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evmn Know Thyself 中文版 Chinese Title Authors Mind Hacks 刘未鹏 编程随想: 2009 ~ 2021 Blog Archives Program Think 晚点 LatePost 宋玮…… English Blogs Title Authors Essay

P4nda0s IDAFrida A simple IDA plugin to generate FRIDA script. Edit template for functions or you can use the default template. Select functions you want to t

alvinliu0 Semantic-Aware Implicit Neural Audio-Driven Video Portrait Generation Code for "Semantic-Aware Implicit Neural Audio-Driven Video Portrait Generation"

CRED-CLUB DIAL Workloads on cloud provide equal opportunities for hackers as much as they do for internal teams. Cloud-native companies are open to attacks from

ZeframLou Playpen Playpen is a set of modern, gas optimized staking pool contracts. Features Support for both ERC20 staking and ERC721 staking Can start new rew

mrdimosthenis emel Turn data into functions! A simple and functional machine learning library written in elixir. Installation The package can be installed by adding

scicloj notespace Notebook experience in your Clojure namespace What is it? This tool is an attempt to answer the following question: can we have a notebook-l

clj-python Deep Clojure/Python Integration Version Info New Versions Are HOT! Huge New Features! You Can't Afford To Miss Out! API Documentation Java API - you c

clojupyter A Jupyter kernel for Clojure - run Clojure code in Jupyter Lab, Notebook and Console. Table of Contents Getting Started Installation Usage Scenarios -

progfolio Wordel: Wordle (aka Lingo) in Emacs Install With straight.el (straight-use-package '(wordel :host github :repo "progfolio/wordel" :files (:defaults "w

Theano Theano was a Python library that allows you to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently.

declasm binance_harvester A Python 3 script to harvest data from the Binance socket stream and calculate popular TA indicators and produce lists of top trendi

dievus msdorkdump MSDorkDump is a Google Dork File Finder that queries a specified domain name and variety of file extensions (pdf, doc, docx, etc), and down

CaffeineDuck Just a python library to make reddit post caching easier

kayke981 Instagram BruteForce Instagram BruteForce is for password cracker bruteforce, you can use proxy but is optional Installation $ git clone https://githu


phydy MoneyStreamNetwork #Short Description A Tradable Cash-Flow DeFi-NFT that gives a holder the power to leverage their superfluid flow to get loans or fu

M0nica p5.js Notes on random p5.js coding patterns Table of Contents Positioning Elements Responding to User Input Positioning Elements centering elements fu

TBOT-Project tbot-bsc-token TBOT Binance Smart Chain token Minting transaction: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xd387a96ac15a616f9b17bf9af84d63fd54de98e176a55bf11bb4f08855

cliphd TikTok 4L and 4C checker that doesn't count banned usernames as available. Once a username is available, it will send it to your Discord Webhook

HyperGH hikari-miru An optional component handler for hikari, inspired by discord.py's views. Installation pip install git+https://github.com/HyperGH/hikari-m

EducationalTestingService NOTE This project is no longer under active development since there are now really nice pure Python parsers such as Stanza and Spacy. The repository w

rleonid OCaml Math Library %%VERSION%% A collection of OCaml Math and Statistics functions. The API is available online. Goals Perform simple and sophisticate

LaurentMazare The tensorflow-ocaml project provides some OCaml bindings for TensorFlow. Experimental ocaml bindings for PyTorch can be found in the ocaml-torch repo

JuliaData DataFramesMeta.jl Metaprogramming tools for DataFrames.jl objects. Installation DataFramesMeta.jl is a registered Julia package. Run either of the fol

shogunlab Sukoshi | 少し Overview Sukoshi is a proof-of-concept Python implant that leverages the MQTT protocol for C2 and uses AWS IoT Core as infrastructure. It

bananabr PROCSCAN Procscan is a quick and dirty python script used to look for potentially dangerous api call patterns in a Procmon PML file. Installation git

tinyBigGAMES GLFW Graphics Library Framework for OpenGL Pascal bindings that allow you to use GLFW and other useful C libraries with Delphi. Included GLFW (https:/

Discord-Token ⭐ This repo for a cookie Discord Email verified token generator Creates email verified discord accounts (unlocked) Report Bug · Discord server> Featur

tothpaul AntidoteSDK Antidote 11 SDK translation for Delphi Exemple d'utilisation de Antidote sous Delphi Execute.AntidoteAPI.pas est la déclaration de l'API a

edwinyzh THunSpell Delphi hunspell wrapper with a spell check dialog and a red-underline TMemo descendent, originally written by Stefan Ascher Screenshot What

delestro outputformat Python library to decorate and beautify your standard output 💖 Installation To get the latest version, simply use pip: pip install outpu