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Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

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mikeizbicki HLearn HLearn is a high performance machine learning library written in Haskell. For example, it currently has the fastest nearest neighbor implementa

alpmestan hnn haskell neural network library You can find the haddocks on hackage. See the examples/ directory to see how to use the library or the AI.HNN.FF.Ne

ajtulloch Hopfield Networks in Haskell Hopfield Networks are a simple form of neutral network, that can be understood as a simplified model of memory. This impl

CamDavidsonPilon aka "Bayesian Methods for Hackers": An introduction to Bayesian methods + probabilistic programming with a computation/understanding-first, mathematics-second point of view. All in pure Python ;)

AstraZeneca reXmeX is recommender system evaluation metric library. Please look at the Documentation and External Resources. reXmeX consists of utilities for reco

AstraZeneca Documentation | External Resources | Datasets | Examples ChemicalX is a deep learning library for drug-drug interaction, polypharmacy side effect, and

benedekrozemberczki Documentation | External Resources | Research Paper Shapley is a Python library for evaluating binary classifiers in a machine learning ensemble. The

PyTorchLightning Deep learning project seed Use this seed to start new deep learning / ML projects. Built in Built in requirements Examples with MNIST Badges

cltk The Classical Language Toolkit (CLTK) is a Python library offering natural language processing (NLP) for pre-modern languages. Installation For the CL

PPACI Yase Yet Another Sequence Encoder - encode sequences to vector of vectors in python ! Why Yase ? Yase enable you to encode any sequence which can be r

deepmipt DeepPavlov is an open-source conversational AI library built on TensorFlow, Keras and PyTorch. DeepPavlov is designed for development of production re

jamesturk Overview jellyfish is a library for approximate & phonetic matching of strings. Source: Documentation: https://

dasmith Python interface to Stanford Core NLP tools v3.4.1 This is a Python wrapper for Stanford University's NLP group's Java-based CoreNLP tools. It can eit

dmcc PyStanfordDependencies Python interface for converting Penn Treebank trees to Universal Dependencies and Stanford Dependencies. Example usage Start by

tasdikrahman spammy Author: Tasdik Rahman Latest version: 1.0.3 Contents 1   Overview 2   Features 3   Example 3.1   Accuracy of the classifier 4   Installation 4.

fangpenlin What is loso? loso is a Chinese segmentation system written in Python. It was developed by Victor Lin ([email protected]) for Plurk Inc. Copyright &

duanhongyi Genius Genius是一个开源的python中文分词组件,采用 CRF(Conditional Random Field)条件随机场算法。 Feature 支持python2.x、python3.x以及pypy2.x。 支持简单的pinyin分词 支持用户自定义break 支持用户自定义合并词

Ret2Me IoT Owl IoT owl is light face detection and recognition system made for small IoT devices like raspberry pi. Versions Heavy with mask detection withou

ProGamerGov neural-dream This is a PyTorch implementation of DeepDream. The code is based on neural-style-pt. Here we DeepDream a photograph of the Golden Gate Br

ProGamerGov Dream-Creator This project aims to simplify the process of creating a custom DeepDream model by using pretrained GoogleNet models and custom image dat

greentfrapp Lucent PyTorch + Lucid = Lucent The wonderful Lucid library adapted for the wonderful PyTorch! Lucent is not affiliated with Lucid or OpenAI's Clarity

gugarosa Learnergy: Energy-based Machine Learners Welcome to Learnergy. Did you ever reach a bottleneck in your computational experiments? Are you tired of imp

ageitgey Face Recognition You can also read a translated version of this file in Chinese 简体中文版 or in Korean 한국어 or in Japanese 日本語. Recognize and manipulate fa

natanielruiz Face Detection Docker Solution Using Faster R-CNN Dockerface is a deep learning face detector. It deploys a trained Faster R-CNN network on Caffe thro

ProGamerGov neural-style-pt This is a PyTorch implementation of the paper A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style by Leon A. Gatys, Alexander S. Ecker, and Matthias

scikit-image scikit-image: Image processing in Python Website (including documentation): User forum:

jesolem About PCV PCV is a pure Python library for computer vision based on the book "Programming Computer Vision with Python" by Jan Erik Solem. More details

titsuki NAME Algorithm::NaiveBayes - A Raku Naive Bayes classifier implementation SYNOPSIS EXAMPLE1 use Algorithm::NaiveBayes; my $nb = Algorithm::NaiveBayes

marcoscoffier torch-saliency code and tools around integral images. A library for finding interest points based on fast integral historgrams. The saliency is comput

covartech PRT: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning in MATLAB A free and permissively licensed object oriented approach to machine learning in MATLAB. Machi

PRML Introduction This Matlab package implements machine learning algorithms described in the great textbook: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by C

soumith galaxyzoo Entry for GalaxyZoo Challenge: Our best score was 0.08246 placing us at 9th position