Deep Learning

Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

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peterbhase Code for paper "Leakage-Adjusted Simulatability: Can Models Generate Non-Trivial Explanations of Their Behavior in Natural Language?"

ChandlerBang Implementation of the KDD 2020 paper "Graph Structure Learning for Robust Graph Neural Networks"

cjerry1243 Transfer Learning from Monolingual ASR to Transcription-free Cross-lingual Voice Conversion

ermongroup Implements sampling from an implicit model that is trained with the same procedure as Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Model, but costs much less time and compute if you want to sample from it

yongzhuo 中文文本生成(NLG)之文本摘要(text summarization)工具包, 语料数据(corpus data), 抽取式摘要 Extractive text summary of Lead3、keyword、textrank、text teaser、word significance、LDA、LSI、NMF。(graph,feature,topic model,summarize tool or tookit)

Skylark0924 🔥🌟《Machine Learning 格物志》: ML + DL + RL basic codes and notes by sklearn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras & the most important, from scratch!💪 This repository is ALL You Need!

PeterH0323 Head Person Helmet Detection on Construction Sites,基于目标检测工地安全帽和禁入危险区域识别系统,🚀😆附 YOLOv5 训练自己的数据集超详细教程!!!😆🚀

jeya-maria-jose Official Pytorch Code for the paper "KiU-Net: Towards Accurate Segmentation of Biomedical Images using Over-complete Representations" , presented at MICCAI 2020 and its

JasonFengGit A Language Classifier powered by Recurrent Neural Network implemented in Python without AI libraries. AI from scratch.

xbjxh CurveLanes is a new benchmark lane detection dataset with 150K lanes images for difficult scenarios such as curves and multi-lanes in traffic lane detection. It is collected in real urban and highway scenarios in multiple cities i

gupta-abhay Implementation of Vision Transformer in PyTorch, a new model to achieve SOTA in vision classification with using transformer style encoders.

jsonresume Fully generated fake resumes using machine learning models trained off ~6000 JSON resumes.

clvrai Learning to Coordinate Manipulation Skills via Skill Behavior Diversification (ICLR 2020)

intersun Code for EMNLP 2020 paper CoDIR: Contrastive Distillation on Intermediate Representations for Language Model Compression

v-iashin PyTorch implementation of Multi-modal Dense Video Captioning (CVPR 2020 Workshops)

YimianDai code and trained models for "Attentional Feature Fusion"

HannH This is an unoffical repository for reproducing model DMFN from the paper [Image Fine-grained Inpainting]. The original repository is here, but author have not commit the rest of implement code yet.

aparis69 Source code for the Computer Graphics Forum paper: Segment Tracing Using Local Lipschitz Bounds. Presented at Eurographics 2020.

VisionLearningGroup This repository provides code for the paper, Universal Domain Adaptation through Self-Supervision. Please go to our project page to quickly understand the content of the paper or read our paper.

NVlabs StyleGAN2 with adaptive discriminator augmentation (ADA) - Official TensorFlow implementation

keyth72 PedalNet-RealTime trains guitar effect/amp neural network models for use with the SmartGuitarPedal, SmartGuitarAmp, and WaveNetVA plugins. You can train a model using this repository, then convert it to a .json model that can be l

AvivNavon Official implementation of "Learning The Pareto Front With HyperNetworks"

sjenni Video Representation Learning by Recognizing Temporal Transformations. In ECCV, 2020.

atcold This notebook repository now has a companion website, where all the course material can be found in video and textual format.

YimiAChack A TensorFlow implementation of "Graph Structural-topic Neural Network"

koaning Machine Learning models should play by the rules, literally.

lucidrains Implementation of λ Networks, a new approach to image recognition that reaches SOTA on ImageNet. The new method utilizes λ layer, which captures interactions by transforming contexts into linear functions, termed lambdas, and appl

MasterBin-IIAU Alpha-Refine: Boosting Tracking Performance by Precise Bounding Box Estimation

sisl Efficient Large-Scale Multi-Drone Delivery Using Transit Networks

LandskapeAI Official PyTorch Implementation for "Rotate to Attend: Convolutional Triplet Attention Module."

KeplerGO Lightkurve is a community-developed, open-source Python package which offers a beautiful and user-friendly way to analyze astronomical flux time series data, in particular the pixels and lightcurves obtained by NASA's Kepler and T

microsoft coax - Turn RL papers into code, the easy way, Plug-n-Play Reinforcement Learning in Python with OpenAI Gym and JAX