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Python Learning Tutorial

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decentology Primary repository for all information related to Fast-Floward Bootcamp session 1

sysprog21 This project keeps the Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide reasonably up to date, with working examples for recent 5.x kernel versions. The guide has been around since 2001 and most copies of it on the web only describe old 2.6.

KyleZheng1997 This repository contains PyTorch evaluation code, training code and pretrained models for ReSSL.

dadulo3 Websites for data hoarders - grouped by category

timothywarner Make teaching and learning Microsoft Azure infrastructure easier with composite topology diagrams. Deployment source code included!

ethernautdao A compilation of learning resources used by the EthernautDAO

RahmaYasser This is a cheatsheet of common git commands with simple explanation for every command. I hope it's useful.

yuanhao-cui Must Reading Papers, Research Library, Open-Source Code on Integrated Sensing and Communications (aka. Joint Radar and Communications, Joint Sensing and Communications, Dual-Functional Radar Communications)

CedricGuillemet Resources, links, papers, discussions, ShaderToys on SDF and related algorithm. Please contibute to this resource by sending your PRs!

Hacker0x01 A collection of Hacker API tools utilizing the HackerOne API. To build your own Hacker API integration have a look at our getting started docs.

maleadt Material for the 2021 GPU workshop at JuliaCon

workos-inc 🤘 A curated list of DX (Developer Experience) resources

shaohua0116 This repo contains a curated list of papers related to program synthesis, program induction, program execution, program and code repair, and programmatic reinforcement learning.

zlpure A curated list for awesome graph representation learning resources.

sofroniewn Tutorial for SciPy 2021 Bioimage Analysis Fundamentals in Python

DantasB Tutorial de Bash para iniciantes

rishabkumar7 AWS Cheat Sheets - handmade cheat sheets for different AWS services:

developer-student-club-thapar This repository contains GSoC Proposals submitted by various aspirants across the years. The proposals have been sorted firstly on the basis of the organization to which they were applied and then based on whether they were accept

BeyonderXX A tutorial of building tensorflow serving service from scratch

unknownue Offline documentation built from official Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, PyTorch and torchvision release.

admin-ch Documents related to covid certificate system in Switzerland

joenash An awesome list for the awe-inspiring power of Infinidash, an imaginary product.

count A curated collection of helpful SQL queries and functions, maintained by Count.

hendurhance The learning guide contains the Basics, Intermediate and Advance resources for User Interface and User Experience Design

ainzzorl A curated collection of annotated code examples from prominent open-source projects

jstrieb Cheat sheet for x86-64 Unix systems programming

milaan9 You'll learn about Iterators, Generators, Closure, Decorators, Property, and RegEx in detail with examples.

Shivansh2407 Udacity AWS ML Foundations Scholarship Course Walkthrough

austinsonger Incident Response Process and Playbooks | Goal: Playbooks to be Mapped to MITRE Attack Techniques

malhotra5 A tutorial for manim, a mathematical animation engine made by 3b1b

yongfook A list of articles about growing SaaS businesses

ymmt2005 本資料は 2021 年にサイボウズ社内の研修用に作成したものです。

twitterdev A course on getting started with the Twitter API v2 for academic research