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LowLevelAcademy This is the main repository for the website, including the front-end code and all content.

Concordium After two successful testnets in 2020 and our mainnet launch within sight, we are happy to announce the launch of Concordium Testnet 3 and to invite testers, developers, and users all over the world to compete to earn up to 10 mil

mike-north This course is intended teach those already somewhat familiar with modern JavaScript and TypeScript about monorepos, their use cases and related tools. Mike shares some of the experience he's had as LinkedIn's TypeScript infrastru

golanlevin This page compiles examples of large-run printed books with generative cover designs. For the purposes of this repository, "generative" means each copy is unique, and "large run" means it does not consider print-on-demand.

geohot For something in between a pytorch and a karpathy/micrograd. This may not be the best deep learning framework, but it is a deep learning framework. The Tensor class is a wrapper around a numpy array, except it does Tensor things.

TSiege This list is meant to be both a quick guide and reference for further research into these topics. It's basically a summary of that comp sci course you never took or forgot about, so there's no way it can cover everything in depth.

lirantal A curated list of awesome women living in Israel and taking part in Open Source Software

Dana-Farber Automated machine learning: Review of the state-of-the-art and opportunities for healthcare

mathworks Code in this repository is discussed in this BPS.Space YouTube video on modeling a thrust vector controlled rocket in Simulink. Thrust Vectoring or Thrust Vector control is the ability of an aircraft or a rocket's propulsion syste

Travis-S-IBM Repository of code notebooks for tutorials at IEEE Quantum Week (QCE20)

Podcastindex-org A wholistic rss namespace for podcasting

ardianta A curated list of animes every developer should watch.

Apress Source code for 'Data Parallel C++: Mastering DPC++ for Programming of Heterogeneous Systems using C++ and SYCL' by James Reinders, Ben Ashbaugh, James Brodman, Michael Kinsner, John Pennycook, Xinmin Tian (Apress, 2020).

FernandaOchoa En este repositorio encontraras los ejercicios de los módulos de Inteligencia Artificial que resolvemos en el Training.

apoorvdwi Beginner Friendly repository for hacktoberfest. Everyone is free to contribute .

ijelliti This repository is a collection of resources to prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKSS) exam.

januschung Create basic addition, subtraction and multiplication practice questions with the answer sheet

mercari Engineer Vocabulary List in Japanese/English エンジニア向け日英ボキャブラリーリスト

chinasaokolo A curated list of fellowships for graduate students in Computer Science and related fields.

aceking007 A list of practical knowledge-building projects. As the projects are aimed to increase your knowledge base, they are somewhat challenging. However, there are a few easy ones too. Many of them are even worthy enough to showcase on

lexfo rpc2socks is a client-server solution that allows to drop and remotely run a custom RPC + SOCKS-through-SMB server application on a Windows target, from a Unix or Windows host.

MariaEduardaDeAzevedo Um repositório com materiais e muito mais para aprender, programar e se divertir com Python!

Graey Small beginners python program examples.

twowaits Most comprehensive list :clipboard: of tech interview questions :blue_book: of companies scraped from Geeksforgeeks, CareerCup and Glassdoor.

cheat-sheets Game theory is the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers. Game theory is mainly used in economics, political science, and psychology, as well as logic, computer scien

bhaveshlohana A beginner-friendly project to help you in open-source contributions. Made specifically for contributions in HACKTOBERFEST 2020! Hello World Programs and Algorithms!

thegooddocsproject This repository contains best-practice templates to help build documentation for open-source software, which incidentally is directly applicable to other domains too.

3NCRY9T3R This repo's main purpose is to help newbies 👶 to complete the Hacktoberfest Challenge

sanand0 These are the files for my PyCon India Keynote on 2 Oct 2020.

sd2001 🤗Feel free to submit a PR💻 to have it merged and get a free Hacktoberfest tee👕 from Github🔮

StatusNeo An initiative for Code Newbies in Open Source to participate in Hacktoberfest 2020.

hrsh7th This plugin provides f/t/F/T mappings that can be customized by your setting.

SciNim Megalo / μεγάλο (big in Greek) is an optimized bigint library for Nim