:atom: Run code interactively, inspect data, and plot. All the power of Jupyter kernels, inside your favorite text editor.

Hydrogen Hydrogen is an interactive coding environment that supports Python, R, JavaScript and other Jupyter kernels. Checkout our Documentation and Medium blog post to see what you can do with Hydrogen. Content

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Supervisor Supervisor Supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems. Supported Platforms Supervisor has been tested and is known to run on Linux (Ubu

giampaolo Quick links Home page Install Documentation Download Forum Blog Development guide What's new Summary psutil (process and system utilities) is a cross-platform library for retrievin

pexpect Pexpect is a Pure Python Expect-like module Pexpect makes Python a better tool for controlling other applications. Pexpect is a pure Python module for spawning child applications; controlling them; and responding to expected patterns in

ddollar Foreman Manage Procfile-based applications Installation $ gem install foreman Ruby users should take care not to install foreman in their project's Gemfile. See this wiki article for more details. Get

fabtools About fabtools includes useful functions to help you write your Fabric files. fabtools makes it easier to manage system users, packages, databases, etc. fabtools includes a number of low-level actions, as well as a higher lev

sebastien / / ___ ___ ___ ___ | | )| |___ | | )|___) |__ |__/ | __/ | | / |__ -- Chef-like functionality for Fabric About Fabric is an incredible tool to automate administration of remote machine

saltstack What is SaltStack? SaltStack makes software for complex systems management at scale. SaltStack is the company that created and maintains the Salt Open project and develops and sells SaltStack Enterprise software, services and sup

ansible Ansible Ansible is a radically simple IT automation system. It handles configuration-management, application deployment, cloud provisioning, ad-hoc task-execution, and multinode orchestration - including trivializing things li