GUI Development

Libraries for working with graphical user interface applications.

Newest releases

corpnewt ProperTree is a cross-platform GUI plist editor written using Python (compatible with both 2.x and 3.x) and Tkinter.

codingforentrepreneurs Learn how to make a desktop GUI application using Python, JavaScript, HTML, & CSS all thanks to pywebview.

EnviralDesign UberGui is a lightweight multi-threaded, webRender UI module for TouchDesigner projects. The aim is to solve the trifecta of challenges building UI's in TouchDesigner often poses: being fast, feature rich, and visually appealing.

giswqs An interactive GUI for WhiteboxTools in a Jupyter-based environment

fding Edifice: a declarative GUI library for Python

vkbo novelWriter is an open source markdown-like plain text editor designed for writing and organising novels. Written with Python 3 (3.6+) and Qt 5 (5.3+) for cross-platform deployment.

burakmartin A small pomodoro GUI for Windows/Linux created in Python with PyQt5.

eliemichel Use the infamous Dear ImGui library directly in your Blender scripts!

tirthajyoti Data science and Machine Learning GUI programs/ desktop apps with PySimpleGUI package

vinceliuice Orchis kde is a materia Design theme for KDE Plasma desktop.

MrCl0wnLab This is the study of an interface with PyQt5 / Python - Receita Federal - Modern Gui [Qt Designer, PyQt5].

cascadium Adds linux GUI application menu to a windows toolbar

onyxcode A simple weather GUI program made in Python using PySimpleGUI and pyowm.

TyberiusPrime I3-instant-layout – Automatic 'list based' layouts for the i3 window manager

chipmuenk pyFDA is a GUI based tool in Python / Qt for analysing and designing discrete time filters. When the migen module is installed, fixpoint implementations (for some filter types) can be simulated and exported as synthesizable Verilo

ekistece Python GTK app to install extensions from It can search from the website, get the lastest extension compatible with your GNOME version and install, uninstall, enable and disable them.

trigg Yet another discord overlay for linux written in Python using GTK3

supersoho JDUI是一套Delphi DirectUI界面引擎,基于Graphics32并做了大量针对性的性能优化,支持高DPI缩放, 具有非常优秀的渲染性能和酷炫的动画特效。

chxrlt 🦜Lyrebird - Simple and powerful voice changer for Linux, written in GTK 3.

hoffstadt Dear PyGui is a simple to use (but powerful) Python GUI framework. DearPyGui provides a wrapping of DearImGui that provides a hybrid of a traditional retained mode GUI and Dear ImGui's immediate mode paradigm.

EgoMoose Rbx Gui is a library I created to help developers with a few common UI components that are not currently present on the Roblox platform.

blackberry Python module for viewing Portable Executable (PE) files in a tree-view using pefile and PyQt5. Can also be used with IDA Pro to dump in-memory PE files and reconstruct imports.

exilon Delphi Framework (Windows/Linux/Android/MACOSX/IOS) to build high-performance and scalable desktop, mobile and web applications.

PySimpleGUI Launched in 2018 Actively developed and supported. Supports tkinter, Qt, WxPython, Remi (in browser). Create custom layout GUI's simply. Python 2.7 & 3 Support. 200+ Demo programs & Cookbook for rapid start. Extensive documentati

spotlightify Spotlightify is a GUI based application designed to allow users to quickly interact with the Spotify Desktop application across Windows, Linux and macOS.

Teraskull PyDebloatX A Python GUI for uninstalling the default Windows 10 apps.

joeVenner A simple Python Real Time Chat Application with GUI interface

baka-noob Calculadora feita com Tkinter

A-Wheeto A tkinter GUI collating various data

jwlodek A library for creating CUI/TUI interfaces with pre-built widgets in python. Easily build text-based user interfaces on both Linux and Windows. py_cui py_cui is a python library meant

SouravJohar A better way to make GUIs for your python apps

wxWidgets wxPython's Project Phoenix. A new implementation of wxPython, better, stronger, faster than he was before.

pyqt PyQt examples show you how to create a desktop app with Python and Qt. Start with "Hello World" or browse the official PyQt demos.