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peterbay Python based scripts for obtaining system information from Linux.

Datalux Osintgram is a OSINT tool on Instagram. It offers an interactive shell to perform analysis on Instagram account of any users by its nickname

terrier-org A Python framework for performing information retrieval experiments

teamdatatonic DOP is designed to simplify the orchestration effort across many connected components using a configuration file without the need to write any code. We have a vision to make orchestration easier to manage and more accessible to a

Taiko2k A music player for the Linux desktop. Designed to be powerful and streamlined, putting the user in control of their music collection.

mwenge Gridrunner by Jeff Minter This is the disassembled and commented source code for the 1982 Commodore 64 port of Gridrunner by Jeff Minter. You can play

awkwardpolygons Godot editor UI to spy on what a Viewport is rendering. Useful for debugging.

rms-support-letter An open letter in support of RMS. To sign, click here and name the file <username>.yaml (replace <username> with your name) with the following content

pfnet pysen What is pysen? pysen aims to provide a unified platform to configure and run day-to-day development tools. We envision the following scenarios i

nobiot Org-marginalia Org-marginalia lets you highlight text, and write margin notes (marginalia) for any text file in a separate Org file. Figure 1. Left: O

Te-k Cobalt Strike Resources This repository contains: analyze.py: a script to analyze a Cobalt Strike beacon (python analyze.py BEACON) extract.py; extrac

Defi-Cartel Wrecking sandwich traders for fun and profit Those who follow the action in Ethereum’s mempool will no doubt be aware of the sudden recent boom in san

GonVas TickerRain is an open-source web app that stores and analysis Reddit posts in a transparent and semi-interactive manner.

Malfrats xeuledoc Fetch information about any public Google document. It's working on : Google Docs Google Spreadsheets Google Slides Google Drawning Google My

kracekumar jut - JUpyter notebook Terminal viewer. The command line tool view the IPython/Jupyter notebook in the terminal. Install pip install jut Usage $jut --

telamonian A handsome Darcula theme for Jupyterlab. The first jlab theme to include dark scrollbars

YueChen-C About A python based Apple Quicktime protocol,you can record audio and video from real iOS devices

simple-login SimpleLogin | Protect your online identity with email alias

lukesmurray markdown-anki-decks Markdown anki decks is a simple program to convert markdown files into anki decks. # The h1 tag is the deck title

Shaun-Regenbaum OneUSGAutomaticClock (updated 12-22-20) This is a little script for Georgia Tech students to be able to automatically clock hours without worrying abo

WeMakeServices SAAS (Service as a Service) Have you ever wanted a simple REST API that enabled you to easily scaffold up your next simple REST API? Look no further.

nccgroup Uninstalled App Canary Prior Work This builds on the deception engineering work around Windows Service Canaries https://research.nccgroup.com/2021/03/

enochkan This is a basic example of how Kalman filter works in Python. I do plan on refactoring and expanding this repo in the future.

google Read/write/show images and videos in an IPython/Jupyter notebook.

vshymanskyy A collection of useful, language-agnostic WebAssembly development tools.

pratapvardhan NFHS-5: National Family Health Survey (2019-20) CSV Fact sheets for key indicators from http://rchiips.org/nfhs/. PDF files are automatically converte

simonw django-sql-dashboard Django app for building dashboards using raw SQL queries Brings a useful subset of Datasette to Django. Currently only works with

TreyThomas93 Python Trading Bot w/ Thinkorswim Description This program is an automated trading bot that uses TDAmeritrades Thinkorswim trading platform's scanners

kimlimjustin Clone of Google forms built using Django and Javascript

kimlimjustin Clone of Google Keep built using Django and Javascript

garyexplains Piccolo OS Piccolo OS is a small multitasking OS for the Raspberry Pi Pico. It is designed primarily as a teaching tool. It demonstrates the fundament

erezsh Preql is an interpreted, relational programming language, that specializes in database queries. It is designed for use by data engineers, analysts and

0xAX linux-insides A book-in-progress about the linux kernel and its insides. The goal is simple - to share my modest knowledge about the insides of the li