:atom: Run code interactively, inspect data, and plot. All the power of Jupyter kernels, inside your favorite text editor.

Hydrogen Hydrogen is an interactive coding environment that supports Python, R, JavaScript and other Jupyter kernels. Checkout our Documentation and Medium blog post to see what you can do with Hydrogen. Content

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pyouroboros ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ouroboros is no longer in development. It does its job (more or less) and the devs have succumb to real life! Please feel free to fork and maintain as you wish. We appreciate all of the support in the last year :

ovh View a larger version of the GIF DepC (Dependency Checker) is a QoS Measurement & Dependency Graph Platform created by OVH. We use it to store and request our CMDB and to compute the QoS of our infrastructure, including o

xuxinkun kubesql kubesql is a tool to use sql to query the resources of kubernetes. The resources of kubernetes such as nodes, pods and so on are handled as tables. For example, all pods are easily to list from apiserver. But the number

Tikam02 Looking for a job? No resume needed. Just prove you can code. Take Triplebyte’s quiz and go straight to final onsite interviews! DockerDocker ConceptsDocker NotesDocker Tutorial KubernetesKubernetes C

Brandawg93 Monitoring Pi-Hole statistics with Grafana

google Caliban is a tool that helps researchers launch and track their numerical experiments in an isolated, reproducible computing environment. It was developed by machine learning researchers and engineers, and makes it easy to go from a simple prototype running on a workstation to thousands of experimental jobs running on Cloud.

FSecureLABS This is the repository containing Leonidas, a framework for executing attacker actions in the cloud. It provides a YAML-based format for defining cloud attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and their associated detection properties.

jbergknoff Dockerfiler is a tool for declaratively managing images built from a set of Dockerfiles. Basically, it can help you manage a "Dockerfile" repo where you build any tools you want into images that you control