TextSuggest has moved! Now at GitLab! TextSuggest Universal Autocomplete TextSuggest 4.0.0 released: now 100x faster (thanks to C++) Autocomplete, text expansion, etc, in all GUI apps (on X11).

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arxiv-vanity arXiv Vanity arXiv Vanity renders papers from arXiv as responsive web pages so you don't have to squint at a PDF. It turns this sort of thing: Into this: This is the web interface for viewing papers. The actual LaTeX to HT

clojupyter lein-jupyter A Leiningen plugin to integrate with jupyter notebook and JupyterLab. Features Per project kernel! Parinfer integration! Check out the new parinfer button in the menu bar (jupyter notebook only).

kootenpv brightml: Machine-Learned Auto brightness The goal of this package is to automatically manage brightness on laptops, with "zero config"; using machine learning. Some do not even realise that what is "on" your screen,

quantumlib OpenFermion OpenFermion is an open source effort for compiling and analyzing quantum algorithms to simulate fermionic systems, including quantum chemistry. Among other functionalities, the current version feat

liiight Notifiers See changelog for recent changes Got an app or service and you want to enable your users to use notifications with their provider of choice? Working on a script and you want to receive notifi

TryCatchHCF DumpsterFire Toolset DumpsterFire Toolset - "Security Incidents In A Box!" The DumpsterFire Toolset is a modular, menu-driven, cross-platform tool for building repeatable, time-delayed, distributed security events. Easily create

ray-project Ray is a fast and simple framework for building and running distributed applications. Ray is packaged with the following libraries for accelerating machine learning workloads: Tune: Scalable Hyperparameter Tuning RL

allgamesallfree ScreenType Easily distinguish between iPhone models in Objective-C and Swift. Example To demo the example project, clone or download the repo, and open "ScreenType.xcworkspace" from the "Example" directory.