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microsoft Powerbi-jupyter is a python IPyWidget that enables customers to use many embedding capabilities in a Jupyter notebook seamlessly

meeshkan Use the GraphQLReqRes class to define expected input and output. Then, create a client and use it to interact with your API.

aws-samples This repository contains Terraform code to deploy a solution that is intended to be used to run a demo. It shows how AWS resources can be used to build an architecture that reduces defects while deploying, eases remediation, mitig

TuMadreNS All we are going to do with this script is spawn 20 Chrome browser profiles/session and open the Zotac queue hoping we get a low number on one of these

HFUTTUG LaTeX Thesis Template for Hefei University of Technology

Josue87 This script try to get related domains / subdomains by looking at Google Analytics IDs from a URL. First search for ID of Google Analytics in the webpage and then request to builtwith and hackertarget with the ID.

AsmSafone This Is Advanced Version Of Old Radio Player, An Telegram Bot to Play Radio/Music in Channel or Group Voice Chats.

obivan SpaceX ISS Docking Simulator autopilot in Elixir.

true3dco SplashGen lets you rapidly build simple landing pages as easily as you can build a simple command-line application.

MichaelRomeroJr search different Streaming Platforms for movie titles.

uktrade Python function to stream unzip all the files in a ZIP archive, without loading the entire ZIP file into memory or any of its uncompressed files.

ayushi7rawat Automated Python Script to retrieve vaccine slots availability and get notified when a slot is available.

alexemanuelol AudioToText - Converts an audio file to a text file.

folke 🚦 A pretty diagnostics, references, telescope results, quickfix and location list to help you solve all the trouble your code is causing.

MaaxGr This is a list of all available open source clients, apps and integrations that are build on top of notions public api.

kracekumar Python typing koans to learn type-hints in Python3 using Mypy

haltakov SUBOPTIMAL - Seriously Unnecessary Baffling Obscure Perplexing Terms In MAchine Learning

hackingthemarkets supertrend bot using python, pandas, and ccxt

NaturalSelectionLabs Derived from the best out of RSS, RSS3 is an open protocol designed for content and social networks in the Web 3.0 era.

phrasenmaeher This checklist provides an outline of the field, divided into three broad levels: Entry level, intermediate level, and advanced level. It does not list specific courses or software, but focuses on the general concepts.

qbh16 An undergraduate thesis template in Word format for Tsinghua University.

SubhadityaMukherjee laTEX is awesome but we are lazy -> groff with markdown syntax and inline code execution

mmontone Search, browse and load Quicklisp systems from Emacs.

Kmitt91 An inventory with different Particle-systems

kinnay An open source server for Super Mario Bros. 35

EthanJWright There are many great plugins being developed that are toggled to occupy the toolwindow space in neovim. Individually each is great, but managing opening and closing them with keybinds can be tedious. Here is a fix.

GopikrishnanSasikumar Joji convert a text to corresponding emoji if emoji is available

susam Celebrating Star Wars Day with some Forth code! May the Forth be with you!

nschloe Tools for color models

karcan PostgreSQL database for Human Resource Management System

faizulhai24 This script has been tested with Python version 3.6, 3.8 on Linux/MacOs. In case you want to run it with Python 2.7 or Windows, some changes might be required.

c3rb3ru5d3d53c A Modular MWDB Utility to Collect Fresh Malware Samples

fperez This repository contains a minimal, toy Python package with a few files as illustration for students of how to lay out their code to meet minimal Python packaging requirements.