Image Processing

Libraries for manipulating images.

Newest releases

dhilst Encode arbitrary data on png images

jiequanz This is a quick demonstration for using Mobius transformations to manipulate images

google-research-datasets Room-across-Room (RxR) is a large-scale, multilingual dataset for Vision-and-Language Navigation (VLN) in Matterport3D environments. It contains 126k navigation instructions in English, Hindi and Telugu, and 126k navigation follow

Bercon This repo contains human readable source codes for VIRGO 1302 demoscene 4k intro, and the build pipeline used to produce the final entry file. It placed 1st in Assembly 2020 4k intro competition. You can view a prerendered version

ehu-ai I recently found a cool optical illusion online that makes a black and white image seem colored. It does so by imposing a colored grid on top of the black and white image, tricking your eyes into filling in the rest of the colors.

AbnormalDistributions Creates NDVIs, SAVIs, RBG, and NIR images using Landsat8 imagery.

deliton The image dataset tool (IDT) is a CLI app developed to make it easier and faster to create image datasets to be used for deep learning. The tool achieves this by scraping images from several search engines such as duckgo, bing and

ckardaris ucollage - A terminal image viewer based on Überzug

rvizzz Create recursive image rotation animations

matfmc Maze generator built in R

deepnight L-Ed is a modern, lightweight and open-source 2D level editor

robustTechie A python-based tool to fetch astronomical images - Astronomical Picture of the Day (APOD) taken by Mars Rover Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) Earth Observation Data

fepegar This is an awesome list of software that I use to do research in medical imaging.

bytedance IconPark gives access to more than 1,200 high-quality icons, and introduces an interface for customizing your icons. Instead of using various SVG source files to achieve different themes, We implement a technology transforming att

liamoc Holbert is an interactive theorem prover, or proof assistant, based on higher order logic and natural deduction

Burakcoli A python program that generates abstract art with variety of styles, shapes, adjustable options and randomization, using pygame.

Iapetus-11 Goes through a video frame by frame, and converts each frame into ascii art

OPHoperHPO 🥧 A tool for removing background from photos with neural networks 🥧

histolab The histo-pathological analysis of tissue sections is the gold standard to assess the presence of many complex diseases, such as tumors, and understand their nature. In daily practice, pathologists usually perform microscopy exami

avinal If you use WakaTime to track your coding activity. You can add that to your README as a picture. Just add this action to any of your repository and there you have it. See mine below.

cxtalk A collection of awesome low-light image enhancement methods.

jeel2331 a simple python to create graph in console

k01ek Netbox plugin for generate QR codes for objects: Rack, Device, Cable.

plant99 This tool is for a sentient being who wants to view high-res satellite imagery of earth, without digging through all the nitty gritty geospatial details of it. So if this is your first time trying to explore how parts of the Earth

TenteEEEE Texture Patching Suite for 3D Avatars

CleoMenezes QRCodeX Easier and Faster The simple way to create QR Code for donkeys like me

LingDong- Collection of polygon data in various formats for testing computational geometry algorithms.

devanshbatham FavFreak - Weaponizing favicon.ico for BugBounties , OSINT and what not

thehackersbrain GUI QR Code Generator using Python3 & Tkinter

JuanBenitezDev Simple Python script to convert images to ASCII

leukbaars DreamUV is a collection of tools that allow you to manipulate UVs in the 3D viewport. This toolset is designed to be used with reusable textures like tiling textures, trimsheets and texture atlases. Its intent is to allow you to t

FerryYoungFan FerryYoungFan's Image Toolbox & Beeswax Filter

ahmedkhalf Evolutionary Art Using Circles in Python