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Traditional full stack web frameworks.

Newest releases

ksh7 Flask-Starter is a boilerplate starter template designed to help you quickstart your Flask web application development. It has all the ready-to-use bare minimum essentials.

yezz123 FastApi is built on a Python framework called Starlette which is a lightweight ASGI framework/toolkit, which is itself built on Uvicorn.

sirrobot01 Log and view requests made on your Django App

csaybar A ee-fastapi is a simple FastAPI web application for performing flood detection using Google Earth Engine in the backend.

ml-tooling Instantly turn your Python functions into production-ready microservices. Deploy and access your services via HTTP API or interactive UI. Seamlessly export your services into portable, shareable, and executable files or Docker ima

noahgift This is an example of a Containerized Flask Application the can be the core ingrediant in many "recipies", i.e. deploy targets.

miguelgrinberg WebSocket support for Flask

wsvincent A batteries-included Django starter project. For a production-ready version see the book Django for Professionals.

shaz13 Katana project is a FastAPI template for ASAP 🚀 ML API deployment

CJNewcomer Flask React Project This is the backend for the Flask React project.

ml-tooling 🏆 A ranked list of awesome python libraries for web development

rhenter Django Models is Library with several useful Models for Django to help you make your templates smart or with less code

nickjj A production ready example Django app that's using Docker and Docker Compose.

idom-team Libraries for creating and controlling interactive web pages with Python 3.7 and above.

miguelgrinberg Integration of Hotwire's Turbo library with Flask, to allow you to create applications that look and feel like single-page apps without using JavaScript.

hotwire-django An early stage integration of Hotwire Turbo with Django

vitalik Django Ninja is a web framework for building APIs with Django and Python 3.6+ based type hints.

ets-labs Dependency Injector is a dependency injection framework for Python. It helps implementing the dependency injection principle.

talkpython Course demos and handouts for our Modern APIs with FastAPI course.

budescode A Django package to handle rest framework authentications including social authentications

nelsonwenner Microservices based e-commerce system with gateway payment

toddams Use Razor to build templates from Files / EmbeddedResources / Strings / Database or your custom source outside of ASP.NET MVC. No redundant dependencies and workarounds in pair with excellent performance and .NET Standard 2.0 and

codingforentrepreneurs Learn how to take a scraped dataset and turn it into Django models using inspectdb. You can also use this method for legacy databases.

app-generator Modern template for Django admin interface coded in Django Framework

twkiiim A Simple yet powerful serverless GraphQL framework powered by AWS AppSync Direct Lambda Resolver.

egorsmkv The goal of this project is to create a generator that conveniently creates API definitions in the OpenAPI 3 format using marshmallow classes and saves them into a YAML file.

daleal The async framework that calls you back! ✨ Enable ridiculously fast and easy module-to-API transformations. Learn in minutes, implement in seconds. Batteries included.

Sandro-Meireles (Python Markup language) Streamline the production of your HTML page using this python framework.

wemake-services Bleeding edge django template focused on code quality and security.

mytechnotalent A comprehensive and FREE Online Python Development course FOR KIDS utilizing an official BBC micro:bit Development Board and later an Expressif ESP32 Development Board going step-by-step into the world of Python for microcontrolle

schenkd CookieCutter Template for Flask

miguelgrinberg A minimalistic API framework built on top of Flask, Marshmallow and friends.

vintasoftware Django, React, Bootstrap 4 with Python 3 and webpack project boilerplate