several Prolog engines. It allows you to write your program once and execute it with different Prolog engines simply by switching the back-end.

github Public feedback discussions for: GitHub Mobile and GitHub Discussions

tiangolo Label PRs that have been approved a number of times.

benyamxn A Persian Latex Template that can be used in different instances such as assignments, exams, quizzes; Not suitable for long documents such as theses or project reports.

SkillCorner This repo contains 9 matches of broadcast tracking data collected by SkillCorner.

blindnet-io Blindsend is an open source tool for private, end-to-end encrypted file exchange between two agents. Current use case requires a requesting party (file Receiver) to initiate the file exchange by generating a link via blindsend and

KenKundert NestedText is a file format for holding data that is to be entered, edited, or viewed by people. It allows data to be organized into a nested collection of dictionaries, lists, and strings. In this way it is similar to JSON, YAML

MatthiasSchinzel Graphical system monitor for linux, including information about CPU, GPU, Memory, HDD/SDD and your network connections. Similar to windows task manager.

MaxHalford 🎡 Python sound notifications made easy

fossbarrow The ultimate SEO Checklist made by people all around the globe

sujata13 Repository designed for beginner to contribute to open-source

3CORESec This project aims to automate the creation of SIEM rule consumables by leveraging a pre-defined set of configurations/mappings and by utilizing the Sigma rule format and engine.

mohitrakhade20 PR your joke if you know good ( or horrible ) js joke . I will post it on coding valley's insta page.

MoserMichael Meta search page that utilises duckduckgo !bang query operators.

paleolimbot The goal of qgisprocess is to provide an R interface to the popular and open source desktop geographic information system (GIS) program QGIS. The package is a re-implementation of functionality provided by the archived RQGIS packa

sickcodes Run iPhone (xnu-arm64) in a Docker container! Supports KVM + iOS kernel debugging (GDB)! Run xnu-qemu-arm64 in Docker! Works on ANY device.

codePerfectPlus A Collection of Awesome Scripts in Python to Ease Daily-Life. Create an issue If you have some great idea to the new script

Uniswap πŸ‘€β¬…οΈ Queries for surfacing information about past users of Uniswap

vlomme 2nd place in the Cornell Birdcall Identification competition

weavery Sworn compiles Clarity contracts into SmartWeave contracts.

dsc-jiit-128 An Automated Background Python program that notifies you during your classes when your name is called or the keywords "present"/"attendance" are called out.

curtbraz A Crude C2 to Demonstrate Using QR Codes for Channel Traffic

aconz2 This is a Fusion 360 Script to bulk export your files. Currently will export f3d files to f3d, igs, stp, smt, sat and stl.

aapatre Do you want to LEARN NEW STUFF for FREE? Don't worry, with the power of web-scraping and automation, this script will find the necessary Udemy coupons & enroll you for PAID UDEMY COURSES, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

google Port of ac-library into Crystal Programming Language

johannesjmeyer When I am writing a paper I am a bit picky about the figures. It is especially important for me that the fonts and font sizes match the surrounding document.

AbstractMachinesLab Caramel 🍬 An Erlang backend to the OCaml compiler

Calinou This add-on provides level of detail for meshes, lights and particles. It can be used to improve performance in large scenes significantly.

cesarblum sectorforth is a 16-bit x86 Forth that fits in a 512-byte boot sector.

sandulat The first-ever Blitz.js job board. This project is non-commercial, meaning that anyone can post jobs for free.

You-J 🀜 μ—„μ²­ 멋진 μ„œμšΈ 월세살이 μ‹œμž‘ν•˜κΈ° πŸ€›

AlexStrook A unity cloud shader, using vertex colors and tesselation for a simple stylized look