A simple RESTful Web Service build with Tornado.

tornaREST Description TornaREST is a simple RESTful Web Service build with Tornado Web Server.It's a demo and a base framework for learning how to build a web service provides RESTful API. Some Detail How

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nekocode tornaREST Description TornaREST is a simple RESTful Web Service build with Tornado Web Server.It's a demo and a base framework for learning how to build a web service provides RESTful API. Some Detail How

EngCode Tornado Tornad | User Interface Framework This Version is no Longer Supported ==> V2 https://github.com/EngCode/Tornado-UI-v2 Tornado UI is Front End Framework to make Web Designing A lot Simpler and faster. Final v1.1 URel

PWZER swagger-ui-py Swagger UI for Python web framework, such Tornado, Flask, Quart, aiohttp, Sanic and Falcon. Only support Python3. Supported tornado flask sanic aiohttp quart starlette falcon bottle

beehive-lab Tornado Tornado is a practical heterogeneous programming framework for automatically accelerating Java programs on heterogeneous (OpenCL-compatible) hardware. Releases Tornado 0.1.0 - 07/09/2018 : See CHANGELOG

DiyLecko lecko-restful-api Lecko's Simple RESTful API Server with GoLang What is this? I needed RESTful API Server in GoLang, but every framework and libraries are so difficult for me. So i decide that i will make simple RESTf

marshmallow-code webargs Homepage: https://webargs.readthedocs.io/ webargs is a Python library for parsing and validating HTTP request objects, with built-in support for popular web frameworks, including Flask, Django, Bottle, Tornado,

karldoenitz Tigo is an HTTP web framework written in Go (Golang).It features a Tornado-like API with better performance.

guilherme-toti Simple Load Balancer This is a very simple load balancer with Vagrant + NGINX + Tornado + MySQL + REDIS How to use Clone this repository into some folder Open console, go to this folder and type vagrant up

apache Apache-ServiceComb-Service-Center Apache ServiceComb Service-Center is a Restful based service-registry that provides micro-services discovery and micro-service management. It is based on Open API format and provides featu

10yung Node.js Todolist RESTful Api Description This is a RESTful todolist Api built by Node.js (express) and MongoDB - mLab. You can Add, Edit, Delete todo list through Api call. It is RESTful Api so there are HTTP Methods

srfrog Go-Relax Build fast and complete RESTful APIs in Go Go-Relax aims to provide the tools to help developers build RESTful web services, and information needed to abide by REST architectural constraints using correct HTTP semanti

sockjs SockJS family: SockJS-client JavaScript client library SockJS-node Node.js server SockJS-erlang Erlang server SockJS-tornado Python/Tornado server vert.x Java/vert.x server Work in progress: SockJS-ruby SockJS-netty

xujiajun gorouter xujiajun/gorouter is a simple and fast HTTP router for Go. It is easy to build RESTful APIs and your web framework. Motivation I wanted a simple and fast HTTP GO router, which supports regexp. I prefer

dhax Go Restful API Boilerplate Easily extendible RESTful API boilerplate aiming to follow idiomatic go and best practice. The goal of this boiler is to have a solid and structured foundation to build upon on. Any feedback and pu

RestExpress RestExpress is a thin wrapper on the JBOSS Netty HTTP stack to provide a simple and easy way to create RESTful services in Java that support massive Internet Scale and performance. Born to be simple, only three things are required to wir

dsternlicht RESTool 2.0 (demo) The best tool in the neighborhood. Managing your RESTful APIs has never been so easy. RESTool gives you an out of the box UI that connects to your RESTful API with a simple configuration file. The idea be

karec cookiecutter-flask-restful Cookiecutter template for flask restful, including blueprints, application factory, and more Introduction This cookie cutter is a very simple boilerplate for starting a REST api using Flask,

h4wldev Frest Frest is the frame of the restful api server created with pallets/flask. GOAL Basic restful api server including login, sign up, sign out, modify account, writing, and etc.. Getting Started Just

jeff-1amstudios RESTful-DOOM An HTTP + JSON API hosted inside the 1993 DOOM engine! RESTful-DOOM is a version of Doom which hosts a RESTful API! The API allows you to query and manipulate various game objects with standard HTTP requests as th

Kronuz Xapiand A RESTful Search Engine Xapiand is A Modern Highly Available Distributed RESTful Search and Storage Engine built for the Cloud and with Data Locality in mind. It takes JSON (or MessagePack) documents and inde