Beautify your Git Logs !

YoLog ! Beautify your git logs ! Git logs look like this by default: Yolog wraps over standard git log and represents commit message history in a compact manner. It provides a visualization of commit graph, and shows

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DmitryUlyanov Example If you print something in your terminal or notebook, e.g. print('Epoch [4/300]', 3, 3231.32, 'loss=-22.4e-9 time=121mc') you will see a very bleak output: Typed_print gets your logs a little bit more cheerfu

Delgan Loguru is a library which aims to bring enjoyable logging in Python. Did you ever feel lazy about configuring a logger and used print() instead?... I did, yet logging is fundamental to every application and eases the

jruere multiprocessing-logging When using the multiprocessing module, logging becomes less useful since sub-processes should log to individual files/streams or there's the risk of records becoming garbled. This simple module

yiblet Inquest lets you add log statements to python without restarting your python instance. It helps you quickly uncover what is going wrong.

SaLandini Um tutorial de WSL da comunidade para a comunidade 💜

shortstack Quick and dirty python script/systemd service that will watch a log file and spit out some or all contents to Slack via webhook.

otherjoel 📰😱‼️ A Racket implementation of Tabloid, the clickbait programming language!