Deep Learning

Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

Newest releases

zju3dv Paper list of monocular 3D human pose and shape estimation

operatorai modelstore is a Python library that allows you to version, export, and save a machine learning models to your filesystem or a cloud storage provider (AWS or GCP).

IkeaASM This repo contains code for the "IKEA assembly dataset". This is a dev repo, after cleanup, it will be publicly available on Github.

espnet Utilities managing the pretrained models created by ESPnet. This function is inspired by the Asteroid pretrained model function.

NVlabs Imaginaire is a pytorch library that contains optimized implementation of several image and video synthesis methods developed at NVIDIA.

coolEphemeroptera Accent recognition is closely related to speech recognition, It is easy to fall into the overfitting situation if we only do simple accent classification, hence we introduce speech recognition task to build a multi-task model.

Hari-Nagarajan Tool to help us buy a GPU in 2020

nizhenliang LWANet can segment surgical instruments in real-time while takes little computational costs. Based on 960×544 inputs, its inference speed can reach 39 fps with only 3.39 GFLOPs. Also, it has a small model size and the number of pa

traveller59 SECOND for KITTI/NuScenes object detection

ryanwongsa 1st Place solution to the Cornell Birdcall Identification competition.

renatoviolin Using Generative Adversarial Networks implementations to reconstruct corrupted images (Inpainting).

littlegreedy Monitoring the emotional problem of children based on the basic unit of teaching classes. A system only relies on advanced means of Keras convolution neural network.

berenslab A Unifying Perspective on Neighbor Embeddings along the Attraction-Repulsion Spectrum

timsainb Parametric UMAP embeddings for representation and semisupervised learning. From the paper "Parametric UMAP: learning embeddings with deep neural networks for representation and semi-supervised learning" (Sainburg, McInnes, Gentner

rajarshd Code for paper A simple approach to case-based reasoning in knowledge bases

ermongroup Official implementation for the paper: Permutation Invariant Graph Generation via Score-Based Generative Modeling

FalkonML Python implementation of the Falkon algorithm for large-scale, approximate kernel ridge regression.

zlinao In this paper, we propose Minimalist Transfer Learning (MinTL) to simplify the system design process of task-oriented dialogue systems and alleviate the over-dependency on annotated data. MinTL is a simple yet effective transfer l

szzexpoi This code implements the Attention with Reasoning capability (AiR) framework

PingYu-iris We propose a variant of GCNs to leverage the powerful self-attention mechanism to adaptively sparsify a complete action graph in the temporal space.

actionml Harness is a Machine Learning/AI Server with plugins for many algorithms including the Universal Recommender

kohillyang A mxnet object detection library contains implementations of RFCN, FCOS, RetinaNet, OpenPose, etc..

neuralet Neuralet is an open-source platform for edge deep learning models on GPU, TPU, and more. We hope to make it easier to start and evaluate various deep learning models on different edge devices.

meder411 Official repository for "Tangent Images for Mitigating Spherical Distortion," CVPR 2020

mikacuy We introduce a new problem of retrieving 3D models that are deformable to a given query shape and present a novel deep deformation-aware embedding to solve this retrieval task. 3D model retrieval is a fundamental operation for rec

AndreaHor This is the official implementation of our ICML 2020 paper Lifted Disjoint Paths with Application in Multiple Object Tracking

cyh1112 Learning Graph Normalization for Graph Neural Networks

shoumikchow This package helps users draw bounding boxes around objects, without doing the clumsy math that you'd need to do for positioning the labels. It also has a few different types of visualizations you can use for labeling objects afte

wuxiaolang 以下收集的论文、代码等资料主要与本人的学习方向 视觉 SLAM、增强现实 相关。 目前重点关注 VO、物体级 SLAM 和语义数据关联, 对传感器融合、稠密建图也略有关注

graphdeeplearning Repository for benchmarking graph neural networks

tommyMessi ctcloss + centerloss crnn text recognition

1nfinityLoop I made a real time Sudoku solver using the camera, it looks for the edges of the Sudoku in the frame, extracts it, solves it and overlays the solution on the puzzle itself.