Simple, elegant, Pythonic functional programming.

Coconut Coconut ( is a variant of Python built for simple, elegant, Pythonic functional programming. Coconut is developed on GitHub and hosted on PyPI. Installing Coconut is as easy as opening a command prompt a

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idris-lang Idris 2 is a purely functional programming language with first class types.

fika-lang Fika is a modern programming language for the web. It is statically typed, functional and runs on the BEAM (Erlang VM).

keosariel This is simply a compiler for a simple language, built with Python 3.6+ and the LLVM framework using the llvmlite library.

wasmerio A complete and mature WebAssembly runtime for Python based on Wasmer.

enso-org Get insights you can rely on. In real time. Enso is an award-winning interactive programming language with dual visual and textual represent