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rednafi Hook Slinger acts as a simple service that lets you send, retry, and manage event-triggered POST requests, aka webhooks. It provides a fully self-contained docker image that is easy to orchestrate, manage, and scale.

rdbende A stunning theme for ttk based on Microsoft's Sun Valley visual style

kinduff 🇲🇽 A collection of amazing open source projects built by mexican developers

MythicAgents Medusa is a cross-platform C2 agent compatible with Python 2.7 and 3.8, compatible with Mythic

NTBBloodbath Easily convert your CSS colors without leaving your favorite editor.

jschauma In this directory you will find bind(8) DNS zone files used by panix.netmeister.org to serve a reasonable looking entry for every defined DNS Resource Record (RR).

hythloday VenturePlan does not expose any of its data to other addons, so to have this addon work, you will need to change it to do so. Note that VenturePlan does not have a a licence that permits you to alter its source code, and while it

stryngs edgedressing leverages a Windows "feature" in order to force a target's Edge browser to open. This browser is then directed to a URL of choice.

narate High performance form register API

phoenixframework Mix tasks for installing and invoking esbuild.

rocka0 Find all the material regarding CRUx's Summer Group 2021 for competitive coding here.

SaidBySolo Node to C/C++ to Python

deepmind An open source implementation of the inference pipeline of AlphaFold v2.0

honoki WILSON Cloud Respwnder is a Web Interaction Logger Sending Out Notifications (WILSON) with the ability to serve custom content in order to appropriately respond to the client issuing the request. It is probably most useful to secu

braucktoon At home services - pihole, unbound, home-assistant, etc

splitline A small compiler that can convert Python scripts to pickle bytecode.

patricoferris Omditor is an incredibly simple markdown editor that uses Omd for the preview and Irmin for the client-server storage.

parikhakshat A tool that automatically creates fuzzing harnesses based on a library

guilatrova A linter to manage all your python exceptions and try/except blocks (limited only for those who like dinosaurs).

gayanvoice Check your ranking in GitHub! Get the list of most active GitHub users based on public, private contributions and number of followers by country. Don't forget to star ⭐ this repository

snight1983 chiarose(XCR) based on chia(XCH) source code fork, open source public chain

Chia-Network Reference python implementation of Chia pool operations for pool operators

streetartist Meteor program language.A fast and easy language

prateekmedia A highly customizable launcher inspired from windows 11 menu. Fork of MenuZ.

devinprater This repository is for the documenting of UI and UX accessibility patterns that can be used by developers, testers, and auditors for determining the accessibility of an operating system desktop or “shell”, programs running atop a

CicadaFlight A simple Python app that generates semi-random chord progressions.

geminis3 The definitive guide to completely turn off your Nvidia dedicated GPU and thus doubling your laptop's battery life on Linux.

neubig A highly sophisticated sequence-to-sequence model for code generation

daleroberts The obstacle problem is a classic motivating example in the mathematical study of variational inequalities and free boundary problems

nccgroup Knowledge base of exploit mitigations available across numerous operating systems, architectures and applications and versions.

nekotogd A TRUE BoTW style shadeer for Godot. BoTW's warbly shadows, multiple lights. Its the whole package!

Shopify Dawn represents a HTML-first, JavaScript-only-as-needed approach to theme development. It's Shopify's first source available theme with performance, flexibility, and Online Store 2.0 features built-in and acts as a reference for b