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dtmsecurity Cobalt Strike has now introduced the concept of Beacon Object File (BOF) as a way to rapidly extend its Beacon agent

cuemacro tcapy is a Python library for doing transaction cost analysis (TCA), essentially finding the cost of your trading activity. Across the industry many financial firms and corporates trading within financial markets spend a lot of mo

mattdesl A JSON dataset of 348 colour combinations (of 2, 3, and 4 colours) of 159 unique colours, from the book "A Dictionary of Colour Combinations" compiled by Sanzo Wada (1883 – 1967) and published by Seigensha Art.

nstrayer The goal of datadrivencv is to ease the burden of maintaining a CV by separating the content from the output by treating entries as data.

josh-richardson Cadmus is a graphical application which allows you to remove background noise from audio in real-time in any communication app

plotly This library makes it easy to develop Plotly Dash apps interactively from within Jupyter environments (e.g. classic Notebook, JupyterLab, Visual Studio Code notebooks, nteract, PyCharm notebooks, etc.).

asweigart Pyperclip is a cross-platform Python module for copy and paste clipboard functions. It works with Python 2 and 3.

vedantroy A easy (and fast) typescript validation library/macro. Automatically generation validation functions for Typescript types.

novoic A Python package for modern audio feature extraction

corona-warn-app Project overview, general documentation, and white papers.

joshiemoore snakeware is a free Linux distro with a Python userspace inspired by the Commodore 64. You are booted directly into a Python interpreter, which you can use to do whatever you want with your computer.

PFython A data structure which allows both object attributes and dictionary keys and values to be used simultaneously and interchangeably.

pythonspeed Fil a memory profiler designed for data processing applications. At the moment it only runs on Linux and macOS.

shouc WeCTF 2020 Source Code & Organizer's Writeup

clarity-lang The Clarity smart contract language optimizes for predictability and security. Smart contracts allow developers to encode essential business logic on a blockchain. These contracts execute in an open, verifiable, and secure way.

Kyubyong name2nat is a Python package that predicts the nationality of any name written in Roman letters. For example, it returns the correct output Korean for my name `Kyubyong Park'. Needless to say, it is not possible to guess somebody'

pepaslabs The LC-3 is described in the book Introduction to Computing Systems: From Bits and Gates to C and Beyond (2nd edition) (3rd edition).

taichi-dev A Taichi extension library providing a set of GLSL-alike helper functions

bpringe This is a template for a project that uses session-based authentication. It can provide a good starting point for a web app with authentication and a pedestal backend. I figure this repo can serve as a reference for myself later,

40ants A data framework for Common Lisp

sorecords Free subframes-based add-on for Blender 2.8 Eevee and Workbench render engines

bobuk The whole idea and even wordlists based on BIP-0039. All wordlists licensed with MIT License (MIT) by Pavol Rusnak Russian wordlist is from github.com/abdk-consulting/bips

zyrolasting A package for authoring mind maps using Racket.

3gstudent Use to browse the share file by eas(Exchange Server ActiveSync)

zedd3v Library which makes generating akamai cookies easier

prathyvsh A collection of resources that apply formal systems to model biological processes. Some easily accessible books to understand the general approaches in this field are also included.

flexsurfer Real world react native application built with clojurescript and re-frame

codyd51 Interface with your computer through music 🎶

patriciogonzalezvivo Blender addon to create 2D textures from GLSL. It follows the same nomenclature that glslViewer, glslCanvas, glslEditor, ofxShader and PixelSpirit

datamllab PyODDS is an end-to end Python system for outlier detection with database support. PyODDS provides outlier detection algorithms which meet the demands for users in different fields, w/wo data science or machine learning background

hoffmangroup pdfcomments extracts comments from a PDF and puts them in a text file. It is most useful for turning text comments and sticky notes into a list of comments with page numbers.

say4n Run any arbitrary python script every time the code changes in the file.

materialsproject Python Materials Genomics (pymatgen) is a robust materials analysis code that defines core object representations for structures and molecules with support for many electronic structure codes. It is currently the core analysis cod