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viniciusgerevini Godot Aseprite Wizard Godot plugin to help importing Aseprite animations as SpriteFrames. This plugin uses Aseprite CLI to generate the spritesheet, a

markknol 🎮 You have found js13k 2020 game - theme 404 Mark Knol's entry for the js13k gamejam 2020. It's a soothing game about perspective. It's important to

Akshay-Vs 🕹 Number Guessing Game Test your Guesses A one hour build; Terminal based number guessing game features • Levels • Computer Multiplayer • point syste

CaptainProton42 2DMetaballs Demo project and tutorial about creating 2D metaballs in the Godot Engine using textures and a simple shader. A demonstration and tutorial

Siterizer new-world-fishing-bot release 1.2.0 click img for demonstration Download guide Click at latest release: Download and extract When you run fil

opensuspect OpenSuspect One amongst us is not like the rest OpenSuspect is an open source online social deduction game, like mafia. OpenSuspect aims to be easily

milesturin Godot-Destructable-Terrain A 2d destructible terrain system for the open source game engine Godot. Its contour generation is based off of the interpol

smix8 Godot Animation Retargeting Animation Retargeting module for Godot Game Engine. The module is work in progress, only use the master/main branch for te

XLIVE99 AutoGrid Version 1.0 AutoGrid is an autotile system for the GridMap node in the Godot Engine. AutoGrid works similar to the TileMap node. Installation

Arnklit godot-paint-postprocessing An attempt at a paint strokes post processing shader for Godot. Very early and not very user friendly yet. The code is most

Mohammed-Anwar post-processing-tool for Godot engine a tool for adding post-processing effects in your Godot project and only for godot projects how to install it in

deepnight Nuclear Blaze *The building is on fire? Nah, not today.* This is my Ludum Dare 48 entry, the theme was “Deeper and deeper“. Play the game on my websi

GarbajYT godot_updated_fps_controller An updated basic fps controller for Godot 3.x and 4.0. Features include: -basic movement and jumping -physics interpolati

teebarjunk Sooty Engine 0.1 Sooty Engine aims to be an easy to read and write branching story engine. While still in ealy dev, you can, right now, have a fully w

jarneson godot-ply Godot plugin for in-editor box modeling. Only tested in Godot 3.3.3. Icons are only good for dark mode. See demos on youtube. Installation C

Pineapple GodotTracy Tracy Profiler module for the Godot Engine git clone --recurse-submodules Copy godot_tracy fold

MasterGroosha This is simple minesweeper-like Telegram game. You need to open all "free" squares and put flags on squares with bombs on them. If you open a cell with a bomb, the game is over.

LouisAsanaka A simple desktop program to view your VALORANT performance in different areas across all maps!

GeorgePatsias A Cobalt Strike script for ScareCrow payload generation. Works with all Loaders.

bilibili This library provides a Dota 2 Shadow Fiend solo AI trained by reinforcement learning. Shadow Fiend solo AI is trained to learn complex strategies starting with random actions through self play training. Players can play Shadow Fi

nerdsinspace I'm going to share more information about nocom here, the parts that didn't make sense to put into a Fit script.

tinyBigGAMES GameVision Toolkit™ is 2D indie game SDK to allow easy, fast & fun 2D game development in Delphi on desktop PC's running Microsoft Windows® and uses Direct3D® for hardware accelerated rendering.

uvipen Here is my python source code for QuickDraw - an online game developed by google, combined with AirGesture - a simple gesture recognition application.

google-research Falken provides developers with a service that allows them to train AI that can play their games. Unlike traditional RL frameworks that learn through rewards or batches of offline training, Falken is based on training AI via realt

VitorVilela7 Super Mario World Widescreen is your beloved Mario World SNES game but in the 16:9 resolution. This is possible by expanding the horizontal resolution by 96 pixels, increasing resolution from 256x224 to 352x224. Since the original

DataPlusProgram A plugin that allows you to import GldSrc .mdl model files into godot

lmammino A collection of tech resources that allow you to learn new things by playing games

soruly A curated list of awesome tools and projects related to anime, comics, games, light novel, visual novel, vocaloid and touhou.

fccoelho Criando um jogo de naves espaciais com Pygame. Para iniciantes em Python

luisoutomaior PyMMO is a Python framework/template of a MMO game built using PyGame on top of Python's built-in socket module.

tonsky Entry to Ludum Dare 48

fly-apps Demonstration of building a clustered, distributed, multi-player, turn-based game server written in Elixir.

Luisrosario2604 These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.