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Python Gems A collection of python scripts that solve interesting problems. - A asynchronous scheduler implemented using coroutines, in principle similar to Tornado's ioloop - My impleme

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semaaJ This project originally started when I noticed that if Trump mentioned a company within his tweets, their shares would either go up in price if the tweet was positive or drop if the tweet was negative.

GetStream A curated list of the best in class SaaS services for developers and business owners.

tylerha97 awesome-reversing A curated list of awesome reversing resources Awesome Reversing Books Courses Channels Practice Hex Editors Binary Format Disassemblers Binary Analysis Bytecode Analys

MasterOdin Crayons: Text UI colors for Python. This module is really simple, it gives you colored strings for terminal usage. Included colors are red, green, yellow, blue, black, magenta, cyan, white, and normal ( as well as c

barrycarey Collector For InfluxDB and Grafana This tool is a wrapper for speedtest-cli which allows you to run periodic speedtets and save the results to Influxdb Configuration within config.ini GENERAL

llllllllll phorth phorth is a bootstrapped forth-like language where instead of writing our primitive words in some assembler, we have chosen to write them in a mix of CPython bytecode and C++*. By using a superset of CPython bytecode, we m

bitkey BitKey is a swiss army knife of handy Bitcoin tools built on top of Debian, which we created to scratch our own itch. Backstory We're avid Bitcoin fans but after going to our first local Bitcoin meetup we discovered the elepha

czheo syntax_sugar This lib adds some anti-Pythonic "syntactic sugar" to Python. NOTE: This is merely an experimental prototype to show some potential of operator overloading in Python. Only tested under Python 3.6.0. Anything may e