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Frameworks for Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

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aeturrell skimpy Welcome Welcome to skimpy! skimpy is a light weight tool that provides summary statistics about variables in data frames within the console. Th

KaiyangZhou CoOp Paper: Learning to Prompt for Vision-Language Models Authors: Kaiyang Zhou, Jingkang Yang, Chen Change Loy, Ziwei Liu CoOp (Context Optimization)

qianlim The Power of Points for Modeling Humans in Clothing (ICCV 2021) This repository contains the official PyTorch implementation of the ICCV 2021 paper: T

ubavic Awesome interactive math tools A curated list of tools that can be used for creating interactive mathematical explorables on the web. Tools CindyJS -

Jittor JDet Introduction JDet is a object detection benchmark based on Jittor. Install JDet environment requirements: System: Linux(e.g. Ubuntu/CentOS/Arch),

zh460045050 Spectral Nonlocal Block Overview Official implementation of the paper: Unifying Nonlocal Blocks for Neural Networks (ICCV'21) Spectral View of Nonloca

xmpf Mindmaps Why? Mindmaps allow to organize and understand information faster and better. Contribute Please open an issue in order to add missing content

scunning1975 advanced_causalinf Advanced causal inference and research design course Course at Baylor 2021 Fall that will cover: Difference in differences Syntheti

uvavision Instance-level Image Retrieval using Reranking Transformers Fuwen Tan, Jiangbo Yuan, Vicente Ordonez, ICCV 2021. Abstract Instance-level image retriev

druths comp598-2021 Resources for the 2021 offering of COMP 598 General submission instructions Important Please read these instructions located in the corre

HashLips Welcome to HashLips All the code in these repos was created and explained by HashLips on the main YouTube channel. To find out more please visit: Hash

sunset1995 HV-plane reconstruction from a single 360 image Code for our paper in CVPR 2021: Indoor Panorama Planar 3D Reconstruction via Divide and Conquer (pape

burchim Efficient Conformer: Progressive Downsampling and Grouped Attention for Automatic Speech Recognition Official implementation of the Efficient Conforme

winthemers A list of tweaks and programs for Windows, MacOS and Linux which can be used to tweak or rice your system according to your liking. This project was f

ibaiGorordo HITNET-Stereo-Depth-estimation Python scripts for performing stereo depth estimation using the HITNET Tensorflow model from Google Research. Stereo de

darvid wraeblast A library for interfacing with Path of Exile game and economy data, and a set of item filters geared towards trade league players. Filter Ge

Kamaroth92 pymidicontroller Introduction Easily map device and application controls to a midi controller Example video availble here:

LiuHaiChuan0 2021-Deep-learning This tutorial aims to learn the basics of deep learning by hands, and master the basics through combination of lectures and exercis

seytkalievm Software Design Documentation I. Glossary II. Languages III. Stakeholders IX. Concerns 1. Functional 2. Non-Functional X. Viewpoints XI. Elements XII.

s0daa cats my collection of cat images, star repo pls and thx :3 (also i give them names sometimes) also dont be afraid to contribute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ethereum-cdap cohort-one This repository is for organizing the second cohort of the "Core Developer Apprenticeship Program" Previous cohort: cohort-zero Program Det

Foxel05 My Freqtrade stuff In this Github repository I will share my freqtrade files with you. I want to help people with this repository who don't know Freqt

shreyas-jk Baby Action Detection Table of Contents About Install Run Predictions Demo About An attempt to harness the power of Deep Learning to come up with a so

JamesQFreeman CVFPaperHelper Automatically download multiple papers by keywords in CVPR Install mkdir PapersToRead cd PaperToRead pip install requests tqdm git clon

nishiwen1214 PSForest: a new variant of the deep forest The code for the paper "PSForest: Improving Deep Forest via Feature Pooling and Error Screening" Citation @

akandykeller Topographic Variational Autoencoder Paper: Getting Started Install requirements with Anaconda: conda env create -f en

TobiasLee Awesome Efficient PLM Papers Must-read papers on improving efficiency for pre-trained language models. The paper list is mainly mantained by Lei Li an

TsinghuaDatabaseGroup Cloud Database Papers Continuously update the Cloud Database papers. Please inform us if there are any great papers missed :) Table of Contents Table

alibaba-aero قاف (Qaf) انجمن توسعه دهندگان نرم‌افزار در علی‌بابا چشم انداز قاف جامعه‌ای است متشکل از توسعه دهندگان نرم‌افزار که در علی‌بابا کار می‌کنند. ما معتقدیم

Randrita Virtual_Image_Dragger This is a virtual picture dragging application. Users may virtually slide photos across the screen. The distance between the ind

sagnik1511 GANs for Fun Created because I can! GOAL The goal of this repo is to be freely used by ML devs to check the GAN performances without coding from scrat

MrL314 Project-Y Toolchain to build Yoshi's Island (J) V1.0 from source code, by MrL314 Last updated: September 10, 2021 Setup To begin, download this toolch

ZJULearning Suppress-and-Refine Framework for End-to-End 3D Object Detection A simple, fast, efficient and end-to-end 3D object detector without NMS. Main results