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eatonphil pyc A simple Python to C compiler written in Python making use of libpython. Posts Writing a simple Python compiler: 1. hello, fibonacci Requirements

routetonull NETBOX RICH REPORT A script to creare a report of vlans, ip prefixes and ip addresses assigned to a site in Netbox. It uses rich to format output. Usa

codingforentrepreneurs Websockets from Scratch with Python & JavaScript Learn how to use websockets from scratch by creating a micro version of Jupyter. We'll be using both

CyberPunkMetalHead gateio-trading-bot-binance-announcements This Gateio x Binance cryptocurrency trading bot scans the Binance Announcements page and picks up on new coi

savioxavier repo-finder-bot Find the best repos to contribute to, right from Discord! Add to your server FAQs Hmm. What's this? This is the Repo Finder Bot, a bot

vandadnp Flash Cards Programming Language and Framework Flash Cards as Study Material I recommend that you download the PDF versions since they have active lin

p0dalirius LDAP Monitor Monitor creation, deletion and changes to LDAP objects live during your pentest or system administration! With this tool you can quickly

tom-doerr ๐Ÿค– codex-readme ๐Ÿ“œ The gif shows how the readme below was generated. To generate your own readmes you need to get access to the Codex API (https://ope

TehloWasTaken Grafana Home Dashboard A requested Github Repo for my Grafana Home Dashboard To Start Even though my Grafana Dashboard itself looks pretty and all, my

spinneyio Clojure FCM client Clojure wrap for Firebase Cloud Messaging that allows You to send push notifications easily. Installation Leiningen coordinates: [c

karroffel Idris2-Ocaml An OCaml backend for Idris2. Requirements recent Idris 2 compiler, known to work with 0.2.1-56209de4c OCaml, known to work with 4.10.0 Za

tjammer raylib-ocaml OCaml bindings for raylib (v3.0.0), a simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming. The bindings are pretty faithful to

cyanophage tranquility Design for a ergo split keyboard case Exporting STLs Load the file in openscad. Each side is made of four pieces. Comment out the bits you

vinayak-mehta itslit ๐Ÿ”ฅ Stumble upon a lightning talk in a browser near you today! Built with PyVideo data. Opens a random lightning talk (from a Python conference)

iandees USPS Collection Box locations This is a self-updating repository of United States Postal Service collection boxes. How it works A script runs periodic

c-cube Bare-OCaml A simple code generator and runtime library for BARE. License: MIT. Limitations the code generator assumes that declarations in the IDL fol

seb3s Kandesk To start your Phoenix server: Install dependencies with mix deps.get Create and migrate your database with mix ecto.setup Install Node.js depe

notdropout Discord Token Creator A discord token creator that uses the service capmonster for captcha solving! Report Bug ยท Request Feature Features Autojoin dis

MasashiSode mcs_kfold stands for "monte carlo stratified k fold". This library attempts to achieve equal distribution of discrete/categorical variables in all folds. The greatest advantage of this method is that it can be applied to multi-dim

webuild-community Introduce to WeBuild badge WeBuild is a community of Viet programmers. In WeBuild Slack, we chitchat, contribute to open source community and work on

gaogaotiantian wthell wthell is a debugging tool for python to interactively check frame stack when your code did something unexpectedly Install You can install wthe

clecat Ocaml matrix This project's goal is to have a server for the protocole matrix. Be aware that it is a huge WIP and none of it should be considered defi

bnwlkr Teller Background I thought it would be cool to be able to run SQL queries on my banking data. RBC supposedly has an API, but I tried signing up month

spacesiren SpaceSiren SpaceSiren is a honey token manager and alert system for AWS. With this fully serverless application, you can create and manage honey token

Mbarmem Grafana.Dashboard Grafana dashboard for monitoring virtual machines, pihole, nas, docker containers and plex ecosystem!! Table of Contents How it Work

roddyyaga jay An OCaml library for creating Earley parsers. Why Earley parsers? In comparison to traditional LALR parsers, Earley parsers are: Really easy to wr

michalc asyncio-buffered-pipeline Parallelise pipelines of Python async iterables/generators. Installation pip install asyncio-buffered-pipeline Usage / What

kehsihba19 CP-Badges What if there are badges on Github profile that show our Codeforces ratings with the rating colour as well? So I decided to make my own! Thi

NLDev ๐ŸŽƒ Hacktoberfest 2020 FizzBuzz Submit creative FizzBuzz solutions in any language you want! Read the official issue for an intro: https://github.com/N

bfishadow niu A Python script to check NIU e-scooter's battery level and estimated milage. Usage Get your SN from the app. Get the token by Mitm attack the app

google SLO Generator slo-generator is a tool to compute and export Service Level Objectives (SLOs), Error Budgets and Burn Rates, using policies written in J

geekplux Douban Read Download Download your book reading records from douban to a CSV file. Quick Start Install Deps pip install -r requirements.txt Usage Step

vijaygupta18 Hacktober-2020 Give a star ๐ŸŒŸ . Get your projects merged quickly on valid pull requests. Happy coding Anyone can add any type of html-css web page dep