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Open Source Society University Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science! Contents Summary Community Curriculum Code of conduct Team Summary The OSSU curriculum is

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spiside pdb Tutorial The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you the basics of pdb, the Python DeBugger for Python2 and Python3. It will also include some helpful tricks to make your debugging sessions a lot less stressful.

Dvlv Learn Tkinter By Example Learn Tkinter By Example - a free book for learning tkinter, complete with full source code. Get the book here Mobile formats (mobi and epub) are now available in the assets folder. However, I would rec

mdipierro Annotated Algorithms in Python With applications in Physics, Biology, and Finance The complete book in PDF is now available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License: DOWNLOAD BOOK IN PDF The book is also available i

bmorelli25 100+ Free resources for learning Full Stack Web Development. Hello! I created this list and am constantly updating it with new resources, information, and news. If you want to stay updated on the newest trends, tutorial

google Blockly is a library for building drag-and-drop visual editors for JavaScript and other programming languages. Blockly for Android is a developer preview of Blockly's editor built with standard Android views and fragments, offering more responsive touch performance and easier integration in Android apps.

Spandan-Madan An end to end tutorial of a machine learning pipeline This tutorial tries to do what most Most Machine Learning tutorials available online do not. It is not a 30 minute tutorial which teaches you how to "Train your own neural n

fangohr Introduction to Python for Computational Science and Engineering An Introduction to Python for Computational Science and Engineering, developed by Hans Fangohr (2003-2020). The content and methods taught are intended fo

Kristories Awesome Guidelines A curated list of high quality coding style conventions and standards. Contents Programming Languages Development Environment Platforms Content Management System Tools