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SecurityJon Reliable Uboot Flash Dumper is a Python tool for dumping flash via uboot reliably.

rougier This library provides an outer indent mode for org headlines that is compatible with org-num-mode. Use M-x org-outer-indent-mode to activate it.

jamessimone Fast, configurable, elastically scaling custom rollup solution. Apex Invocable action, one-liner Apex trigger/CMDT-driven logic, and scheduled Apex-ready.

cagataymuhammet The app uses MVVM [Model-View-ViewModel] architecture to have a unidirectional flow of data, separation of concern, testability, and a lot more.

rbreaves A better Linux & Windows keyboard layout for professional mac users

Adriandmen 05AB1E Is a Golfing Language

MatteoGuadrini fontpreview: Python library for font previews

Futei A short rant and proof-of-concept regarding hCaptcha.

jthuraisamy SysWhispers helps with evasion by generating header/ASM files implants can use to make direct system calls.

gkandemi Düzenli ifadeler (Regular Expressions | #Regex) Nedir? Nasıl Kullanılır? #JavaScript ile Regex

gadhagod The Hyrule compendium is an encyclopedia of all in-game interactive items. With this brilliant API, you can access this data from code and embed it into your own application.

scravy Pattern Matching for Python 3.8+ in a simple, yet powerful, extensible manner.

pythonstock stock,股票系统。使用python进行开发。

HaxeFoundation Haxe is an open source toolkit that allows you to easily build cross-platform tools and applications that target many mainstream platforms.

ddd-crew This project contains definitions of DDD and fundamental concepts to reduce the learning curve and confusion.

passiomatic Elm Designer—A code generator for Elm UI

suprojects Pyrogram bot to automate streaming music in voice chats

platformio Atmel AVR 8- and 32-bit MCUs deliver a unique combination of performance, power efficiency and design flexibility. Optimized to speed time to market-and easily adapt to new ones-they are based on the industrys most code-efficient

keredson Real Christmas bells / chimes that play music.

cnlohr An PLANNED in-browser IDE for the ESP32-C3 self-contained on the ESP32-C3, a new microcontroller from Espressif, which boasts a 160 MHz RISC-V processor.

juancarlospaco Code NodeJS using Nim, test frontend projects using NodeJS, use NodeJS libraries with Nim, etc.

rojserbest Pyrogram bot to automate streaming music in voice chats

Ramalingasamy012 This is an Open source intelligence tool and used to gather information about social media and it is also used to find whether the user name found in any of the website.It is used to find GPS location of an image and it also check

jazzband PrettyTable - Display tabular data in a visually appealing ASCII table format

Music-and-Culture-Technology-Lab Omniscient Mozart, being able to transcribe everything in the music, including vocal, drum, chord, beat, instruments, and more.

Unipisa DiaParser is a state-of-the-art dependency parser, that extends the architecture of the Biaffine Parser (Dozat and Manning, 2017) by exploiting both embeddings and attentions provided by transformers.

OverLordGoldDragon Synchrosqueezing is a powerful reassignment method that focuses time-frequency representations, and allows extraction of instantaneous amplitudes and frequencies.

kovidgoyal calibre is an e-book manager. It can view, convert, edit and catalog e-books in all of the major e-book formats. It can also talk to e-book reader devices. It can go out to the internet and fetch metadata for your books. It can do

jumpserver JumpServer 是全球首款开源的堡垒机,是符合 4A 的专业运维安全审计系统。

viebel A library that makes the creation of defn like macros in Clojure/Script a commodity.

SableRaf Sketch directly with vectors using a mouse or pen tablet. Save your drawings as SVG.

HearTao A tools who provide a series of refactors about react hooks.