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Welcome to the Model Garden for TensorFlow The TensorFlow Model Garden is a repository with a number of different implementations of state-of-the-art (SOTA) models and modeling solutions for TensorFlow users. We aim to demonstr

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kentsyx NIMA: Neural IMage Assessment This is a PyTorch implementation of the paper NIMA: Neural IMage Assessment by Hossein Talebi and Peyman Milanfar. You can learn more from this post at Google Research Blog. Implementation

Blade6570 Photographic Image Synthesis with Cascaded Refinement Networks - Pytorch Implementation

mkearney botornot An R package for classifying Twitter accounts as bot or not. Features Uses machine learning to classify Twitter accounts as bots or not bots. The model is 94% accurate. It is slightly better at classifying no

carpedm20 Efficient Neural Architecture Search (ENAS) in PyTorch PyTorch implementation of Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Parameters Sharing. ENAS reduce the computational requirement (GPU-hours) of Neural Architecture Search

r9y9 GAN TTS PyTorch implementation of Generative adversarial Networks (GAN) based text-to-speech (TTS) and voice conversion (VC). Saito, Yuki, Shinnosuke Takamichi, and Hiroshi Saruwatari. "Statistical Parametric Speech Synth

NVIDIA FastPhotoStyle License Copyright (C) 2018 NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved. Licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license ( What's new

creafz Fine-tune pretrained Convolutional Neural Networks with PyTorch. Features Gives access to the most popular CNN architectures pretrained on ImageNet. Automatically replaces classifier on top of the network, whi

tensorflow TensorFlow Probability TensorFlow Probability is a library for probabilistic reasoning and statistical analysis in TensorFlow. As part of the TensorFlow ecosystem, TensorFlow Probability provides integration of probabilistic meth