Libraries for file manipulation and MIME type detection.

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hanmangokiwi bvh-to-mcf .bvh file to .mcfunction converter Example video of it in action: Quick setup for beginners tut

cagrialis ForFinder is a search tool for folder and files. You can use that when you Source Code Analysis at your project's local files or other projects that you are download. Enter a root path and keyword to ForFinder.

internetarchive Internet Archive PDF tools Authors: Merlijn Wajer <[email protected]> Date: 2021-11-14 18:00 This repository contains a library to perform MRC (Mixe

pdfarranger Small python-gtk application, which helps the user to merge or split pdf documents and rotate, crop and rearrange their pages using an interactive and intuitive graphical interface

aslitsecurity CVE-2021-40444 builders This repo contain builders of cab file, html file, and docx file for CVE-2021-40444 exploit. This repo is just for testing, re

Mehran-Seifalinia Share your files on local network just by one click.

jonaslejon Generate a bunch of malicious pdf files with phone-home functionality. Can be used with Burp Collaborator

orioncactus PretendardλŠ” λ§ˆλ•…ν•œ system-ui 글꼴이 μ—†λŠ” ν™˜κ²½μ—μ„œ λ°œμƒν•˜λŠ” λΆˆνŽΈν•¨μ„ ν•΄κ²°ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€.

prajwollamichhane11 Performing the following operations using python on PDF.

arieljt Maltego transforms to pivot between PE files based on their VirusTotal codeblocks

kaogeek Let's create a tool to convert Thailand Government Budgeting from PDF to CSV!

STMSolutions BoobSnail allows generating XLM (Excel 4.0) macro. Its purpose is to support the RedTeam and BlueTeam in XLM macro generation

Pytlicek Simple XLSX and CSV to dictionary converter

aime-risson This script lets you automatically relocate files based on their extensions. Very useful from the downloads folder !

Snowtrack SnowFS is a lightweight command-line application and library with a focus on binary file versioning. It is made for the graphics industry and was initially developed for Snowtrack.

meonkeys Superfind – Find files and folders on the filesystem including within archives. πŸ—œοΈ

Strata-Scratch Simple Python script to automatically upload CSV files to a database

simoncozens Pilcrow allows you to build variable fonts using a graphical interface.

One-World-One-Family These are small python scripts which helps converting txt files to converted braille txt files and vice versa

Scille Parsec is a free software (AGPL v3) aiming at easily share your work and data in the cloud in total privacy thanks to cryptographic security.

PwCUK-CTO A tool is designed to make it easy to signature potentially unique parts of RTF files.

Krasjet pdf.tocgen is a set of command-line tools for automatically extracting and generating the table of contents (ToC) of a PDF file. It uses the embedded font attributes and position of headings to deduce the basic outline of a PDF fi

cdanis emojifs is a FUSE filesystem that allows you to manipulate custom emojis on your various Slacks and Discords*.

betatim This Jupyter notebook extension allows you to save your notebook as a PDF.

baicunko This is my first open-source project so please, feel free to comment on anything that you think requires to be overwritten! The idea behind this software is to allow anyone to make their pdf look like it was scanned.

sharanya02 Convert a text document (.txt file) into a PDF file with the text content handwritten

pyexcel pyexcel - Let you focus on data, instead of file formats Support the project If your company has embedded pyexcel and its components into a revenue generating product, please support

Tinche aiofiles: file support for asyncio aiofiles is an Apache2 licensed library, written in Python, for handling local disk files in asyncio applications. Ordinary local file IO is blocking, and cannot easily and

rianhunter dbxfs dbxfs allows you to mount your Dropbox folder as if it were a local filesystem. It differs from the official Dropbox client in two main ways: Internet connectivity is required for access No disk space is req

target Strelka Strelka is a real-time, container-based file scanning system used for threat hunting, threat detection, and incident response. Originally based on the design established by Lockheed Martin's Laika BOSS and simil

tfeldmann organize The file management automation tool. Install via pip (requirement: Python 3.3+): On macOS / Windows: $ pip3 install organize-tool On Linux: $ sudo pip3 install organize-tool

ua-nick fleep File format determination library for Python Getting Started fleep is a library that determines file format by file signature (also known as "magic number"). Installation You can