Operating the JSON data format in Python

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monomonedula nvelope Define your JSON schema as Python dataclasses Installation pip install nvelope The problem it solves This is basically sommething like JSON-sc

Boris-code feapson Same as json.dumps or json.loads, feapson support feapson.dumps and feapson.loads Example: >>> import feapson >>> feapson.dumps({"a": True, "b

nikita-volkov Fast and simple JSON encoding toolkit

BlooRabbit This Godot plugin is designed to create json files containing dialogs, based on a visual nodes system.

yazeed44 gjf: A tool for fixing invalid GeoJSON objects

zaghaghi import json files directly in your python scripts

burningtree A curated list of awesome JSON libraries and resources.

BishopFox JSON Interoperability Vulnerability Labs Description These are the companion labs to my research article "An Exploration of JSON Interoperability Vuln

mohd-akram Awk for JSON.

kellyjonbrazil jello Filter JSON and JSON Lines data with Python syntax jello is similar to jq in that it processes JSON and JSON Lines data except jello uses standard python dict and list syntax. JSON or JSON Lines can be piped

lagmoellertim Pyon Introduction Pyon (Pythonic JSON) is a Python library which allows you to easily convert native objects into JSON objects. It also supports filesystem-like path-structure, which allows you to easily

dbarrosop pycatj Flattens json/yaml files into python compatible paths Installation pip install git+https://github.com/dbarrosop/pycatj.git Usage $ pycatj -h usage: pycatj [-h] [--format {json,yaml}] file

Kijewski PyJSON5 A JSON5 serializer and parser library for Python 3 written in Cython. Serializer The serializer returns ASCII data that can safely be used in an HTML template. Apostrophes, ampersands, greater-than

better JSON Schema ➣ Database We use JSON Schema pretty extensively at Better to store complex data. Unfortunately the data is hard to query from SQL. To facilitate querying, this library converts objects stored in a JSON sc

pennsignals Validate client-submitted data using JSON Schema documents and convert JSON Schema documents into different data-interchange formats. Contents Installation Usage Data Validation Data Validation

jmespath JMESPath JMESPath (pronounced "james path") allows you to declaratively specify how to extract elements from a JSON document. For example, given this document: {"foo": {"bar": "baz"}} The jmespath expressio

jabbalaci JSON Path Find the path of a key / value in a JSON hierarchy easily. Motivation When working with big and nested JSON files, sometimes it's very difficult to figure out the path of a key. You open the JSON f

mikeywaites Kim: A JSON Serialization and Marshaling framework Introducing Kim: .. code-block:: python >>> mapper = UserMapper(data=response.json()) >>> mapper.marshal() User(id='one', name='Bruce

rpieja i3spotifystatus About: i3 status isn't particularly the best status generator for i3bar in terms of customization. But it's my favourite, because it works, it's easy to use, and it's bundled with i3wm so I

cheery JSON Decoding Algorithm Everyone and their dog already has a json parsing and encoding library. So this module is more of a fun curiosity rather than a useful tool. Now even your pet rock is able to parse JSON.