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nuxt-contrib A better fetch API. Works on node, browser and workers.

m4ll0k CastleBravo - BugBounty Automation Tool

benawad VSinder - A dating app for programmers where you swipe on code.

TNanko 一个使用 Python 语言写的薅羊毛脚本仓库,支持 github action 和 linux/windows virtual private server

CokeMine 使用Github Action自动续期EUserv免费IPv6 VPS脚本

treeform JSONy - A loose, direct to object json parser with hooks.

MartinThoma More than 570 examples for the usage of LaTeX.

mne-tools MNE-Python software is an open-source Python package for exploring, visualizing, and analyzing human neurophysiological data such as MEG, EEG, sEEG, ECoG, and more. It includes modules for data input/output, preprocessing, visuali

keunwoochoi Music4All is a dataset for music information retrieval and music recommendation research. It comes with a user-based split for recommendation research

CRImier Script to paste clipboard contents into a VM without guest utils and data leaks

neuml txtmarker: Highlight text in documents

CloneTrooper1019 Realism is a character enhancement system for Roblox designed to be adaptive and minimally invasive to existing game code. It allows players to see their avatar's body in first person and look around with their head in third perso

thautwarm syntax highligher for GkdTeX

SCons The real purpose of this tree is to package SCons for production distribution in a variety of formats, not just to hack SCons code.

blacklanternsecurity WriteHat is a reporting tool which removes Microsoft Word (and many hours of suffering) from the reporting process. Markdown --> HTML --> PDF. Created by penetration testers, for penetration testers - but can be used to generate a

ibizaman This is a template haskell project to quickly get started using nix.

writers-mark Easy, safe and flexible markup for user-generated content.

mhaskar A simple python script to generate XML payloads works for Java XMLDecoder based on ProcessBuilder and Runtime exec.

lorin Everything has limits, including software systems. When you hit these limits, bad things can happen.

cateroxl In this Learning Tracker, you'll see my progress in The Modern Backend Developer Roadmap and Teach Yourself CS, along with my goals, study routine and calendar.

gregdavill This Action plugin makes the task of exporting and zipping up gerbers and drill files for PCB manufactures, quick and easy. With just two clicks from the pcbnew window.

inFaaa A Beamer Theme of PKU for academic report, thesis and talk.

NinjaStyle82 Add SD for controlled computer object to a target object for resource-base constrained delegation (RBCD) using LDAP

tarcode-apps It provides backlight control, easy power scheme selection, detailed battery information and a lot of handy features for customization.

siddhantdubey A Python Script that allows you to view "deleted" vods.

zerg000000 Bare minimum CORS middleware/interceptor for Clojure.

nvim-telescope FZY style sorter that is compiled

asteroid-team Asteroid Filterbanks.

Haokai-Zhang Matrix product state (MPS) method is a series of powerful algorithms developed to solve a class of Hamiltonians with local interactions, based on the ansatz of “low entanglement”, or “area-law entanglement” precisely.

umlet Python With Kurly braces

shie-ld Convert text file to handwritten pdf file

corona-warn-app This repository is a place that shall give community members the opportunity to propose and discuss feature additions and improvements for Corona-Warn-App. This is not a standard development repository!

abbbi Libvirt/kvm Incremental backup via NBD.