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Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

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facebookresearch CPA - Compositional Perturbation Autoencoder CPA is a collaborative research project from Facebook AI Research (FAIR) and the computational biology gr

ArthurSpirling Text as Data Class for Spring 2021 This repo contains materials from my NYU DS "Text as Data" course from spring 2021. You will also find a syllabus.

lessw2020 Ranger21 - integrating the latest deep learning components into a single optimizer Ranger deep learning optimizer rewrite to use newest components Ran

jobguywork جاب‌گای چیست؟ اونجا وضعیت چطوریه؟ یه سوال به همین کلیت و ابهام معمولا وقتی برای یه شرکت رزومه می‌فرستیم این سوال کلی و بزرگ برای همه پیش میاد.اونجا وض

Azure Counterfit About | Getting Started | Learn More | Acknowledgments | Contributing | Trademarks | Contact Us -------------------------------------------

adobe One Stop Anomaly Shop (OSAS) Quick start guide Step 1: Get/build the docker image Option 1: Use precompiled image (might not reflect latest changes):

pallupz COVID-19 Vaccination Slot Booking Script Update: We are getting all kinds of attention now - which I do not want to handle. So there won't be any addi

hee9joon Awesome-Diffusion-Models This repository contains a collection of resources and papers on Diffusion Models. If there are any missing valuable resource

possibly-wrong codenames Codename generator using WordNet parts of speech database References: ht

hku-mars R3LIVE A Robust, Real-time, RGB-colored, LiDAR-Inertial-Visual tightly-coupled state Estimation and mapping package Our preprint paper: Our preprint p

rom1504 img2dataset Easily turn large sets of image urls to an image dataset. Can download, resize and package 100M urls in 20h on one machine. Also supports

rishikksh20 AdaSpeech 2: Adaptive Text to Speech with Untranscribed Data [WIP] Unofficial Pytorch implementation of AdaSpeech 2. Requirements : All code written i

ucbrise ActNN : Activation Compressed Training This is the official project repository for ActNN: Reducing Training Memory Footprint via 2-Bit Activation Comp

terrakok Awesome KMM Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) is an SDK designed to simplify creating cross-platform mobile applications. With the help of KMM, you ca

OPEN-AIR-SUN Pointly-supervised 3D Scene Parsing with Viewpoint Bottleneck Paper Created by Liyi Luo, Beiwen Tian, Hao Zhao and Guyue Zhou from Institute for AI In

Kaustubh-Natuskar Good Product Base Companies & start-up's This Repository contains contains the list of companies(more than FAANG) which you can join! companies to app

Jia-Research-Lab ReviewKD Distilling Knowledge via Knowledge Review Pengguang Chen, Shu Liu, Hengshuang Zhao, Jiaya Jia This project provides an implementation for the

jonathandroth pretrends The pretrends package provides tools for power calculations for pre-trends tests, and visualization of possible violations of parallel trend

algolia Algolia is happy to kick off a Coding Contest! To participate, it's simple: Build a project using Algolia, choosing one of the 3 categories listed bel

isidorosp awesome-rocketpool 🚀 A curated list of awesome Rocketpool resources Contributing Everyone is welcome to contribute to awesome rocketpool, as long as

hustvl QueryInst: Parallelly Supervised Mask Query for Instance Segmentation TL;DR: QueryInst is a simple and effective query based instance segmentation met

Vaccine-Hunters-Canada 💉 🔍 VaxFinder - Backend The backend for the Vaccine Hunters Finder tool. Development Prerequisites Python 3.8 Poetry: A tool for dependency manageme

wonwizard StyleGAN2 Webtoon / Anime Style Toonify Korea Webtoon or Japanese Anime Character Stylegan2 base high Quality 1024x1024 / 512x512 Generate and Transfe

mossr Donut.jl Andy Sloane's donut written in Julia. Reference: Copy this into the Julia REPL to watch the

drcode Lisperati 1000 DIY Build Instructions Author: Conrad Barski, CEO of Lisperati Inc. In this How To we're going to build a fully-working Lisperati1000 c

ventusff [Unofficial code-base] NeRF--: Neural Radiance Fields Without Known Camera Parameters [ Project | Paper | Official code base ] ⬅️ Thanks the original

rish-16 involution_pytorch Unofficial PyTorch implementation of "Involution: Inverting the Inherence of Convolution for Visual Recognition" by Li et al. prese

dotchen World on Rails Learning to drive from a world on rails Dian Chen, Vladlen Koltun, Philipp Krähenbühl, arXiv techical report (arXiv 2105.00636) This re

rwxrob Beginner Boost Every May the 4th I hold a free series of live-recorded Beginner Boost sessions on Twitch and YouTube that run through the end of July

natewong1313 Recaptcha Fullauto I've decided to open source my old Recaptcha v2 solver. My latest version will be opened sourced this summer. I am hoping this proj

leeoocca Awesome 42 A list of useful resources, links and more for @42School students. Contents About 42 Cursus Resources Testers PDFs Licenses 42 Network Soci

izzatalasadi Crypto_analysis Discription: simple streamlit(screener) app to make MMA and OSC analysis for cyrpto-currenices, and gives resaults for which coins are

antmicro ARVSOM - Antmicro RISC-V System on Module Copyright (c) 2021 Antmicro Overview This repository contains open hardware design files for ARVSOM - Antmic