Game Development

Awesome game development libraries.

Newest releases

Warwick-Plasma Particle-in-cell code for plasma physics simulations

coding-horror An updated version of the classic "Basic Computer Games" book, with well-written examples in a variety of common programming languages

CaptainProton42 A flexible toon shader for the Godot Engine with lots of customisation options.

lloesche Valheim dedicated gameserver in Docker with automatic update and world backup support

kmill A simple raytracer written in Lean 4

MonoGame One framework for creating powerful cross-platform games. The spiritual successor to XNA with thousands of titles shipped across desktop, mobile, and console platforms. MonoGame is a fully managed .NET open source game framework w

Woodi-dev Love Couple is an Among Us modification, which adds a new win condition for two randomly chosen players.

benawad Competitive Online Game for Programmers

skywind3000 Game Preservation Project

flavioislima This app is GUI for the tool Legendary, a native alternative to the Epic Games Launcher for Linux.

Anuken A Nim version of Mindustry. Not intended to be a complete game. Partially made as a learning experience.

Fewes A single-component, GPU-based universal ambient occlusion and bent normal baker for Unity. The successor to my BNAO respository

VitorVilela7 Project FastROM aims into optimizing the SNES games originally designed to run under SlowROM (2.68 MHz) to FastROM (3.58 MHz). FastROM allows the SNES CPU read data and opcodes from the ROM 33.58% faster compared to SlowROM.

VitorCBSB A guideline compliant (as far as I can tell) Tetris clone made with SDL2.

ertugrulcetin Jme-clj – A Clojure wrapper for jMonkeyEngine

flamableconcrete A curated list of awesome board games, card games, and party games

misohena Emacs Go Game(SGF) Editor

Zylann This plugin allows to create 3D models by blending simple shapes together, using Signed Distance Fields rendered with raymarching.

real-itu A Python interface for Minecraft built on gRPC

V-Sense Trinity College Dublin developed auto-skeleton tools that can be used to quickly create skeletal structures from human character meshes in the Houdini 3D animation software.

keijiro A small VFX sketch with Unity VFX Graph

RPicster A collection of textures I created to be used for lensflares, lights, particles and visual effects.

njwest Elixir resources for making and networking games

OrigamiDev-Pete Godot plugin that adds a TODO list to the editor dock.

nir Jupylet is a Python library that lets you create 2D and 3D games, graphics, music and sound synthesizers, interactively in a Jupyter notebook.

prime31 Companion repo and example implementation for zig-renderkit. GameKit provides an example implementation of a game framework built on top of RenderKit.

zig-community A community effort to create a small multiplayer 3D shooter game in pure zig

TheMozg Bring some old-school fun to your terminal! Explore the dungeon and shoot monsters in this pseudo-3D game inspired by the classic Wolfenstein 3D and Doom.

Arnklit A tool for generating rivers in Godot

db0 This framework is meant to provide well-designed, statically-typed, and well-commented classes which you can plug into any potential card game to provide a polished way to handle typical behaviour expected from cards in a game.

roblenvic This package is a Turbo version of the Bonanza G36 for Flight Simulator 2020 Version 2 - October 15th 2020 It is a comprehensive redesign of the flight model, engine and lighting and has nine new liveries.

dogatuncay Mastermind game with two settings. You can play the game yourself via the console or have the genetic algorithm play it for you (guesses in average ~4 steps) and crush your self-confidence.

wajahatkarim3 Chrome's Dino T-Rex game developed in Jetpack Compose