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open-source-flash Petition to open source Flash and Shockwave spec Edit: The first letter is being written. If you want to contribute to it, you can either make pull requests or join the Gitter chat to help us organize it Adobe is going to sto

stitchfix Nodebook Nodebook is a plugin for Jupyter Notebook designed to enforce an ordered flow of cell execution. Conceptually, Nodebook notebooks operate like a script where each cell depends on the cells above it. This prevents messy

xoreaxeaxeax s a n d s i f t e r : the x86 processor fuzzer Overview The sandsifter audits x86 processors for hidden instructions and hardware bugs, by systematically generating machine code to search through a processor's instruc

NicolasPetton Indium A JavaScript development environment for Emacs. Indium connects to a browser tab or nodejs process and provides many features for JavaScript development, including: a REPL (with auto completion) & object i

PyO3 PyO3 Rust bindings for the Python interpreter. User Guide API Documentation Cargo package: pyo3 PyO3 is licensed under the Apache-2.0 license. Python is licensed under the Python License. Supported Python versi

sujitpal eeap-examples Table of Contents Introduction Data Examples Document Classification Task 02-ng-clf-ep.ipynb 03-ng-clf-eep.ipynb 04a-ng-clf-eeap.ipynb 04b-ng-clf-eeap.ipynb

loftylabs django-hardcopy: Render PDFs and PNGs in Django with headless Chrome Chrome introduced headless mode in v59 opening the possibility of using Chrome as a fast and elegant way of generating PDF data or PNG screenshots programatical

cranklin Cranky Coin Cranky Coin is a simple blockchain, cryptocurrency, wallet implementation Getting Started # apt-get install pip # pip install virtualenv # virtualenv venv # . venv/bin/activate # pip install -r requireme