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sdushantha Change between dark/light mode depending on the ambient light intensity

kizniche Mycodo is open source software for the Raspberry Pi that couples inputs and outputs in interesting ways to sense and manipulate the environment.

jamespwilliams prolog-isolation-checker Should you be self-isolating right now? You could check using the government's website*, but that would be boring - check by

geerlingguy A Docker Stack which Monitors your home network This repository is a fork from maxandersen/internet-monitoring, tailored for use on a Raspberry Pi. It

CyborgSecurity PoisonApple Command-line tool to perform various persistence mechanism techniques on macOS. This tool was designed to be used by threat hunters for cy

z0ph ✅ Access Analyzer - Batch Policy Validator This script will analyze using AWS Access Analyzer - Policy Validation all your account customer managed IA

DanShai Breaking Bad ! 100% python React app https://danshai.github.io/react_in_python/ the javascript version is at traversy media: https://github.com/bradtr

Deja-Vu1 WeatherBot Discord opsiyonel detaylı hava durumu botu önümüzdeki Perşembe ──► önümüzdeki Çarşamba ┌─────────┐┌─────────┐┌─────────┐┌───────

ReactDev1337 React Selfbot Yes, for real Why am I making this open source? Because can't stop calling my product a rat, tokenlogger and what else not. But there is

yengoteam 🤯 A list of useful snippets and tips for GitHub Actions (GHA).

breuleux Jurigged lets you update your code while it runs

rouault cogserver Expose any GDAL recognized raster file as a HTTP accessible on-the-fly COG (Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF) The on-the-fly COG file is not material

megadose ignorant allows you to check if a phone number is used on different sites like snapchat, instagram.

sangminwoo A curated list of awesome vision and language resources

Cargill Logstash Parsing Configurations for Elastisearch SIEM and OpenDistro for Elasticsearch SIEM

safemoonprotocol Safemoon.sol safemoon contract Safemoon protocol is a mixture of RFI tokenomics with the added function of auto-liquidity generating protocol. A fork

vslaykovsky Elonbot Trading bot that uses Elon Musk`s tweets to know when to buy cryptocurrency. Here is how it works: Subscribes to someone's (elonmusk?) tweets

tugcanolgun Vigilio Your own movie streaming service. Easy to install, easy to use. Download, manage and watch your favorite movies conveniently from your browser

Udyz ProxyLogon Pre-Auth SSRF To Arbitrary File Write For Education and Research Usage: C:\>python proxylogon.py mail.evil.corp [email protected] At

monosans vk-slaves-bot - многофункциональный бот для игры "Рабы" (игра закрыта с 31.03.2021) ВКонтакте.

S4R1N Zoom Persistence Aggressor and Handler

jorisschellekens pText is a pure python library to read, write and manipulate PDF documents. It represents a PDF document as a JSON-like datastructure of nested lists, dictionaries and primitives (numbers, string, booleans, etc)

WarBean EMP provides a simple and effective way to accelerate your Python code. Under the hook, EMP use Python 's native multiprocessing package and Ray as backends, which are named pymp and ray respectively in EMP 's API.

CleoMenezes A simple LAMPP manager designed to automate all the work.

bizz84 Flutter Example Apps | Code With Andrea This is a directory of all my open source Flutter apps and projects. I published these as part of my tutorials

wuzuowei S2-061 脚本皆根据vulhub的struts2-059/061漏洞测试环境来写的,不具普遍性,还望大佬多多指教 struts2-061-poc.py(可执行简单系统命令) 用法:python struts2-061-poc.py http://ip:port command 例子:python

synacktiv About POC of an offline server for IDA Lumina feature. More details on https://www.synacktiv.com/publications/investigating-ida-lumina-feature.html In

adnane-X-tebbaa GRecon : GRecon (Greei-Conn) is a simple python tool that automates the process of Google Based Recon AKA Google Dorking The current Version 1.0 Run 7

HEmile Semantic Markdown to Neo4j Creates an active data stream from a folder of Markdown notes to a Neo4j database. Designed for visualizing obsidian.md vau

pythonspeed Benchmarking with Cachegrind Cachegrind can be used to get consistent performance results for your benchmarks, allowing you to for example run your be

Opticos GWSL Source What is GWSL? GWSL automates the process of running X on top of WSL and over SSH: It lets you easily run graphical Linux apps on Windows 1

Rikj000 Isn't that what we all want? Our money to go many? Well that's what this Freqtrade strategy hopes to do for you! By giving you/HyperOpt a lot of signals to alter the weight from

CyberPunkMetalHead DESCRIPTION This bot is designed to buy bitcoin every time Elon musk tweets about bitcoin with the following parameters: The bot will open a buy pos