Deep Learning

Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

Newest releases

mengliu1998 Papers about developing deep Graph Neural Networks (GNNs). Investigation about over-smoothing and over-squashing problem in GNNs is also included here.

lacmus-foundation Lacmus is a cross-platform application that helps to find people who are lost in the forest using computer vision and neural networks.

replicate Define your models in a standard format, store them in a central place, run them anywhere.

roscisz TensorHive is an open source tool for monitoring and managing computing resources across multiple hosts. It solves the most common problems and nightmares about accessing and sharing your AI-oriented infrastructure across multiple

notAI-tech Deploy DL/ ML inference pipelines with minimal extra code.

zudi-lin The field of connectomics aims to reconstruct the wiring diagram of the brain by mapping the neural connections at the level of individual synapses. Recent advances in electronic microscopy (EM) have enabled the collection of a la

jotaf98 An unopinionated replacement for PyTorch's Dataset and ImageFolder, that handles Tar archives

minaskar ⚡️zeus is a Python implementation of the Ensemble Slice Sampling method. ⚡️

gordicaleksa A collection of various RL algorithms like policy gradients, DQN and PPO. The goal of this repo will be to make it a go-to resource for learning about RL. How to visualize, debug and solve RL problems. I've additionally included p

miracleyoo Pytorch-Lightning is a very convenient library. It can be seen as an abstraction and packaging of Pytorch. Its advantages are strong reusability, easy maintenance, clear logic, etc.

jiawei-chen This repository collects debiasing methods for recommendation

Turoad LaneDet is an open source lane detection toolbox based on PyTorch that aims to pull together a wide variety of state-of-the-art lane detection models. Developers can reproduce these SOTA methods and build their own methods.

AngeLouCN This repository contains the implementation of a novel light-weight real-time network (CFPNet-Medicine: CFPNet-M) to segment different types of biomedical images. It is a medical version of CFPNet, and the dataset we used from top

sayakpaul Barlow Twins (Barlow Twins: Self-Supervised Learning via Redundancy Reduction) in TensorFlow and demonstrates it on the CIFAR10 dataset.

tpapp157 Self-Supervised Contrastive Learning of Music Spectrograms

pfnet-research pytorch implementation of dftd2 & dftd3

srijarkoroy This is an implementation of the research paper "A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style" written by Leon A. Gatys, Alexander S. Ecker, Matthias Bethge.

gregyjames Use AI, Modern Portfolio Theory, and Monte Carlo simulation's to generate a optimized stock portfolio that minimizes risk while maximizing returns.

sanowar-raihan nerf-meta is a PyTorch re-implementation of NeRF experiments from the paper "Learned Initializations for Optimizing Coordinate-Based Neural Representations".

ictnlp Code for ACL 2021 main conference paper "Conversations are not Flat: Modeling the Intrinsic Information Flow between Dialogue Utterances".

vipstone 一款入门级的人脸、视频、文字检测以及识别的项目.

drorlab Geometric Vector Perceptrons --- a rotation-equivariant GNN for learning from biomolecular structure

isaaccorley PyTorch implementation of "MLP-Mixer: An all-MLP Architecture for Vision" Tolstikhin et al. (2021)

serengil RetinaFace is the face detection module of insightface project. The original implementation is mainly based on mxnet. Then, its tensorflow based re-implementation is published by Stanislas Bertrand.

cvzone This is a Computer vision package that makes its easy to run Image processing and AI functions. At the core it uses OpenCV and Mediapipe libraries.

vaseline555 An unofficial implementation of FederatedAveraging (or FedAvg) algorithm proposed in the paper Communication-Efficient Learning of Deep Networks from Decentralized Data in PyTorch

rabbityl DeformingThings4D is an synthetic dataset containing 1,972 animation sequences spanning 31 categories of humanoids and animals.

dkappe Is this lc0? Definitely not. Lc0 is a clone of alpha zero chess, based on the paper by Deep Mind. Also, lc0 is a somewhat complicated, brittle bit of C++ code that runs into the thousand of lines. A0lite, by contrast, is a very si

lyricat A list of awesome things related to Mixin Network

Atharva-Phatak TorchFlare is a simple, beginner-friendly and an easy-to-use PyTorch Framework train your models without much effort. It provides an almost Keras-like experience for training your models with all the callbacks, metrics, etc

jiangtaoxie The Vision Transformer (ViT) heavily depends on pretraining using ultra large-scale datasets (e.g. ImageNet-21K or JFT-300M) to achieve high performance, while significantly underperforming on ImageNet-1K if trained from scratch.

CS-GangXu This is the official PyTorch implementation of TMNet in the CVPR 2021 paper "Temporal Modulation Network for Controllable Space-Time Video Super-Resolution". Our TMNet can flexibly interpolate intermediate frames for space-time vi

zyxxmu Pytorch implementation of our paper under review — Lottery Jackpots Exist in Pre-trained Models