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One-World-One-Family This is a small python script which scans code bases for non inclusive words and outputs a csv report of their usages to increase diversity and inclusiveness in codebases.

phoe A heap-based priority queue whose first and foremost priority is speed.

lithdew Multi-threaded cross-platform HTTP/1.1 web server example in Zig using lithdew/pike and kprotty/zap.

15432 Private Mode eXecution for Windows on Python

CyberShadow Some btrfs features may make it difficult to estimate what disk space

garritfra Taurus - A Concurrent Gemini Server

dieletro Client for TDLib with Lazarus through the json interface

adrijano Automated Bitcoin wallet bruteforce

neslib Neslib.Xml is an ultra light-weight and cross-platform XML library for Delphi.

p3r7 A list of links and resources for the norns hardware music platform by monome.

thenewboston-developers Python library for thenewboston.

nielsfaber This is an alarm system integration for Home Assistant. It provides a user interface for setting your own alarm system completely from the browser.

synestematic kord is a python framework that provides programmers with a simple api for the creation of music-based applications

Felixjosemon A curated list of Awesome WFH computer and desk setups!

rishiosaur ⚡️ A blazing fast link shortener powered by Next.js and DNS magic!

lynchjames Allows for text selections to be copied (refactored) into new notes and notes to be split into other notes.

activejs Pragmatic, Reactive State Management for JavaScript Apps

VitaHEX-Games A 3d cover flow like launcher for PS Vita

kalenpatton Visualizer tool for Minecraft Biome map.

evowizz Compose-To-Edge is a small library allowing you to easily setup edge-to-edge configurations for your Jetpack Compose app.

eslam3kl Full Automation Recon tool which works with Small and Medium scopes. Recommended to use it on VPS machine, it'll discover secrets and searching for vulnerabilities

kowainik The prolens package is a Haskell library with a minimal and lightweight implementation of optics. Optic is a high-level concept for values that provide composable access to different parts of structures.

mxmlnkn Combines the random access indexing idea from tarindexer and then mounts the TAR using fusepy for easy read-only access just like archivemount.

swarn A lua implementation of the fzy fuzzy matching algorithm

Jericho1060 A simple HUD for monitoring and managing industry in Dual Universe

cedowens Python3 script to generate a macro to launch a Mythic payload

aureliancnx Norminette EPITECH développé avec les fonctionnalités de la dernière mise à jour de la norme d'EPITECH pour la promotion 2025. Disponible pour tous les étudiants. La norminette cherche les erreurs de norme d'Epitech dans le code s

Yul3n Combo is a simple parser combinator library for Ocaml providing common parsers and combinators. It is highly inspired by this paper with a few changes to integrate better with Ocaml and ideas taken from other libraries. It is name

simonw Tracking fire data from www.fire.ca.gov

twindle-co Twindle (Twitter + Kindle = Twindle) is an open source project made for the purpose of converting long Twitter threads into ePub's or PDF documents to allow users to read longscroll threads on a kindle or as a PDF on their device

Kinneyzhang Gkroam is a lightweight Roam Research replica, built on top of emacs org-mode. It uses ‘ripgrep’ to search links on pages and insert references at the bottom of org pages automatically. Gkroam imitates roam research in as many asp

Minoru A proof-of-concept for a read-only filesystem with random contents generated on demand.

lhwolff15 Looks up insider trading transactions in a date range