Deep Learning

Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

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JosiahParry sfweight The goal of sfweight is to create a tidier and more streamlined interface to the spdep package. The spdep package has an idiosyncratic syntax

rishikksh20 NU-Wave: A Diffusion Probabilistic Model for Neural Audio Upsampling For Official repo of NU-Wave: A Diffusion Probabilistic Model for Neural Audio Up

FredericoBender Jogo que desenvolvi sozinho no período de Julho a Outubro de 2017 para disciplina de "Algoritmos e Estruturas de Dados I" no curso de Eng. de Computaç

z3tt Collection of contributions to and resources for the first #30DayChartChallenge in April 2021. How to contribute? Anyone is welcome to contribute, no

TeamDaisyX ❤️ DaisyX 2.0 ❤️ A Powerful, Smart And Simple Group Manager ... Written with AioGram , Pyrogram and Telethon... ⭐️ Thanks to everyone who starred Dais

ashyukiha GenshinCharacterShaderZhihuVer The implementation of URP Genshin Like Character Shader used in my Zhihu Article.

tongji40 赛题介绍 芒果TV-第二届“马栏山杯”国际音视频算法大赛-防盗链 随着业务的发展,芒果的视频内容也深受网友的喜欢,不少视频网站和应用开始盗播芒果的视频内容,盗链网站不经过芒果TV的前端系统,跳过广告播放,且消耗大量的服务器、带宽资源,直接给公司带来了巨大的经济损失,因此防盗链在日常运营中显得尤为重要

danfenghong Multimodal Remote Sensing Benchmark Datasets for Land Cover Classification with A Shared and Specific Feature Learning Model Danfeng Hong, Jingliang H

NitroCao mydocker-c 此项目旨在通过用 C 语言实现一个简单的 Docker,了解 Docker 的运行原理,包括但不限于阅读分析相关的 Linux 内核源码。 预备知识 C 语言基础。本文不会介绍基础的 C 语言语法。 Linux 系统编程基础。本文不会介绍基础的 Linux 系统编程内容,如 o

WaterHashira DSA-RoadMap-With-Resources This repository contains all the resources in a well organized manner that I find useful, I will keep on updating these res

esx-framework ESX Reborn Sill looking for old version ? => or T

Harpoon-Inc So I heard you wanted to use Harpoon? Great! Worried about it being a RAT? Read the source in this zip and you'll have wasted all your time reading c

buwantaiji FermiFlow The code requires python >= 3.6 and PyTorch >= 1.7.1. A GPU support is highly recommended. (Otherwise the code would likely be painfully slo

awesome-cryosphere Cryosphere Software, Data and Tools A prototype of a curated list of awesome data sources, models, tools and organizations related to the Cryosphere a

Samvid95 Introduction I have created this repository with the goal of documenting, learning & extending(maybe in future) some of the Algotrading repositories.

Dhghomon Rust for Fsharpers and F# for Rustaceans What's this repository for? Its intent is to be an informal manual for users of Rust and F# to read through t

blackfeather-wang Dynamic-Vision-Transformer (Pytorch) This repo contains the official code and pre-trained models for the Dynamic Vision Transformer (DVT). Not All Ima

jamii Dida is a (WIP) library for streaming, incremental, iterative, internally-consistent computation on time-varying collections. The jargon-free version:

bhansmeyer A compilation of predictions and wishlists for WWDC 2021. Blog Posts, Articles & Tweets Luke Filipowicz, iMore (watchOS 8) Becky Hansmeyer Casey Liss

shanedrabing Polyfoto Create image mosaics. Showcase "Before and After Science" by Brian Eno "Scott 3" by Scott Walker Installation Clone this repository to your l

mananabot alphamev-winning-submission Top #1 Submission code for the first alphamev MEV competition with best AUC (0.9893) and MSE (0.0982). The code won't run

sxyu NeRF visualization library using PlenOctrees, under construction pip install nerfvis Docs will be at: import nerfvis s

SonicMastr Doki-Doki-Literature-Club-Vita Vita Specific Patches and Application for Doki Doki Literature Club (Steam Version) using Ren'Py PSVita Contains: Modif

Zy143L 使用方法 完美网络用户 ql repo "wskey" 国内网络用户 ql repo "wskey" 使用建议 修改定时计划 15

michiyasunaga [EMNLP 2021] LM-Critic: Language Models for Unsupervised Grammatical Error Correction

featureform A storage engine for vector machine learning embeddings.

RL-VIG LibFewShot: A Comprehensive Library for Few-shot Learning.

kcosta42 Zero-Shot Text-to-Image Generation VQGAN+CLIP Dockerized

cooperativesource About Cooperative Source "Cooperative Source" is a new(-ish) way of developing software. It's not open source, but it takes a lot of the things about

opendilab DI-HPC: Decision Intelligence - High Performance Computation DI-HPC is an acceleration operator component for general algorithm modules in reinforceme

Nutlope Devrel Resources A repo filled with devrel resources, books, & people to follow. Books The Business Value of Developer Relations by Mary Thengvall Dev

zverok WikipediaQL: querying structured data from Wikipedia WikipediaQL is an experimental query language and Python library for querying structured data fro

magi-1 Bonsai: Gradient Boosted Trees + Bayesian Optimization Bonsai is a wrapper for the XGBoost and Catboost model training pipelines that leverages Bayesi