Libraries for generating project documentation.

Newest releases

mozilla Bedrock is the code name of It is as shiny, awesome, and open source as always. Perhaps even a little more.

nifey epub2sphinx epub2sphinx is a tool to convert epub files to ReST for Sphinx. It uses Pandoc for converting HTML data inside epub files into ReST. It cr

dandavison An editing environment for LaTeX mathematical documents

daniestevez Pluto firmware modifications This repository contains tools and documentation to aid in modifying the ADI ADALM Pluto firmware. Extraction of the Plut

lukas-reineke This plugin adds 3 kind of horizontal highlights for text filetypes, like markdown, rmd, vimwiki and orgmode.

brymer-meneses Grammar Guard is a Neovim plugin that checks your grammar as you write your LaTeX, Markdown or plain text document.

kdheepak Write documentation in pandoc markdown. Generate documentation in vimdoc.

SebastianM-C Cite Julia packages in your papers the easy way

internetarchive a full-text web search interface over the 25+ million open research papers in the Internet Archive.

baldurk This repository contains UI extensions and custom display shaders that have been written by the community for RenderDoc.

drivendataorg Nbautoexport: Automatically export Jupyter notebooks to various file formats (.py, .html, and more) on save.

fastai Create publication-quality books from Jupyter notebooks

executablebooks Markdown parser, done right. 100% CommonMark support, extensions, syntax plugins & high speed. Now in Python!

gadenbuie The goal of shinyComponents is to turn R Markdown documents in self-contained Shiny components. Like web components meets Shiny modules (without that ShadowDOM business).

timothycrosley Read Latest Documentation - Browse GitHub Code Repository The only thing worse than documentation never written, is documentation written but never discovered. portray is a Python3 command line tool and libra

danijar Python Handout Turn Python scripts into handouts with Markdown comments and inline figures. An alternative to Jupyter notebooks without hidden state that supports any text editor. Code Handout

mitmproxy pdoc is a library and a command line program to discover the public interface of a Python module or package. The pdoc script can be used to generate plain text or HTML of a module's public interface, or it can be used to run a

click-contrib sphinx-click sphinx-click is a Sphinx plugin that allows you to automatically extract documentation from a click-based application and include it in your docs. Installation Install the plugin using pip

core-api CoreDocs An API Documentation generator. Code sample generation - Automatic code samples for Python, Javascript, and the command line. Schema support - Currently supports Swagger, RAML, and JSON HyperSchema. The

pcbje Gransk - Document processing for investigations A tool for when you have a bunch of documents to figure out of. Introduction to Gransk (YouTube) Gransk is an open source tool that aims to be a Swiss army knife of d

jam-py JamDocs JamDocs is a web interface for Sphinx documentation generator built with It makes it very easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation. Requirements One of the following Python

sphinx-doc Sphinx Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation for Python projects (or other documents consisting of multiple reStructuredText sources), written by Georg Br

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cookiecutter Cookiecutter A command-line utility that creates projects from cookiecutters (project templates), e.g. creating a Python package project from a Python package project template. Documentation: htt

yoloseem Awesome Sphinx (Python Documentation Generator) A curated list of awesome extra libraries, software and resources for Sphinx (Python Documentation Generator). Inspired by awesome-sqlalchemy. (See also other awesome list

mitmproxy pdoc is a library and a command line program to discover the public interface of a Python module or package. The pdoc script can be used to generate plain text or HTML of a module's public interface, or it can be used to run an HT

Syntaf travis-sphinx A standalone script for automated building and deploying of sphinx docs via travis-ci What does it do? travis-sphinx aims to take the hassle out of building and pushing docs to your gh-pages

pystitch Stitch A knitr- RMarkdown-like library, in Python. Note: You might want to consider Jan Schulz's knitpy instead. It's probably more mature at this point. However, I wanted to see if there was a simpler way of doing