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thautwarm Cross-editor contextual syntax highlighter via Typed BNF Do you like "one grammar, syntax highlighters everywhere?" 喜欢我一个文法,到处高亮吗? PS: NOTE that paren

tonsky Commander Color Scheme A retro color scheme for Sublime Text. Font: More Perfect DOS VGA Settings: { "block_caret": true, "color_scheme": "Command

Gaunsessa OdinErrors Shows Odin Lang errors in Sublime Text. Config Collections and defines are stored in ols.json (Hijacked from ols). { "collections": [

Sublime-Instincts CommandsBrowser A Sublime Text package that allows a user to view all the available core/plugin commands for Sublime Text and Sublime Merge, along wit

tonsky Basic Clojure REPL for Sublime Text Goals: Decomplected: just REPL, nothing more Zero dependencies: works directly with pREPL Compact: Display code ev

meloonics Kinematic2DRope_Demo A demo for two KinematicBody2D players tied to a RigidBody2D rope. Unlike RigidBody2D (RB2D), KinematicBody2D (KB2D) is not affec

rsms My Sublime Text theme

jdhao Description A lot of people have used jk or kj or kk mappings in insert mode in order to leave the insert mode quickly. However, when you press the fi

abhishekkrthakur Run VSCode (codeserver) on Google Colab or Kaggle Notebooks

vyapp vy A powerful modal editor written in python. vy is a modal editor with a very modular architecture. vy is built on top of Tkinter which is one of the most productive graphical toolkits; It permits vy to have such a g

csurfer sublime_black SublimeText3 package to format python code using black formatter. Features Black: Diff to see the changes that would be done to the file. Black: Format to format the file in place usi

cyrus-and Zoom This minor mode takes care of managing the window sizes by enforcing a fixed and automatic balanced layout where the currently selected window is resized according to zoom-size which can be an absolute value in

toji SemiLive SemiLive is a really simple Sublime Text 3 plugin that advances through a series of text injection steps, making it appear as if you are typing as you go and then highlighting the injected text afterwards. Usef

lunixbochs ActualVim Everything you like about using Sublime Text 3, and everything you like about typing in vim. Actual uses an embedded Neovim instance to accurately manipulate each Sublime Text buffer as though you were editin

ethanchewy PythonBuddy 🖊️ 🐍 Online Python 3.6 Programming with Live Pylint Syntax Checking! Demo: http://pythonbuddy.com Usage Fetch from repo: git clone https://github.com/ethanchewy/Pyt

caedesvvv METANOMON: python-dokuwiki lab prototype 2 RUNNING: python metanomon.py DEPENDENCIES: - gtkmozembed - kiwi (http://www.async.com.br/projects/kiwi/) - twisted (http://twistedmatrix.com) - metamodel (http://delcorp.org/me

borjacampina Sublime Text - edit in new tab plugin My first Sublime Text plugin. Motivation Demo Changes Dec 10: support for multiple selection Dec 9: first version ##Install Clone this

yi-editor Yi Yi is a collection of packages that serve as building blocks for making your very own text editor. Installation Just running stack install yi or cabal install -j yi would be akin to unwrapping a box o

maralla Completor Completor is an asynchronous code completion framework for vim8. New features of vim8 are used to implement the fast completion engine with low overhead. For using semantic completion, external completion t

tahoe-lafs zfec -- efficient, portable erasure coding tool Generate redundant blocks of information such that if some of the blocks are lost then the original data can be recovered from the remaining blocks. This package includes

liuchengxu vim-better-default There are some general settings for convenience in almost everyone's .vimrc file. Let's shorten your .vimrc and make the default vim better. Features Out-of-the-box: address a ton of d

AlessandroYorba 👾 Set Up colorscheme despacio 🌌 Change Background Colors Dark Grey Background let g:despacio_Sunset = 1 colorscheme despacio Even Darker Grey Background let g

cathook ShrVim About It is a vim plugin like google-doc, which allows multiple users to share and edit a file at the same time, without sharing only one cursor. This is useful when a group needs to create a report wi

spyder-ide Copyright © 2009–2019 Spyder Project Contributors Some source files and icons may be under other authorship/licenses; see NOTICE.txt. Project status Build status Help suppor

Microsoft Python tools for Visual Studio Python support for Visual Studio is developed and managed here. Visit our product overview and downloads page, read our documentation and watch our (old) YouTube tutorials. Feel free to

python-mode Python-mode, a Python IDE for Vim This project needs contributors. Documentation: :help pymode https://github.com/python-mode/python-mode/wiki Important notes: From 2017-11-19 onwards python-m

davidhalter jedi-vim - awesome Python autocompletion with VIM jedi-vim is a VIM binding to the autocompletion library Jedi. Here are some pictures: Completion for almost anything (Ctrl+Space). Display of function/class bod

DamnWidget | _` | __ \ _` | __| _ \ __ \ _` | _` | ( | | | ( | ( ( | | | ( | ( | \__,_| _| _| \__,_| \___| \___/ _

srusskih SublimeJEDI SublimeJEDI is a Sublime Text 3 and Sublime Text 2 and plugin to the awesome autocomplete library Jedi Python Version Support Sublime Jedi Plugin Branch Jedi version Py

yyx990803 Semi-Sublime SublimeText 3 plugin for Semi - automatically adds/removes semicolons from JavaScript. Usage Make sure you have Node.js installed! If your node executable is not in default $PATH, you might

retext-project Welcome to ReText! ReText is a simple but powerful editor for Markdown and reStructuredText markup languages. One can also add support for custom markups using Python modules. To install ReText, make sure that you

sloria ped Quickly open Python modules in your text editor. $ ped django $ ped django.core.urlresolvers $ ped django.views.generic.TemplateView # Partial name matching $ ped django.http.resp Editing django.http.respo