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saadmk11 django-newsfeed What is django-newsfeed? django-newsfeed is a news curator and newsletter subscription package for django. It can be used to create a

s3rius Flexible and Lightweight general-purpose template for FastAPI.

Doctorinna API Doctorinna This is the part of the Doctorinna project, check out the overview repository first Table of content About the project Getting started

yezz123 Fastapi-Class 🦜 Source Code: https://github.com/yezz123/fastapi-class Install the project: pip install fastapi-class Classes and Decorators to use Fa

obytes FastQL - FastAPI GraphQL Playground Generate a FullStack playground using FastAPI and GraphQL and Ariadne 🚀 . This Repository is based on this Articl

yezz123 Fastapi-lazy 🦥 Utilities that you use in various projects made in FastAPI. Source Code: https://github.com/yezz123/fastapi-lazy Install the project:

mikeckennedy fastapi-chameleon Adds integration of the Chameleon template language to FastAPI. Installation For the moment, this is not yet on pypi and is fairly u

properlypurple Braus A small application to select a browser every time you click a link anywhere. This is especially useful if you have multiple browsers or profile

ttymck A full stack boilerplate for FastAPI

max397574 🚪 better-escape.nvim This is a lua version of better_escape.vim ✨ Features Escape without getting delay when typing in insert mode Customizable mappi

mitchtabian What's Covered in this Document Create Digital Ocean Droplet with SSH login Install Server Dependencies Publish your Project to Github Hosting Static

lambdaisland lambdaisland/classpath Experimental utilities for dealing with "the classpath", and dynamically loading libraries. Blog post: The Classpath is a Lie W

adamchainz heroicons Use heroicons in your Django and Jinja templates. Requirements Python 3.6 to 3.9 supported. Django 2.2 to 3.2 supported. Are your tests slow

Jelena-P NiceABAPGuidelineTemplate Are you tired of 100+ pages of ABAP guideline documents repeating same old adage? Say no more, fam! I present to you... Jele

0xsapphir3 5 Flask Projects Projects Made By Using Flask Projects List Rock Paper Scissor Game - A Simple Game Weather App - A OpenWeatherMap Scraper Task List -

rochacbruno FastAPI Project Template The base to start an openapi project featuring: SQLModel, Typer, FastAPI, JWT Token Auth, Interactive Shell, Management Comma

mthri ترجمه آزاد کتاب Django for Professionals قبل از شروع فهرست کتاب اگر، اگر مایل به مشارکت هستید، نحوه مشارکت را حتما مطالعه کنید. شما میتوانید برای کمک

diggerhq 🧞 InfraGenie InfraGenie is allows you to split out your infrastructure project into separate independent pieces, each with its own terraform state. T

frndmg Vacuna Inject everything! Vacuna is a little library to provide dependency management for your python code. Install pip install vacuna Usage import va

testdrivenio Sample FastAPI project that uses async SQLAlchemy, SQLModel, Postgres, Alembic, and Docker.

adamchainz Automatically upgrade your Django projects.

lona-web-org Lona is a web application framework, designed to write responsive web apps in full Python.

dvarrazzo The backend passes the entire Django test suite, but it needs a few modifications to Django and to its test suite. These changes will be proposed to the Django project in a series of merge requests.

ksh7 Flask-Starter is a boilerplate starter template designed to help you quickstart your Flask web application development. It has all the ready-to-use bare minimum essentials.

yezz123 FastApi is built on a Python framework called Starlette which is a lightweight ASGI framework/toolkit, which is itself built on Uvicorn.

sirrobot01 Log and view requests made on your Django App

csaybar A ee-fastapi is a simple FastAPI web application for performing flood detection using Google Earth Engine in the backend.

ml-tooling Instantly turn your Python functions into production-ready microservices. Deploy and access your services via HTTP API or interactive UI. Seamlessly export your services into portable, shareable, and executable files or Docker ima

noahgift This is an example of a Containerized Flask Application the can be the core ingrediant in many "recipies", i.e. deploy targets.

miguelgrinberg WebSocket support for Flask

wsvincent A batteries-included Django starter project. For a production-ready version see the book Django for Professionals.

shaz13 Katana project is a FastAPI template for ASAP 🚀 ML API deployment

CJNewcomer Flask React Project This is the backend for the Flask React project.