A ASCII QGIS map viewer

#What the heck is this? A ASCII map thingo for QGIS projects How do I run it Edit the paths in the .config file Run ascii_qgis.py try the open-project command Why did you make this? Because........ I can
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Last update: Oct 13, 2021

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LilithWittmann Just some scripts to export vector tiles to geojson.

KMarkert EarthEngine.jl is used to interface with the amazing cloud-based geospatial processing platform, Google Earth Engine, using the Julia programming language as a wrapper aroung the EE Python API.

sdl60660 This uses USGS NHDPlus data and their NLDI API to visualize the path of a rain droplet from any point in the contiguous United States to its end point (usually the ocean, sometimes the Great Lakes, Canada/Mexico, or another inland water feature). It'll find the closest river/stream flowline coordinate to a click/search and then animate along that flowline's downstream path.

iwpnd This is an asynchonous Python client for Tile38 that allows for fast and easy interaction with the worlds fastest in-memory geodatabase Tile38.

giswqs A collection of Python packages for geospatial analysis with binder-ready notebook examples

giswqs A Python package for interactive mapping with Google Earth Engine, ipyleaflet, and folium

treeform Spatial algorithms are used to find the "closest" things faster than simple brute force iteration would. They make your code run faster using smarter data structures. This library has different "Spaces" that you can use to speed up games and graphical applications.

chrieke 🌎 Earth Observation 🌐 GIS / Spatial Analysis ✈️ UAV / Aerial 🌱 Digital Farming πŸ—ΊοΈ Webmap / Cartography πŸ›°οΈ Satellite Operator

martinfleis Momepy is a library for quantitative analysis of urban form - urban morphometrics. It is built on top of GeoPandas, PySAL and networkX.

TurtleZhong A general framework for map-based visual localization. It contains 1) Map Generation which support traditional features or deeplearning features. 2) Hierarchical-Localizationvisual in visual(points or line) map. 3)Fusion framework with IMU, wheel odom and GPS sensors.

makepath Xarray-Spatial implements common raster analysis functions using Numba and provides an easy-to-install, easy-to-extend codebase for raster analysis.

onramper A faster & low-memory replacement for geoip-lite, a node library that maps IPs to geographical information

onramper A faster & low-memory replacement for geoip-lite, a node library that maps IPs to geographical information

yasoob Download your runs data from Nike Run Club and convert it to GPX format that can be imported in other running apps.