Deep Learning

Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

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Shunichi09 PythonLinearNonlinearControl is a library implementing the linear and nonlinear control theories in python. Due to use only basic libralies (scipy, numpy), this library is easy to extend for your own situations.

FederatedAI FATE (Federated AI Technology Enabler) is an open-source project initiated by Webank's AI Department to provide a secure computing framework to support the federated AI ecosystem

RUCAIBox This is a repository of public data sources for Recommender Systems (RS).

avaneev BITEOPT is a free open-source stochastic non-linear bound-constrained derivative-free optimization method (algorithm, heuristic, or strategy). The name "BiteOpt" is an acronym for "BITmask Evolution OPTimization".

DeepLabCut DeepLabCut is a toolbox for markerless pose estimation of animals performing various tasks. Read a short development and application summary below. As long as you can see (label) what you want to track, you can use this toolbox, a

JunMa11 A collection of loss functions for medical image segmentation

Auquan Backtesting toolbox for trading strategies

lerrytang Procgen is a suite of 16 procedurally-generated environments that serves as a benchmark to measure how quickly a reinforcement learning agent learns generalizable skills. OpenAI provided train-procgen as sample code to train agent

poodarchu Collections of self-supervised methods (MoCo series, SimCLR, SiMo, BYOL, SimSiam, SwAV, PointContrast, etc.).

FingerRec [AAAI2021] The source code for our paper 《Enhancing Unsupervised Video Representation Learning by Decoupling the Scene and the Motion》.

Zhen-Dong HAWQ is an advanced quantization library written for PyTorch. HAWQ enables low-precision and mixed-precision uniform quantization, with direct hardware implementation through TVM.

sophos-ai SoReL-20M Sophos-ReversingLabs 20 Million dataset The code included in this repository produced the baseline models available at s3://sorel-20m/09-DEC

hyunwoongko KoBart-Transformers SKT에서 공개한 KoBart를 편리하게 사용할 수 있게 transformers로 포팅하였습니다. Install pip install kobart-transformers Tokenizer PreTrainedTokenizerFast를

TheAtomicProgrammer 🛰️ FUS : Free Unlimited Storage Features Upload files to Google Drive without using storage space Download any stored files to your computer Logic Go

lucidrains Distilling Knowledge from Reader to Retriever Implementation of the retriever distillation procedure as outlined in the paper Distilling Knowledge fro

google-research Ravens - Transporter Networks Ravens is a collection of simulated tasks in PyBullet for learning vision-based robotic manipulation, with emphasis on p

Shaoli-Huang SnapMix: Semantically Proportional Mixing for Augmenting Fine-grained Data (AAAI 2021) PyTorch implementation of SnapMix | paper Method Overview Cite

BITCS-Information-Retrieval-2020 论文综合搜索引擎 项目介绍 搭建一个学术论文的综合搜索引擎,用户可以检索到一篇论文的综合信息,不仅有pdf文件,还有oral视频,数据集,源代码等多模态信息。 输入: 文字 输出: 根据相关性由大到小排序的论文列表,其中的每一项包含: - 论文的数据(标题、作者、摘要、出版机构及年份等)(必须有

thealphadollar Welcome to GSoC Organisation Frequency And Details 👋 List of GSoC organisations with number of times they have been selected, techonologies, topics,

prathyvsh Models of Interaction Models of Interaction is a catalogue of the different ways of interacting with computers and their underlying models. This is on

TheHumanRobot Atomagical_Plex_Remote_Quality Automagically sets remote client playback quality What does this do how does it work? Inside the PlexAPI is a flag comp

ChuanyuXue BDCI-2020-TimeSeries-Prediction Matrix Factorization for High-Dimensional and Sparse Time Series Prediction 2020-BDCI,滴滴交通堵塞预测赛道 复赛第12名解决方案 This repos

BoringBoredom Table of contents Importance of low input lag Physical setup Peripherals Mouse Monitor BIOS Hardware clocking CPU RAM GPU Windows Tools & resources Mo

bmispelon django-walrus Installation pip install git+ (PyPI support in progress) Add walrus to y

Jackluisus Object Detection for VisDrone(无人机航拍图像目标检测) My environment 1、Windows10 (Linux available) 2、tensorflow >= 1.12.0 3、python3.6 (anaconda) 4、cv2 5、ensemble

alex04072000 FuSta: Hybrid Neural Fusion for Full-frame Video Stabilization Project Page | Video | Paper | Google Colab Setup Setup environment for [Yu and Ramamoo

godweiyang Neural Network CUDA Example Several simple examples for neural network toolkits (PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc.) calling custom CUDA operators. We provide

intel-isl Vision Transformers for Dense Prediction This repository contains code and models for our paper: Vision Transformers for Dense Prediction René Ranftl,

shadowcz007 参赛作品名 【隔空取人】【AI创造营】【mixlab】 An AR+ML prototype 作品简介 手机对准某人,确认要“收集”的他/她,然后对准电脑桌面对某个位置,即可把他/她贴到电脑桌面上!~~~ 使用方式 1 需要安装nodejs、python的开发环境,还有electron 2 启动服务

p-lambda WILDS is a benchmark of in-the-wild distribution shifts spanning diverse data modalities and applications, from tumor identification to wildlife monitoring to poverty mapping.

CVUsers Yolov5 real time smoke detection system

jiaxiangshang Self-Supervised Monocular 3D Face Reconstruction by Occlusion-Aware Multi-view Geometry Consistency(ECCV 2020, unfinish)

eps696 This version of famous StyleGAN2 is intended mostly for fellow artists and students, who rarely look at scientific metrics, but rather need a working tool.