Deep Learning

Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

Newest releases

anguelos Image data augmentation with pytorch

guxinqian Pytorch implementation of "Appearance-Preserving 3D Convolution for Video-based Person Re-identification"

kevinzakka torchkit is a lightweight library containing PyTorch utilities useful for day-to-day research. Its main goal is to abstract away a lot of the redundant boilerplate associated with research projects like experimental configurations

JuanFMontesinos Backpropagable pytorch implementation of mir_eval

blackfeather-wang A general framework for inferring CNNs efficiently. Reduce the inference latency of MobileNet-V3 by 20% on an iPhone XS Max without sacrificing accuracy.

secondmind-labs A Bayesian optimization toolbox built on TensorFlow. Trieste is named after the bathyscaphe Trieste, the first vehicle to take a crew to Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, the lowest point on the Earth's surface: the literal g

elisim The official implementation of the paper "PIVEN: A Deep Neural Network for Prediction Intervals with Specific Value Prediction" by Eli Simhayev, Gilad Katz and Lior Rokach.

lucidrains An implementation of Performer, a linear attention-based transformer variant with a Fast Attention Via positive Orthogonal Random features approach (FAVOR+).

skywalker023 🤖 Will I Sound Like Me? Improving Persona Consistency in Dialogues through Pragmatic Self-Consciousness. EMNLP, 2020

htdt Official repository of the paper Whitening for Self-Supervised Representation Learning

lucidrains An implementation of Linformer in Pytorch. Linformer comes with two deficiencies. (1) It does not work for the auto-regressive case. (2) Assumes a fixed sequence length.

fabro66 A Graph Attention Spatio-temporal Convolutional Networks for 3D Human Pose Estimation in Video (GAST-Net)

psinger This repository contains the code for our winning solution to the 2020 edition of the Google Landmark Recognition competition hosted on Kaggle

kamalkraj Vision Transformer using TF 2.0

TinyGrass Weakly-/Semi-Supervised Learning in Computer vision

autonomousvision This repository contains scripts for inspection of the KITTI-360 dataset.

lioryariv This repository contains an implementation for the NeurIPS 2020 paper Multiview Neural Surface Reconstruction with Implicit Lighting and Material.

hyperplane-lab This is the implementation of NeurIPS 2020 paper "Generative 3D Part Assembly via Dynamic Graph Learning"

wenhuchen Code and Data for EMNLP2020 Paper "KGPT: Knowledge-Grounded Pre-Training for Data-to-Text Generation"

Xiangyi1996 Official Implementation of Part-aware Prototype Network for Few-shot Semantic Segmentation

LeeDoYup Unofficial Pytorch code for "FixMatch: Simplifying Semi-Supervised Learning with Consistency and Confidence" in NeurIPS'20. This repo contains reproduced checkpoints.

facebookresearch Perceiving 3D Human-Object Spatial Arrangements from a Single Image in the Wild

DLR-RM Official Code: A Sparse Gaussian Approach to Region-Based 6DoF Object Tracking

FangyunWei The code for implementing Point-Set Anchors. The code is based on MMDetection.

YisenWang Code for ICLR2020 "Improving Adversarial Robustness Requires Revisiting Misclassified Examples"

ShaoTengLiu Hyperbolic Visual Embedding Learning for Zero-Shot Recognition (CVPR 2020)

luinardi HyperMapper is a multi-objective black-box optimization tool based on Bayesian Optimization.

swapnanildutta Here are some of the HackerRank Codes. Please try them by yourself and then check them out. These are just to help you understand better.

parrt The goal of this library is to generate more helpful exception messages for numpy/pytorch matrix algebra expressions.

Khrylx Official PyTorch Implementation of "DLow: Diversifying Latent Flows for Diverse Human Motion Prediction". ECCV 2020.

ChrisWu1997 code for our ECCV 2020 spotlight paper "Multimodal Shape Completion via Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks"