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Python Learning Tutorial

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Kavyapriyakp A comprehensive list of research opportunities for undergraduate students

LRvdLinden 🔧 By LRvdLinden -- Find My in Home Assistant Dwains Dashboard

VastidDev A repo that contains all the mesh keys needed for mesh backend, along with a code example of how to use them in python

PawelBr A curated list of awesome repositories full of free resources.

songhwanjun This is a repository to help all readers who are interested in handling noisy labels. We are planning to include all popularly used data (with data loader) and necessary implementations for evaluation.

dcetin These are a portion of the notes I kept for the lectures in my Master's in ETH Zurich. They are mostly based on the primary sources (i.e. lecture slides, tutorials, recordings, exercises), but there are occasional parts borrowed f

Cantoria 动态图表示学习、动态图分析论文汇总项目

letianzj Quantitative analysis, strategies and backtests

shrutikapoor08 Use this checklist as a guidebook to learn web development

javedali99 A Curated List of Python Resources for Earth Sciences

AchoArnold This is list of discounts on software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) and other offerings for developers who happen to be students. This list is greatly inspired by the free-for-dev list.

sscardapane This practical PhD course explores the design of a simple reproducible environment for a deep learning project, using free, open-source tools (Git, DVC, Docker, Hydra, ...). The choice of tools is opinionated, and was made as a tr

Ebazhanov Full reference of LinkedIn answers 2021 for skill assessments, LinkedIn test, questions and answers (aws-lambda, rest-api, javascript, react, git, html, jquery, mongodb, java, css, python, machine-learning, power-point) linkedin e

ZhongqunZHANG A curated list of related resources for 6d object pose estimation, also including 3d objects reconstruction from a single view, and hand-object reconstruction. Since the reconstruction of the human body is similar to that of objec

antran89 A curated list of resources dedicated to optical flow algorithms. Feel free to make PRs to contribute.

Z3tt Collection of contributions to and resources for the first #30DayChartChallenge in April 2021

HPaulson This repo consists of tools and documentation of the BitClout.com node API which was reverse-engineered prior to the release of such source code.

alloca123 The your mum gay license: The world's best license. It is very permissive while also protecting your code from being stolen.

natefaubion purescript-convertable-options PureScript semantics for highly-overloaded API interfaces. Options with implicit defaults. Options with conversions - f

this-is-learning RxJS Fundamentals A free and open text-based course about RxJS. Content Async programming issues and RxJS. Promises vs Observables Reactive Programmin

simonharrer LaTeX Best Practices

compatibl Examples and code for the Practical Machine Learning workshop series

Minhluu2911 I'm challenging to myself to learn Machine Learning Algorithms, as much as I can within 2 months 😡

devpato Tech-Podcasts-List 🎙️ List of Tech Podcasts. If your podcast is not on the list or the information is incorrect, create a PR with the correct informa

jorgehpo notebookJS: seamless JavaScript integration in Python Notebooks notebookJS enables the execution of custom JavaScript code in Python Notebooks (Jupyte

valignatev This is an attempt to collect all info about Domain Driven Design the World knows in dynamic languages (Python, Ruby, PHP etc). Not only DDD but all worthy info about layered and clean architecture with separation of business logi

MohamedYoussouf Design Resources A curated list of design resources from design templates, stock photos, icons, colors, and much more Table of Contents General Colors

matthewskelton A collection of resources and links relating to sociotechnical architecture for software systems.

web-standards-ru Список инди-сайтов по фронтенду Условия для добавления: Блог или проект на своём домене. Про фронтенд и около него. Публикации в последний год. Формат

ArthurHydr ConversorDeMedidas_CapuccinoGelado Este conversor criará a medida exata para sua receita de capuccino gelado da grandiosa Rafaella Ballerini! Requirem

psanders A curated and opinionated list of resources for Software Engineers, with the emphasis on productivity and overall well-being.

sgrvinod This is a series of in-depth tutorials I'm writing for implementing cool deep learning models on your own with the amazing PyTorch library.