Includes all the resources for Core CS fundamentals

PlacmentPrepGuide Includes all the resources for Core CS fundamentals Link to best resources to learn c++, java, python, javascript and Data Structure

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Kristories Awesome Guidelines A curated list of high quality coding style conventions and standards. Contents Programming Languages Development Environment Platforms Content Management System Tools

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00111000 Imports in Python Prerequisites Namespace For example, you might be writing some code that has a function called fun() and there is another module available, which also has a function with the name fun(). No

geekcomputers My Python Examples I do not consider myself a programmer. I create these little programs as experiments to play with Python, or to solve problems for myself. I would gladly accept pointers from others to improve, simplify, or mak

crazyguitar Pysheeet was created with intention of collecting python code snippets for reducing coding hours and making life easier. Any contributions are welcome. Please feel free to fork and send a pull request to this project.

ent1c3d In this repository I want to share resources, that helped me understand python programing language deeply. It was not easy to find appropriate books, articles, answers from Stackoverflow, online courses, videos from py conferences and etc.

goldbergyoni ✅ The Node.js best practices list (June 2020)

jackschultz jbc Jack's Blockchain -- Simple blockchain to learn and talk about how blockchains work. Getting Started These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and t