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jonklein Niex - Interactive Elixir Code Notebooks Niex is an interactive Elixir code notebook with support for embedded media and charting, built with Phoenix

P-arag folder-automation A folder automation made using Watch-dog, it only works in linux for now but I assume, it will be adaptable to mac and PC as well Th

DaylightDr3amer Random Shader Bullshit So, what? This is a little repo where I'll post some of my shaders. They're all used in the "Shaders" scene, with some examples

binance Official Documentation for the Binance APIs and Streams. Official Announcements regarding changes, downtime, etc. to the API and Streams will be repor

Lauriat funct.Array Array is a functional mutable sequence inheriting from Python's built-in list. Array provides 100+ higher-order methods and more functiona

Udyz CVE-2021-26855 Brute Force Email Exchange Server For Education and Research Tested on: Windows - Python 3 /Linux - Python 3 Timeline: Monday, March 8,

x0rloser xorloser's IDA console stuff (aka PS3 and Xbox360 support for IDA) Currently made for the Windows version of IDA v7.5 sp3. Please note that it is reco

SwipeWallet Swipe Swap https://swipeswap.fi. Deployed Contracts SwipeToken - https://bscscan.com/token/ SwipeSwap - https://bscscan.com/address/ Timelock - https:

dashezup Telegram Voice Chat Music Player UserBot Written with Pyrogram Smart Plugin and tgcalls

nicksawhney Bernie In Places An app that accidentally went viral! Read the story in WIRED here Install First, create a python virtual environment, and install all

DarshanDeshpande Table of Contents About The Project Getting Started Prerequisites Installation Usage Contributing Sponsors License Contact Acknowledgements About The

oorjitchowdhary rest-notion-db A RESTful way to use your Notion tables as a database. Use-cases Form submissions or frontend websites, use one database that is unders

ocaml-multicore eioio -- effects based parallel IO for OCaml This library implements an effects-based direct-style IO stack for multicore OCaml. The library is very m

sselecirPyM DysonSphereProgramMTPatch Dyson Sphere Program Multiple Threading Patch 戴森球计划多线程补丁,有效改善大后期帧率不足的状况,祝你踏平每一个星系。 副作用是会把游戏的.net framework改成4.0,所以你的mod会失效,请

mbanani UnsupervisedR&R: Unsupervised Pointcloud Registration via Differentiable Rendering This repository holds all the code and data for our recent work on

18alantom synth An attempt at making a synth using Python The process has been documented through a series of posts. Oscillators : Link Modulators : Link Contro

mschwartz Programming in assembly language tutorial This tutorial covers AMD64/Intel 64 bit programming. Instruction sets for other processors, such as ARM or R

BlobBackup BlobBackup is a minimalistic backup utility for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. With an excellent engine, extensive storage support, and an easy

EthBuilders EthGlobal-West-Texas-Oil EthGlobal Market Make Hackathon - Solving crude oil theft by reconciling Bill of Lading between mid-stream suppliers and end-

Fweak ForceReset Simple Tool to Temp Disable Discord Accounts | Force them to Reset their password Make sure to have notepad opened Steps: Go to Github (Reg

ajpc500 NimlineWhispers A very proof-of-concept port of Outflank's InlineWhispers tool, adapted to output inline assembly for Nim projects. This uses the same

cryptodictionary Crypto Dictionary new stuff These new entries will be the basis for new versions of Crypto Dictionary the 2020 book of @veorq published by No Starch P

yihong0618 duolingo_remember Automatically send new words from duolingo to telegram steps Get your telegram token and chatid (please google how to) Change the se

marceloprates prettymaps A small set of Python functions to draw pretty maps from OpenStreetMap data. Based on osmnx, matplotlib and shapely libraries. Install depe

aantn Introduction Reconstant lets you share constant and enum definitions between programming languages. Constants are defined in a yaml file and converted

ShangtongZhang Rebib TLDR: This script retrieves information from DBLP to update your BibTex files. python rebib.py --bibfile xxx.bib It first parses the bib entries

nialloc GameOfLife The most expensive implementation of Conway's Game of Life ever - over $2,000 per step! (Probably the slowest too!) Conway's Game of Life r

Malwation sentello Sentello is a python script that simulates the anti-evasion and anti-analysis techniques used by malware. For techniques that are difficult t

nccgroup Wubes Architecture Prerequisites Usage Tricks Firefox sandbox References Wubes Wubes is like Qubes but for Windows. The idea is to leverage the Window

amirgamil Python-Interview-Tricks This is a thorough list of all of the useful Python data structures and tricks to know for interviews. I will add to this over

khanhas Z-Library browser and downloader for reMarkable devices Installation Know how to SSH to your device: https://remarkablewiki.com/tech/ssh Make sure pac

CodeWithSwastik dcoder is a python module that provides various functions for decoding/encoding text. It also has functions for encrypting or decrypting text in various ciphers.

allenai Longformer: The Long-Document Transformer