Image Processing

Libraries for manipulating images.

Newest releases

deepmind JAX is a library resulting from the union of Autograd and XLA for high-performance machine learning research. It provides NumPy, SciPy, automatic differentiation and first-class GPU/TPU support.

bcmi Object Shadow Generation is to deal with the shadow inconsistency between the foreground object and the background in a composite image, that is, generating shadow for the foreground object according to background information, to

bcmi Object-Placement-Assessment (OPA) is to verify whether a composite image is plausible in terms of the object placement. The foreground object should be placed at a reasonable location on the background considering location, size,

hecomi This is an example of a fur shader implementation in Universal Render Pipleine

AndreyGuzhov Source code for models described in the paper "AudioCLIP: Extending CLIP to Image, Text and Audio"

lucasbivar Some codes from PyImageSearch course's and external projects.

gjoseph92 Make GIFs from time-stacked xarray.DataArrays (time, [optional band], y, x), dead-simple.

darkpgmr This is a utility program that can label object bounding boxes with ID and name in videos and images. It also can be used to crop videos, sample traninig images in a video, and mosaic image region. Anyone can use it for non-commer

Siriuscy MIXLAB_NASA_TICKET mixlab 灵感来源于NASA的火星船票,我们想要使用开源的代码来定制化这一设计。 其中photo_to_cartoon 是paddle的开源代码

SeaDve Kooha is a simple screen recorder with a minimalist interface. You can just click the record button without having to configure a bunch of settings.

emnh Pixel art search engine for opengameart

DavidBuchanan314 Pack up to 3MB of data into a tweetable PNG polyglot file.

j0ono0 PinOut A Python package that generates hardware pinout diagrams as SVG images. The package is designed to be quite flexible and works well for general

Wattenberger Svelte Starter This starter template aims for fast and easy web development with HMR, and pre-rendered HTML for optimal static hosting. Please note: d

artperrin Convert tables stored as images to an usable .csv file

LingDong- Processing Demos made when reading the book *The Pocket Handbook for Image Processing Algorithms in C*

pierogis pierogis is a framework for image and animation processing. Ingredients that describe image processing functions can be assembled into recipes and used to cook an image or animation.

fogleman Generate 3D meshes based on SDFs (signed distance functions) with a dirt simple Python API.

weizhou-geek A list of state-of-the-art image quality assessment algorithms and databases collected by Wei Zhou. If you find that important resources are not included, please feel free to contact me.

kailau02 The python script detects a face and draws a box around the closest face to the camera. Then, through a few chucks of geometric equations, the window zooms into the users face.

gregordr This shows off all currently available features - the only restriction is that you cannot upload your own images.

GeneDx phenopy is a Python package to perform phenotype similarity scoring by semantic similarity. phenopy is a lightweight but highly optimized command line tool and library to efficiently perform semantic similarity scoring on generic

inducer PyOpenCL lets you access GPUs and other massively parallel compute devices from Python

foone This tool can split the IBM Font ROM (included here for ease of use as IBM_5788005_AM9264_1981_CGA_MDA_CARD) into several PNG images, and then rebuild them back into the ROM binary for flashing onto an EPROM/EEPROM.

raatmarien This web app lets users design their own QR codes to any domain. It can be acessed on

volotat Image morphing without reference points by applying warp maps and optimizing over them.

Tyriar This is the issue tracker for the VS Code extension Luna Paint, a raster image editor built into VS Code.

flomlo A html canvas based screencasting server with occasional ground-truth updates via screenshots and very fast input drawing

AhmetFurkanDEMIR Image encryption and embedding encrypted text in the image.

phurwicz Hover is a machine teaching library that enables intuitive and effecient supervision. In other words, it provides a map where you hover over and label your data... differently.

beurtschipper Depix is a tool for recovering passwords from pixelized screenshots.

LeandroBarone Python package that converts images into ASCII art for terminals and HTML.

getsolus Budgie Desktop View is the official Budgie desktop icons application / implementation, developed by Solus.