Beautify your Git Logs !

YoLog ! Beautify your git logs ! Git logs look like this by default: Yolog wraps over standard git log and represents commit message history in a compact manner. It provides a visualization of commit graph, and shows

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ansrivas pylogging A simple python logger which writes logs to disk with some default configs. Compatible with: Python 2.7 and 3.5+ Current stable version: 0.3.0 Installation: Insta

z00nx reversemap Analyse SQL injection attempts in web server logs The program can either be run in batch mode or interactive mode. In batch mode the program will accept Apache web server logs and will deobfuscate requested URLs from

techjacker systemdlogger Lightweight, python only, logstash alternative Exports systemd journald logs to an external service, eg cloudwatch, elasticsearch Use with a cron job Python 3.4+ Installation Ins

getsentry Sentry Sentry is a modern error logging and aggregation platform. Sentry is a Server The Sentry package fundamentally is just a simple server and web UI. It will handle authenticating clients (such as Raven) and all

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alexsax Add a TF-slim like framework to PyTorch, to enable rapid research. And bring the TensorBoard-like power of Visdom to PyTorch! This code is now integrated into TNT TNT is the 'official' framework for PyTorch

Busimus cutelog – GUI for logging This is a graphical log viewer for Python's logging module. It can be targeted with a SocketHandler with no additional setup (see Usage). It can also be used from other languages or logging libraries