Universal markup converter

Pandoc The universal markup converter Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line tool that uses this library. It can convert from commonmark (Commo

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python-excel xlrd Please read this before using this library: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/python-excel/P6TjJgFVjMI/g8d0eWxTBQAJ Purpose: Provide a library for developers to use to extract data from Microsoft Excel (tm) spreads

floyernick fleep File format determination library for Python Getting Started fleep is a library that determines file format by file signature (also known as "magic number"). Installation You can install fl

tfeldmann organize The file management automation tool. Install via pip (requirement: Python 3.3+): On macOS / Windows: $ pip3 install organize-tool On Linux: $ sudo pip3 install organize-tool Why yo

target Strelka Strelka is a real-time, container-based file scanning system used for threat hunting, threat detection, and incident response. Originally based on the design established by Lockheed Martin's Laika BOSS and similar project

rianhunter dbxfs dbxfs allows you to mount your Dropbox folder as if it were a local filesystem. It differs from the official Dropbox client in two main ways: Internet connectivity is required for access No disk space is required for

Tinche aiofiles: file support for asyncio aiofiles is an Apache2 licensed library, written in Python, for handling local disk files in asyncio applications. Ordinary local file IO is blocking, and cannot easily and portably

pyexcel pyexcel - Let you focus on data, instead of file formats Support the project If your company has embedded pyexcel and its components into a revenue generating product, please support me on patr

baicunko This is my first open-source project so please, feel free to comment on anything that you think requires to be overwritten! The idea behind this software is to allow anyone to make their pdf look like it was scanned.