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Deep playground Deep playground is an interactive visualization of neural networks, written in TypeScript using d3.js. We use GitHub issues for tracking new requests and bugs. Your feedback is highly appreciated! If you'd like t

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gnes-ai Highlights • Overview • Install • Getting Started • Hub • Documentation • Tutorial • Contributing • Release Notes • Blog What is it GNES [jee-nes] is Generic Neural Elastic Search, a cloud-native sem

LZQthePlane Online-Realtime-Action-Recognition-based-on-OpenPose A skeleton-based real-time online action recognition project, classifying and recognizing base on framewise joints, which can be used for safety monitoring.. (The code comments

jiwei0921 SOD CNNs-based Read List In this repository, we mainly focus on deep learning based saliency methods (2D RGB, 3D RGB-D, Video SOD and 4D Light Field) and provide a summary (Code and Paper). We hope this repo can help you to bette

bharathgs A curated list of awesome Distributed Deep Learning resources.

jamriska Ebsynth: A Fast Example-based Image Synthesizer ebsynth is a versatile tool for by-example synthesis of images. It can be used for a variety of image synthesis tasks, including guided texture synthesis, artistic style transfer, c

yu4u Age Estimation PyTorch PyTorch-based CNN implementation for estimating age from face images. Currently only the APPA-REAL dataset is supported. Similar Keras-based project can be found here. Requirements pip insta

huiw39 ExtensibleTTS-PyTorch An extensible speech synthesis system, build with PyTorch and the original code is from r9y9's . You will find it easy to train acoustic model by employing popular mo

HumanCompatibleAI A clean implementation of imitation learning algorithms