Libraries for downloading.

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calganaygun YoutubeTranscriber A Python script to search strings in YouTube videos. Uses Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API to generate transcripts. You can use Goog


l1ving youtube-dl - download videos from or other video platforms CHANGES INSTALLATION DESCRIPTION OPTIONS CONFIGURATION OUTPUT TEMPLATE FORMAT S

scastillo This is not youtube-dl - it does not download videos from or other video platforms If you are looking for youtube-dl you can find it here:

kissgyorgy Simple podcast downloader (podcatcher) The simplest podcast downloader with no configuration, no tagging, no nothing. It simply downloads missing epis

jakedolan443 GUI tool to embed metadata for albums on Youtube with youtube-dl.

ImJanindu links downloader Telegram bot 💻

techboy-coder MMDL is a cli app which allows you to quickly and efficiently download one or multiple songs from YouTube.

cuducos A CPI da Pandemia recebeu milhares de documentos públicos, todos disponibilizados no site do Senado Federal.

Itz-fork Simple Telegram Bot to Download Files From and Upload It to Telegram

VivekBits2210 Command line tool that automatically detects and converts downloaded e-books to mobi format (and auto-uploads to Kindle, on a schedule)

Liupold music downloader written in python. (Uses jiosaavn API)

Puyodead1 A Udemy downloader that can download DRM protected videos and non-DRM protected videos.

anishgowda21 A telegram bot that can send you high-quality audio 🎧🎧🎧

Bryan-Herrera-DEV Music and video downloader, Made with love by Bryan Herrera

tgbot-collection Download videos from Youtube and other platforms through a Telegram Bot

X0R0X CLI Torrent Downloader provides convenient and quick way to search torrent magnet links (and to run associated torrent client) via major torrent sites (ThePirateBay, LimeTorrents, Zooqle, 1337x, GloTorrents, KickAssTorrents, Soli

callsmusic This bot downloads and sends the audio when someone send a YouTube/SoundCloud/MixCloud link in the specified chats, there is a command /ping which makes the bot reply with a "ping" for checking if the bot is running.

Devil64-Dev Python script to automate youtube-dl downloads

nathom A scriptable stream downloader for Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer and SoundCloud.

anatolykopyl youtube-cdl Command line tool based on youtube-dl to easily download selected channels from your subscriptions. This tool is very handy if you want to

rand-net A python script to download courses from Khan Academy using youtube-dl and beautifulsoup4.

sudo-daemon A minimalist GUI wrapper for youtube-dl. Written in python. Total size less than 4 KB. Contributions welcome. You don't need youtube-dl preinstalled in order to use this.

skeeto A youtube-dl download manager for Emacs This package manages a video download queue for youtube-dl, which serves as the back end. It manages a single youtube-dl subprocess, downloading one video at a time. New videos ca

smoqadam Youtube video downloader written in Rust

JannikHv About Gydl (Graphical Youtube-dl) is a GUI wrapper around the already existing youtube-dl program. It's developed with a dialog driven experience in mind. This provides a quick and easy video or audio downloads without

derniercri snatch A simple, fast and interruptable download accelerator, written in Rust WARNING This project is no longer maintained by @k0pernicus and @jean-serge. Instead of Snatch, you can use, report features or

mwichary twitter-export-image-fill Twitter allows you to download your tweet archive, but that archive doesn’t contain your images or videos. Ergo, it is not really an archive. This script: downloads all the images and vide

shawon922 Batch-Image-Downloader A simple Batch Image Downloader using Python and BeautifulSoup. What it does Downloads all the images from a given url and saves them in the directory of the script.

llakssz FunKiiU FunKiiU is a Python tool, compatible with Python 2.7 and 3, to download Wii U content from N's CDN. It supports games, dlc, updates, virtual console, demos, any content. By default DLC will be patched to u

shuoli84 Obsoleted Awesomeness of docker + docker-registry fully replaced the need of this project. PEACH - lightweight file download cache Motivation I am tired of waiting for file downloading again and