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nepluno Python implementation of the ASFLIP advection method

kyoheiu A fast markdown parser, based on CommonMark, written in Nim.

TrashUwU A free Pokétwo Hack/Assistant Bot that identifies Pokémons from Pokétwo spawns, pings a role if a legendary spawns, pings you if your Shiny Hunt Pokémon spawns and more! (Name bot for Pokétwo)

Kludex A curated list of awesome things related to Pydantic! 🌪️

more-itertools Python's itertools library is a gem - you can compose elegant solutions for a variety of problems with the functions it provides. In more-itertools we collect additional building blocks, recipes, and routines for working with Pyth

cupcakearmy cryptgeon is an secure, open source sharing note service inspired by PrivNote

workifit We all enjoy being part of tech (and non-tech) communities to learn, teach and share the things we know and want to know 🤓 . Here is a curated list of LATAM tech communities, organized by country > platform (Slack/Discord/Meetup/

prefeiturasantoandre Bot para automatizacao de registros no Vacivida para o COVID19

mazen160 tfquery is a framework that allows running SQL queries on Terraform code. It's made to analyze your Terraform infrastructure, locate resources, run security compliance checks, spot misconfigured resources, develop CI benchmarks, a

v1nc a guide how to backup data from your locked android phone if you broke your screen (and more)

jash101 RIDE automatically creates the package and boilerplate OOP Python node scripts as per your needs

DexterLagan A dead-simple, easy-to-use minimalist billing application.

nedbat Gefilte Fish automates the creation of GMail filters. You write a Python program using gefilte's domain-specific language (DSL), run the program, and import the XML it creates.

connext Cross-chain EVM-based token data.

tfeldmann simplematch - Minimal, super readable string pattern matching for python

ianthehenry optimize your home bar with ✨logic programming✨

sickcodes No Sandbox - Applications That Run Chromium and Chrome Without The Sandbox. TL;DR exploits in these browser based applications are already sandboxed escaped: https://no-sandbox.io/

nv-legate Legate The Legate project endeavors to democratize computing by making it possible for all programmers to leverage the power of large clusters of CPUs

juftin yellowstone-camping yellowstone-camping is a Campsite Reservation Cancellation Finder for Yellowstone National Park. This simple Python application wi

sturobson Awesome-Container-Queries A repo with links to posts of things around container queries. References MDN Web Docs Articles 2021 CSS Container Queries:

3555981 Ant Design Pro This project is initialized with Ant Design Pro. Follow is the quick guide for how to use. Environment Prepare Install node_modules: np

Dogetoshi Awesome Miner Extractable Value A curated list of projects and resources targeting Miner Extractable Value (MEV) What is Miner Extractable Value? Mine

akarlinsky World Mortality Dataset: international data on all-cause mortality.

mtdevss A simple flask service that allows you to run commands on the server/computer over sms. Think of it as a shell where you run commands over sms

AlkTheOrg Exports saved posts and comments on Reddit to a csv file.

sofa-framework SOFA is an open source framework primarily targeted at real-time simulation, with an emphasis on medical simulation.

danfoisy VDATP Volumetric Display using an Acoustically Trapped Particle This was such a fun project - I still giggle (maniacally) when watching this thing go.

jfoote GDB 'exploitable' plugin Jonathan Foote [email protected] 15 April 2015 Requirements Compatible x86/x86_64/ARM/MIPS Linux Compatible GDB 7.2 or later

elixir-nx Livebook is a web application for writing interactive and collaborative code notebooks.

TroJanzHEX An advanced Filter Bot with nearly unlimitted filters!

saoirse-zee Tinyland – A Small Dynamicland

helins A novel WebAssembly compiler / decompiler / generator

ChenDRAG Provide full reinforcement learning benchmark on mujoco environments, including ddpg, sac, td3, pg, a2c, ppo, library