Deep Learning

Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

Newest releases

hongwang01 categorize current rain removal methods and fairly evaluate their deraining ability based on diverse benchmark datasets

KaihuaTang [NeurIPS 2020] This project provides a strong single-stage baseline for Long-Tailed Classification, Detection, and Instance Segmentation (LVIS). It is also a PyTorch implementation of the NeurIPS 2020 paper 'Long-Tailed Classific

MehdiZouitine Toy environment set for multi-agent reinforcement learning and more

PaddlePaddle Awesome OCR toolkits based on PaddlePaddle (3.5M practical ultra lightweight OCR system, support training and deployment among server, mobile, embedded and IoT devices)

HuiZeng Learning Image-adaptive 3D Lookup Tables for High Performance Photo Enhancement in Real-time

wsmoses This is a package containing the Julia bindings for Enzyme. This is very much a work in progress and bug reports/discussion is greatly appreciated!

a-norcliffe Official code for the paper On Second Order Behaviour in Augmented Neural ODEs (Alexander Norcliffe, Cristian Bodnar, Ben Day, Nikola Simidjievski, Pietro Liò)

tum-pbs Solver-in-the-Loop: Learning from Differentiable Physics to Interact with Iterative PDE-Solvers

lucidrains A type of positional embedding that is very effective when working with attention networks on multi-dimensional data, or for language models in general.

trailofbits PrivacyRaven is a privacy testing library for deep learning systems. You can use it to determine the susceptibility of a model to different privacy attacks; evaluate privacy preserving machine learning techniques; develop novel pr

AIHunters A multi-object tracking component. Works in the conditions where identification and classical object trackers don't (e.g. shaky/unstable camera footage, occlusions, motion blur, covered faces, etc.). Works on any object despite th

chenyuntc 1st Place Solution for Zhihu Machine Learning Challenge . Implementation of various text-classification models.(知乎看山杯第一名解决方案)

Unbabel A Neural Framework for MT Evaluation

swuxyj Implementation of Some Deep Hash Algorithms, Including DPSH、DSH、DHN、HashNet、DSDH、DTSH、DFH、GreedyHash、CSQ.

Southclaws A basic pitch-based altitude and roll-based heading autopilot for SA-MP. Based on real autopilot behaviour with some adjustments made for the simple physics of San Andreas.

data-science-on-aws AI and Machine Learning with Kubeflow, Amazon EKS, and SageMaker

FrictionalGames Here is everything you need to build Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. Included are project files for Visual Studio 2010 and CMake for Linux & macOS.

deepmind DQN Zoo is a collection of reference implementations of reinforcement learning agents developed at DeepMind based on the Deep Q-Network (DQN) agent.

w86763777 For more defails about calculating Inception Score and FID Score using pytorch can be found in Pytorch-Unified-Inception-FID-Score

whylabs Profile and monitor your ML data pipeline end-to-end

nipreps fMRIPrep is a robust and easy-to-use pipeline for preprocessing of diverse fMRI data. The transparent workflow dispenses of manual intervention, thereby ensuring the reproducibility of the results.

emilyxxie Turn on your webcam. Mona Lisa's eyes will follow you around.

cihangxie Smooth Adversarial Training

Stream-AD Our goal is to generate samples which are both realistic and extreme, based on any user-specified extremeness criteria (in this case, high total rainfall). Left: Existing GAN-based approaches generate typical rainfall patterns, wh

haoheliu Pytorch: Channel-wise subband input for better voice and accompaniment separation

ZHANGDONG-NJUST Implementation for NeurIPS oral paper: Causal Intervention for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation

atif-hassan PyImpetus is a Markov Blanket based feature selection algorithm that produces the best possible combination of features by considering feature performance both individually as well as conditioned on other, already selected feature

anapaulamendes Análise de sentimentos dos discursos do presidente Bolsonaro durante a pandemia do covid-19.

Adityaojas Pose Estimation with cleaner outputs using Savgol filter

genforce GenForce: an efficient PyTorch library for deep generative modeling.

ennauata House-GAN: Relational Generative Adversarial Networks for Graph-constrained House Layout Generation

HopLee6 PyTorch Implementation of "Video Frame Interpolation via Residue Refinement"

saic-violet A project on the speed up of one-shot adversarially trained human pose to image translation models for mobile devices.