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Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

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yinyunie Implementation of CVPR'21: RfD-Net: Point Scene Understanding by Semantic Instance Reconstruction

yuantn In this paper, we propose Multiple Instance Active Object Detection (MI-AOD), to select the most informative images for detector training by observing instance-level uncertainty.

yang-song This repo contains a PyTorch implementation for the paper Score-Based Generative Modeling through Stochastic Differential Equations

bryandlee Implementation of Repurposing GANs for One-shot Semantic Part Segmentation

hubert0527 InfinityGAN: Towards Infinite-Resolution Image Synthesis

d-li14 Reproduction of EfficientNet V2 architecture as described in EfficientNetV2: Smaller Models and Faster Training by Mingxing Tan, Quoc V. Le with the PyTorch framework.

microsoft CyberBattleSim is an experimentation research platform to investigate the interaction of automated agents operating in a simulated abstract enterprise network environment.

currentsapi A curated list of awesome vector search framework/engine, library, cloud service and research papers to vector similarity search

zju3dv LoFTR: Detector-Free Local Feature Matching with Transformers Project Page | Paper LoFTR: Detector-Free Local Feature Matching with Transformers Jiami

taesungp Swapping Autoencoder for Deep Image Manipulation Taesung Park, Jun-Yan Zhu, Oliver Wang, Jingwan Lu, Eli Shechtman, Alexei A. Efros, Richard Zhang UC

threatexpress Random C2 Profile Generator Cobalt Strike random C2 Profile generator Author: Joe Vest (@joevest) This project is designed to generate malleable c2 pr

nex-mpi NeX: Real-time View Synthesis with Neural Basis Expansion Project Page | Video | Paper | COLAB | Shiny Dataset We present NeX, a new approach to novel

zju3dv NeuralRecon: Real-Time Coherent 3D Reconstruction from Monocular Video Project Page | Paper NeuralRecon: Real-Time Coherent 3D Reconstruction from Mon

yuval-alaluf ReStyle: A Residual-Based StyleGAN Encoder via Iterative Refinement Recently, the power of unconditional image synthesis has significantly advanced th

tstanislawek Awesome Document Understanding A curated list of resources for Document Understanding (DU) topic related to Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), whi

BMW-InnovationLab BMW Semantic Segmentation GPU/CPU Inference API This is a repository for a Semantic Segmentation inference API using the Gluoncv CV toolkit. The train

mstrYoda awesome-dapr A curated list of awesome Dapr application runtime related repositories, articles. Contents 💼 Official Projects 📹 Videos 📰 Articles 🗒

textflint Unified Multilingual Robustness Evaluation Toolkit for Natural Language Processing [TextFlint Documentation on ReadTheDocs] About • Setup • Usage • De

Sara-Ahmed This repository will contain the official PyTorch self-supervised pretraining, finetuning, and evaluation code for SiT (Self-supervised image Transformer).

cvg SOLD² is a deep line segment detector and descriptor that can be trained without hand-labelled line segments and that can robustly match lines even in the presence of occlusion.

YtongXie CoTr: Efficiently Bridging CNN and Transformer for 3D Medical Image Segmentation

czczup URST is a versatile framework for ultra-high resolution style transfer under limited memory resources, which can be easily plugged in most existing neural style transfer methods.

FangShancheng Read Like Humans: Autonomous, Bidirectional and Iterative Language Modeling for Scene Text Recognition

DingXiaoH Diverse Branch Block: Building a Convolution as an Inception-like Unit

microsoft Accurate 3D Face Reconstruction with Weakly-Supervised Learning: From Single Image to Image Set

52CV CVPR2021最新信息及已接收论文/代码

diningphil This is a Python library to easily experiment with Deep Graph Networks (DGNs). It provides automatic management of data splitting, loading and the most common experimental settings.

dingmyu Learning Versatile Neural Architectures by Propagating Network Codes

ZFTurbo 1st place solution for Clog Loss: Advance Alzheimer’s Research with Stall Catchers

Tangshitao Learning Camera Localization via Dense Scene Matching, CVPR2021

CASIA-IVA-Lab Adaptive Class Suppression Loss for Long-Tail Object Detection--CVPR2021

princetonvisualai Fair Attribute Classification through Latent Space De-biasing (CVPR 2021)

daooshee Code for HLA-Face: Joint High-Low Adaptation for Low Light Face Detection (CVPR21)