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Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

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DioBruh Python open-source keylogger Language Python open-source keylogger using pynput module Using Install dependences in archive or in

truecharts trueupdate A TrueCharts automatic and bulk update utility How to install run pip install trueupdate Please be aware you will need to reinstall after e

ZhaoUncle Top Homepage A list of popular projects related tohomepage, homelab, self-hosted, startpage, single-page, bookmark(ranked by stars automatically) Plea

UMich-CURLY-teaching MOBILE ROBOTICS: METHODS & ALGORITHMS - WINTER 2022 University of Michigan - NA 568/EECS 568/ROB 530 For slides, lecture notes, and example codes, see

joshuanianji HackED 2022 Team 3IQ - 2022 Imposter Detector By Aneeljyot Alagh, Curtis Kan, Joshua Ji, Pratham Arora, Vedant Vyas, and William Tran. This project us

AzharRizky Laporan Proyek Machine Learning - Azhar Rizki Zulma Project Overview Domain proyek yang dipilih dalam proyek machine learning ini adalah mengenai hibu

woodrush A Neural Network Built in Pure Lisp Using Only Atoms and Lists At the dawn of Lisp after its birth in 1958, Lisp was used as a language for creating a

andresrodriguez55 Warning: If you start the application without having access to the application database when logging in in student mode or trying to log in in persona

dreji18 EnvBert - BERT for Environment Domain EnvBert is an easy-to-use Python library built on top of Bert models to identify essential environmental data as

fncolon awesome-fp A collaborative curated list of Functional Programming resources, people, communities, events, tools, and books Awesome list of Functional

ccaven music-ai Deep learning transformer model that generates unique music sequences. Abstract In 2017, a new state-of-the-art was published for natural lan

billfitzgerald 0. Overview The Trapper Keeper is a collection of scripts that support archiving information from around the web to make it easier to study and use. I

lindahua Regression A Julia package for regression analysis. Overview This package is based on EmpiricalRisks, and provides a set of algorithms to perform regr

JuliaStats Loess This is a pure Julia loess implementation, based on the fast kd-tree based approximation described in the original Cleveland, et al papers[1,2,3

benhamner MachineLearning.jl The MachineLearning package represents the very beginnings of an attempt to consolidate common machine learning algorithms written

JuliaStats MLBase.jl Swiss knife for machine learning. This package does not implement specific machine learning algorithms. Instead, it provides a collection of

trthatcher Discriminant Analysis DiscriminantAnalysis.jl is a Julia package for multiple linear and quadratic regularized discriminant analysis (LDA & QDA respec

nuanio XGBoost-Node eXtreme Gradient Boosting Package in Node.js XGBoost-Node is a Node.js interface of XGBoost. XGBoost is a library from DMLC. It is design

ajtulloch DNNGraph - A deep neural network model generation DSL in Haskell It consists of several parts: A DSL for specifying the model. This uses the lens libr

jbarrow LambdaNet LambdaNet is an artificial neural network library written in Haskell that abstracts network creation, training, and use as higher order func

airbnb aerosolve Machine learning for humans. What is it? A machine learning library designed from the ground up to be human friendly. It is different from o

ajtulloch MachineLearning in Haskell This is a library implementing some basic machine learning algorithms. Hopfield Networks To run the demonstration, run Mach

mikeizbicki HLearn HLearn is a high performance machine learning library written in Haskell. For example, it currently has the fastest nearest neighbor implementa

alpmestan hnn haskell neural network library You can find the haddocks on hackage. See the examples/ directory to see how to use the library or the AI.HNN.FF.Ne

ajtulloch Hopfield Networks in Haskell Hopfield Networks are a simple form of neutral network, that can be understood as a simplified model of memory. This impl

CamDavidsonPilon aka "Bayesian Methods for Hackers": An introduction to Bayesian methods + probabilistic programming with a computation/understanding-first, mathematics-second point of view. All in pure Python ;)

AstraZeneca reXmeX is recommender system evaluation metric library. Please look at the Documentation and External Resources. reXmeX consists of utilities for reco

AstraZeneca Documentation | External Resources | Datasets | Examples ChemicalX is a deep learning library for drug-drug interaction, polypharmacy side effect, and

benedekrozemberczki Documentation | External Resources | Research Paper Shapley is a Python library for evaluating binary classifiers in a machine learning ensemble. The

PyTorchLightning Deep learning project seed Use this seed to start new deep learning / ML projects. Built in Built in requirements Examples with MNIST Badges

cltk The Classical Language Toolkit (CLTK) is a Python library offering natural language processing (NLP) for pre-modern languages. Installation For the CL

PPACI Yase Yet Another Sequence Encoder - encode sequences to vector of vectors in python ! Why Yase ? Yase enable you to encode any sequence which can be r