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redjanym 🇦🇱 Awesome projects made by Albanians Curating the best projects that were made and mainly contributed by Albanian developers Android secure-storage

demist Репозиторий для агрегации обучающих и методических материалов для 1С-разработчиков. Просьба добавлять материалы в файл suggestions.txt через pull-requ

ItsAwSM Python-for-Data-Analytics This course will teach you only the relevant topics in Python for starting your career in Data Analytics. While the Jupyter

felipefialho 🇧🇷 Awesome Made by Brazilians A collection of amazing open source projects built by brazilian developers Apps, Softwares & Tools Awesomes & Lists C

eflag meu-primeiro-ctf Repositório com dicas e instruções sobre como começar em um CTF. Meu primeiro CTF é um guia sobre como se preparar e começar a jogar

CodeandoMexico Curso de Datos Abiertos y Hacking Cívico Este curso tiene como objetivo habilitar las capacidades de la ciudadanía y los servidores públicos en el us

shervinea Data Science Tools study guides for MIT's 15.003 Goal This repository aims at summing up in the same place all the important notions that are covered

OpesanyaAdebayo System Design Repository All things System Design. Books, Blog Posts, Interview questions, e.t.c Table Of Contents Books Blog Posts Company Engineerin

rayhan0x01 My CMD Stash Sharing the list of commands I found useful in various cases during my OSCP journey! Hopefully someone will find this useful in their jou

skbkontur DotEducation — база знаний для .NET разработчиков В этом репозитории мы собираем базу знаний для .NET разработчиков. Узнать больше о проекте можно из

sw-yx alumni-startups personal list of dev tool startups by alums of bigname startups. trying to form a thesis about how alumni startups form/cluster and wh

glebmachine browser-rendering-performance Список полезных ссылочек Web.dev - Гайд по общему аудиту производительности Google Developers - Документация по производ

SparkShen02 This repository holds my solutions to the competitive programming problems on LeetCode, USACO, LintCode, CCC, UVa, SPOJ, and Codeforces. The LeetCode

timwhitez Git-Daily Github Security Daily Repository. 尝试记录github项目并添加关键词便于检索 -- 20201012 https://github.com/yaklang/yakit/ 基于yaklang的集成化单兵安全能力平台(TypeScript) h

ron2111 Awesome-Projects-Collection Quality over Quantity :) ## What to do? Add some unique and amazing projects as per your favourite tech stack for the comm

codecon-dev Awesome Communities Brazil Comunidades Brasileiras Incríveis Uma curadoria de comunidades tech incríveis para você participar Sumário Comunidades Stre

gavindsouza Awesome Frappe A curated list of awesome things related to the Frappe Framework Inspired by awesome-django. Contents Apps Business Apps Utility Apps I

hash-define-organization 🎃 It's October, so is Hacktoberfest 🎃 #define           🎁 Hacktoberfest 2021 🎯 Let's celebrate Hacktoberfest by getting involved in the open sourc

ISTE-VIT Projects Archive 📨 Get all the resources required for all domains at one place! 😄 Hacktoberfest 2021 with ISTE-VIT If you're a tech enthusiast 😎 an

adrianopossebon Curso de Python para Iniciantes Esse curso fez parte da Semana Universitária 2021 da Universidade de Brasília, evento que teve como tema a comemoração

lucavallin Computer Science (fast) Inspired by ossu/computer-science and Teach Yourself Computer Science. The list is intended as a refresher for professionals o

lizrice The Beginner's Guide to eBPF ebpf.py is the code I write during my talk at eBPF Summit 2020 More code examples in this gist eBPF Superpowers presentat

peregrine-lang An easy to use systems programming language with Python-like syntax.

SirSirae Kubernetes Documentation Disclaimer before we start to go deeper into this rabbit hole The first time I started looking into virtualization, docker, k

Peng-YM 介绍 在刷LeetCode的过程中时常会遇到与之前类似的题目但是却忘记解题思路的情况。Anki 是一个基于遗忘曲线的全平台记忆工具,支持Mac,Linux, Windows, iOS和Andorid平台。Anki是一个优秀的记忆工具,但是在使用需要手动制卡,这个过程非常繁琐且耗时。 Invest s

harisqazi1 Cybersecurity Document v2 (In-Progress) - 11/4/2020 This is meant to assist people looking for entry level Cybersecurity jobs and learn hacking skills

wuningxi Slides from previous talks 10/2020 How to be Organized & Productive during your PhD 7/2020 tBERT: Topic Models and BERT Joining Forces for Semantic Si

debarshibasak A curated list of PaaS and tools to emulate PaaS on cloud providers

FlxPeters A curated list of amazingly awesome Grafana resources.

augusto-herrmann Dados dos Planos de Governo das Eleições Municipais de 2020 Os candidatos a prefeita(o) são obrigados a apresentar à justiça eleitoral um plano de gov

DarkKeks KoKoS Утилита для удобного решения задач курса АКОС. Если есть вопросы по использованию — скорее всего это значит, что ответ на эти вопросы должен быт

Fueler-io Table of Contents 🆓 Free Hosting 👨🏻‍🏫 Learning Platforms ⛓️ YouTube Channels 🎙️ Podcasts 👩🏻‍💻 Code Editor 🛄 Coding Challenge Platforms 🛫 Fre

brettkromkamp Awesome Knowledge Management A curated list of amazingly awesome articles, people, applications, software libraries and projects related to the knowle