The best way to write secure and reliable applications. Write nothing; deploy nowhere.

No Code No code is the best way to write secure and reliable applications. Write nothing; deploy nowhere. Getting Started Start by not writing any code. This is just an example application, but imagine it doing an

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PyMesh About PyMesh PyMesh is a code base developed by Qingnan Zhou for his PhD research at New York University. It is a rapid prototyping platform focused on geometry processing. PyMesh is written with both C++ and Python, where co

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whitequark KiCAD to Boardview exporter The KiCAD to Boardview exporter reads KiCAD PCB layout files and writes Boardview files. Boardview is a set of file formats used in the industry for communicating important data about PCB in post-produ

BoukeHaarsma23 WattmanGTK This is a Python3 program which uses a simple GTK gui to view, monitor and in the future overclock a Radeon GPU on Linux. What can it do? View memory and GPU P-states including voltages. Ability to mo

encode Update Sentry now includes built-in support for ASGI. (Based on this implementation.) Please see the documentation at Or the source code implementation at