Uncategorized useful libraries or tools.

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fossunited Joy is a tiny creative coding library in Python.

raxod502 Interactive online Python REPL in 30 lines of JavaScript.

Jassi10000 This repo belongs to LGM-SOC'21 and contains important links to refer , in case participants want a one stop resource to learn a framework , language or anything

google Brax is a differentiable physics engine that simulates environments made up of rigid bodies, joints, and actuators. It's also a suite of learning algorithms to train agents to operate in these environments (PPO, SAC, evolutionary

unl1k3ly Anchor Protocol Script that can save you from being liquidated!

planetis-m Thin interface for libFuzzer, an in-process, coverage-guided, evolutionary fuzzing engine.

YashIndane Rubik's cube assistant on Flask webapp. This webapp accepts the six faces of your cube and gives you the voice instructions as a response.

prestancedesign PingCRM on Clojure - A Clojure Ring demo application to illustrate how Inertia.js works.

FFY00 A Python dependency resolver

dpritchett Simple Terraform script for capping monthly AWS spend

fernandrone This is my personally curated list of books, blog posts, essays, papers, articles, keynotes, talks and any kind of tech-related content that I find awesome.

ideasman42 This is a utility that provides simple access speech to text for using in Linux without being tied to a desktop environment.

studioNOKOI tool to help determine character animation offsets for friday night funkin'

mizlan Interactively select and swap: function arguments, list elements, function parameters, and more.

EktoHunter Settings to make your Windows-Terminal Portal 2 themed!

musikalkemist Automatic voice-synthetised summaries of latest research papers on arXiv

krzkaczor Optimism is an experimental tech and all bridges have some upgradeability patterns for now

briones-gabriel A color-scheme that was heavily inspired by the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA default theme, but was carefully refined to bring a more pleasant, aesthetic, and contrasting experience to our beloved Neovim.

1d8 The Python SE Dopp Kit is a social engineering toolkit with many purposes.

yaqwsx Simple script for Fusion 360 that takes QBlade blade description and constructs the blade

IBM Kestrel threat hunting language provides an abstraction for threat hunters to focus on what to hunt instead of how to hunt.

ypankovych Lightweight, flexible, easy to use validation tool. Pure Python, no dependencies.

Rick-Lang Rick Astley Language is a rick roll oriented, dynamic, strong, esoteric programming language. All of the keywords/statements are coming from Rick Astley's lyrics.

aniket328 This is the most updated list of openSource programmes. You can open a PR for any updates as well, You can star this repo in order to get further updates.

trailofbits This repository contains Semgrep rules developed by Trail of Bits and made available to the public. They are part of our ongoing development efforts and are used in our security audits, vulnerability reseach, and internal projects

tiangolo Poetry plugin for dynamically extracting the package version from a __version__ variable or a Git tag.

akarri2001 2 Way Sync Between Notion Database and Google Calendar

adsharma Python to CLike languages transpiler

jose-elias-alvarez Neovim's LSP ecosystem is growing, and plugins like telescope.nvim and trouble.nvim make it a joy to work with LSP features like code actions and diagnostics.

ManakhovN The project that imports nodes from Figma into unity.

eminfedar Fedar F1 is a 5-Stage Pipelined (Fetch|Decode|Execute|Memory|Writeback) RV64IM RISC-V Core written fully in Verilog.

AbirHasan2005 A Simple Telegram Inline Torrent Search Bot by @AbirHasan2005

xiaodaigh Scrape tables from webpages